Monday, March 28, 2011

PodKISSt #42: Under the Rose!

When you think of KISS, naturally the first thing that comes to mind is a big oak table in a dimply-lit room, right? Isn’t it? OK, not so much. But for many members of the KISS Army, the subdued imagery of 1981 represent a departure from the classic KISS recipe in which there are as many treasures as there are missteps. For three decades, “Music From the Elder” has generated lively debate within the fan base, so it’s no surprise that it yielded hours of discussion here at PodKISSt. In this 2-part installment we’re joined once again by writer Joe Casey (Dark Horse’s KISS comics, Ben 10, Generator Rex) and KISStorian Julian Gill (author of many KISS books and host of KISSfaq) for an in-depth look at this intriguing record. So take the oath and set out an odyssey back to 1981 with PodKISSt… the KISS fanzine for your ears!

Listen HERE.