Monday, April 18, 2011

Bruce Kulick Interview

Metal recently interviewed former KISS axeman Bruce Kulick. Here are a few excerpts from the interview: 

First of all it seems that you are more than busy man on these days?
It certainly got very busy, yes, but busy is good when you're a musician,

You just did a tour in South America, you’re doing those Grand Funk shows all the time and now you’re in Europe with ESP. That sounds quite complicated schedule “laughs”
Right, I mean, what happened was I knew that in between some of the gigs with Grand Funk I could go to South America which was a commitment that I, I was supposed to do Chile in December and that got pushed from on and then Argentina, the guy always wanted me to do something with him, Sebastian Gava. He's very much like a Paul Stanley in 1991. He's a talented guy and he's a nice guy too and so I was able to put that together you know, a whole week and a half.  I didn't know the time would be so close to us going to Europe but this was the only window of opportunity for Eric and I especially because of Eric's schedule, KISS recording and Gene was going to be busy too.  So it was easy for him to say, okay I'm going to do these shows.  So did I want this schedule to be like this?  No, but I had no choice.

Your long awaited solo album BK3 saw finally the light of day on last year. How satisfied you’re with the result and all feedback you’ve received about it?
I’m very much satisfied about it. I was, look I mean for me I did the record for me and my fans and I know I walked away from it saying this really is the best of me and I feel like I top the other records and from not only the music and the guests which were wonderful but the artwork and the packaging and it's actually, I've gotten very many favorable reviews which is great.  So I'm very pleased.  Sadly I had a busy year with Grand Funk so I couldn't do much in the sense of live things to promote it but like this trip to South America, I was able to perform a few of the songs which is nice.   And the album was kind of complicated.  Seriously, it was not a pretty simple album but usually when people want to see me they surely want to hear my era of KISS which even ESP doesn't really represent.  Okay, we'll do some REVENGE because of Eric and I but we're not going to do “Crazy Nights” and “Tears are Falling” and “Turn on Night”, songs like that, or HOT IN THE SHADE you know like “Hide Your Heart” which I'll do.  So I have a built in crowd really when I concentrate on my era fans.
In a way it's a curse as well.  Because people are… you always HAVE to play that stuff, you know?
Yeah, but I enjoy it because it's not overplayed by anybody then and I can put my signature sound on it.  You should see the reaction I get from those songs you know.  So as much as I love playing with ESP I know when I go solo as long as I'm playing that stuff I go over really well.

Like you already mentioned there’s a list of great guests on BK3 album. How it was the work with Nick Simmons on track “Hand of the King” and how much Gene had to do with it that Nick ended up in the album?
I was going to ask Nick to be on the record. I was going to ask Gene if it was okay for him and Gene actually before I even asked him said, “How about my son Nick?” you know, it was like one of those which is smart of Gene.  I mean he knows that I was going to be recording professionally using nice studios.  It would be a good experience then to work with someone with my experience and he is.  He was very, as we say in America, green you know.  I mean he didn't have a lot of knowledge of how to record.  So working with my producer and I, it was great for Nick and to see him go from being kind of nervous at first and not getting a great performance very first time.  By the end of that day we had a great performance and then he even sang it one more time when we were going to do the armies, he said “I can sing it better now” and so he did.

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