Monday, April 18, 2011

Stats Give Insight To Live KISS Performances

Here are some very interesting KISS stats submitted by Neil Gido:  

Original era: 1/30/73-12/16/79, 620 live performances in nearly 7 years.
Replacements era: 7/25/80-12/15/95, 793 live performances in 15.5 years.
Reunion era: 6/16/96-10/25/00, 396 live performances in 4.5 years.
Post-farewell era: 3/9/01-present, 331 live performances in 10 years.
Total concerts played: 2140.

Concerts played by originals only: 1016.
Concerts played by at least one replacement member: 1124.

Concerts played in makeup: 1443
Concerts played out of makeup: 697

Gene Simmons: 2140
Paul Stanley: 2139
Ace Frehley: 1075
Peter Criss: 1070
Eric Carr: 653
Bruce Kulick: 602
Eric Singer: 419
Tommy Thayer: 316
Vinnie Vincent: 148
Mark St. John: 3
Eddie Kanon: 1

What strikes me most about this list:

1) KISS has, as of last year, played more concerts with at least one replacement member than with the four originals.

2) there's now more than twice as many makeup shows as non-makeup shows.

3) Ace and Peter have now just about half of the total KISS shows, and the two of them combined have obviously will not play as many as Paul or Gene once this next tour commences.

4) Eric Singer might end up playing more shows than Bruce Kulick when it's all said and done.