Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gene Simmons Talks About Attending The 2011 NBA All Star Game


This past Sunday, February 20th, Gene Simmons attended the 2011 NBA All Star game in L.A. Gene writes about the event on his website:

"Thank you to Peter Guber for inviting me to the NBA All Star Game at Staples Center. Peter is now owner of the Warriors and is head of Mandalay, which produces motion pictures. He is also involved in large sports ventures.

Peter Guber goes back a long way with KISS. We were the first band signed to Casablanca Records in 1973. And Peter became head of Casablanca Filmworks, which produced and released the Academy Award winning "Midnight Express" and "The Deep", as well as many others including "Thank God It's Friday".

Since then, Peter has become successful in many ventures.

Today started off with Rich Abramson (my co-founding partner in our COOL SPRINGS venture) attending Bill Duffy's BDA Event at Staples. Bill and his firm manage over 40 Sports Figures. This is a solid guy.

Right after that event, we stayed at Staples and though initially I thought Peter Guber invited only myself (he mentioned he only had one ticket)... it turned out he got me two. So, both Abramson and I attended.

We went to the Hospitality Room and ran into Tim Leieweke, head of AEG and a good guy.
Inside, we said hello to Jeannie Buss. Google her. You'll understand. Charm. Grace. Style. She has it all.
We then ran out to see the game.

On the way in, said hello to the seated CNN's Piers Morgan (who said he was happy to see me fired from Celeb Apprentice). Gov Schwartzenegger and I spent a few minutes conversing (in German, as a matter of fact). Ten we got to our seats, next to Peter Guber, with former Warner Bros Pictures head Terry Semel on one side and Warren Beatty on the other.

Warren said hello and then the game began.

On my right, in front was Steven Tyler, looking cuter than ever. We flirted a bit, and threw kisses to each other. Steven's the best thing on Idol. Said so before.

Lenny Kravitz opened the festivities, playing three toons. He rocked. On the way to his seat, Lenny came by to say hello and show me a photo of himself in full Gene SImmons makeup and outfit , when he was about 13 years old (!!!). I'll ask him if it's ok to show you guys.

Lots of people there -- Beyonce, JZ, Justin Bieber, and Rihanna, who also sang a few toons during half time, along with rapper Drake.

After the game, a security person was doing his job and prevented us from getting on the court, and George Lopez intervened and got us on.

Watch his show.
We do.
More next time."

Visit GeneSimmons.com HERE.

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