Monday, April 25, 2011

PodKISSt # 43: Compilation Conundrum!

“Don’t you already HAVE these songs?”

If you’ve ever given a compelling answer to that mocking inquiry… or struggled to justify yet another redundant purchase… this one’s for you! On this installment of the PodKISSt we’ve gathered a great panel of discussants to bring you an exhaustive (and exhausting!) review of the seemingly-endless array of KISS compilations. From “Originals” to “Ikons,” from “Killers” to “Smashes,” the PodKISSt panelists tell you what’s worth owning and why. Join Gary, Ken, and a host of great guests as we tackle that age-old riddle: “Do you REALLY need another version of ‘Rock and Roll All Nite?’” This is a 2-parter, so don’t forget to click ‘em both! Big thanks to Redfalcon (KISSfansite), Joe Casey (author/co-creator of “Ben 10″), and Julian Gill (KISSFAQ) for making it a great discussion! Have fun, KISS Army!

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