Tuesday, May 24, 2011

KISS Sets Guinness World Record!

By Chris Epting/Photo by Chris Epting for AOL Music

Leave it to KISS legend Gene Simmons to spearhead a cutting-edge venture that breaks down walls and brings people together. Last week in Los Angeles, Simmons and Paul Stanley took part in an event that set a Guinness world record while helping to create unity and communication between people in over 100 countries.

The event, called Kiss Live and Global, was presented and hosted by Ortsbo, the real-time social media language translation platform. Simmons also serves as an Ortsbo business partner and spokesperson.

Fans from all over the world who pre-registered at Ortsbo.com had the opportunity to interact with Simmons and Stanley in their native languages via a chat room. Questions and answers were instantly translated to and from up to 53 languages, allowing participants from all over the world to understand the entire event in their native tongues.

A ballroom at the Beverly Hills Hotel was transformed into a nightclub as Simmons and Stanley sat on stage by a computer, surrounded by KISS artifacts including guitars, a motorcycle, even the famed KISS Kasket.

Simmons manned the computer keyboard, demonstrating some truly impressive typing skills. The pair answered questions from around the world, dutifully talking up the Ortsbo technology and marveling at the power of being able to create a "one world" language on line.

Questions came in from over 100 countries and were translated into English for Simmons and Stanley, whose responses were then translated back into the native language of each chat participant.

The chat set an official Guinness World Record for Most Nationalities In An Online Chat Room, and a post-show ceremony was held in front of the small stage.

Gene Simmons told Noisecreep that Ortsbo is playing an important part in social history right now. "The Ortsbo technology is helping the world to come together. It's unifying planet Earth as we speak. Think about it. It's like a miracle. With what is happening in the Arab world today, now citizens can use Ortsbo to directly communicate with the world in their own language. It's the ultimate tool. Dictators can't stop it -- nothing can stop it."

Simmons added that technology plays a big part in his life, but it has to make sense.
"Technology can help, but you have to prioritize," he said. "When people call or text each other and say, 'What are you doing, nothing? Me either. I'm doing nothing," then that's a total waste of time and technology. You have to make it make sense."

Simmons also told Noisecreep that his daughter is doing fine after her recent car accident. "She was smart. She got the other person on video admitting it was their fault. Again, technology in action. Insurance companies have to love it."

Ortsbo CEO David Lucatch loves having Simmons aboard. "KISS is one of the largest global brands on the planet, and so who better to help break down language barriers around the world?" he told Noisecreep. "Gene in particular is so brilliant when it comes to communicating the heart and soul of a brand, so we have no doubt he'll be a big part in taking Ortsbo to the next level." Lucatch added that he has other celebrity events planned throughout the year to generate awareness, including one in June with NBA superstar Steve Nash.

As a partner in Ortsbo, Simmons says the company reminds him a bit of his band. "The core of KISS has always been to connect with fans on many levels. What Ortsbo does is the ultimate in connections: it makes it possible for all of us, instantly, to relate to each other in our own languages. It goes beyond just connecting fans. It's good for the world. Think of what it does for the military, even for the U.N. -- there's no more need for transporters. It's astonishing."