Saturday, April 9, 2011

Phantom Cast Member Lisa Jane Persky To Appear At NJ/NY KISS Expo


KISS Meets the Phantom cast member Lisa Jane Persky who played the juvenile delinquent "Dirty Dee" will be making her KISS Expo debut May 14 at the NJ/NY KISS Expo!

For years, it has been every KISS fan's dream to be able to interact with cast members from the infamous KISS movie and now we have finally been able to make that a reality! And what better cast member to have than Dirty Dee, the cute but tough gang member who's mischief at the Park caused Abner Devereaux quite a bit of headache. But in the end of course, Abner's robotic creations put an end to her antics as well as her fellow gang members Chopper and Slime.

Check out her bio at the NJ/NY KISS Expo website. We can only imagine what amazing stories she will have to tell about being part of the 1978 KISS Meets the Phantom movie!

Tickets are on sale now: