Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shannon Tweed Gives Her Perspective On Gene’s Tongue


Shannon Tweed praised her longtime partner's tongue based upon four qualities. "It's not size as much as it is speed and accuracy," she said. "Durability and, at my age, you know, sustainability."

And Simmons himself took at stab at describing his tongue's prowess by putting a "romantic" spin on things. "I think, in more romantic terms, you have to have the ability to have a spin and dry cycle," he said, "and the flexibility to whip it up."

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Stanley's At Yo Gabba Gabba!

PaulStanley.com / Photo Charley Gallay / Wire Image

Paul Stanley, daughter Sarah Stanley, son Evan Stanley and wife Erin Stanley meet YO GABBA GABBA! characters backstage at YO GABBA GABBA!LIVE! THERE'S A PARTY IN MY CITY at Nokia L.A. on November 27, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

Today In KISStory - 1984


Today In KISStory - 1984: Mark St. John makes his final live appearance with KISS in Binghamton, NY.

Limp Bizkit Team Up With Wu Tang Clan, KISS For New Album


Limp Bizkit's new album is set to feature a guest collaboration with Wu Tang Clan rapper Raekwon.

Singer Fred Durst previewed a number of songs from the album during an impromptu live web chat with fans yesterday (November 24).

Speaking about their song with Raekwon, Durst said: "You guys might not be able to handle it because it's not rock shit. It's some fuckin' cock your fuckin' gun shit."

Limp Bizkit's new album is entitled 'Gold Cobra' and includes an introduction which was written by Durst and KISS frontman Gene Simmons.

The album will mark the band's first full-length record in their original line-up since 2000's 'Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water.'

Paul Stanley At Yo Gabba Gabba! Live!

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Paul Stanley and son Colin Michael attend Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! on November 27, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

KISS' Lighting Director Dreamed Of Working For Band As A Child


Thirty years ago, a young kid from Canberra Australia was allowed to go to Sydney with some friends and one of their parents to see KISS at the Sydney show grounds.

The excitement in the air was intense. Every day for the past week KISS had been on the front page of the newspaper as their tour progressed around Australia. On their first tour the country was gripped by KISSTERIA!!

We arrived at the front gate of the show grounds before lunch to find a sea of people in makeup and KISS t-shirts singing along with a loud boom box out the front.

Early afternoon the band could be heard behind the walls doing a sound check. This totally raised the vibe in the air. Shortly after the gates opened and the race was on, we ran as fast as we could to the front of stage, got somewhere around the 3rd row and stayed in the crush for hours waiting for the "Hottest Band in the World" to come on stage.

Somewhere after dark, under a cloud of smoke the band popped up out of the stage. It was on... THE PLACE WENT NUTS!! What we all had been waiting for, but thought we would never see down at the bottom of the world.

Everything we wanted to see... the flashing lights, pyro, the KISS sign, Gene spitting blood & fire, Paul's great raps and throwing all the classic rock shapes, Ace with the smoking guitar, and somewhere behind that huge drum kit was the Fox, Eric Carr, driving the whole thing along like a glacier let loose from the mountains. The whole experience was overwhelming and totally blew my mind.

I can't remember much about the next few days, only that my ears were ringing with the classic songs repeating in my head. When I got home I told my mum, "Mum I am going to make big rock shows and one day work for a band as cool as KISS." (Now, 30 years later, I can relive that night as it's on the KISSOLOGY DVDs.)

Well, who would have thought after 25 years of touring with multiple bands starting in a small club as a crew guy, most notably as lighting designer for INXS since the mid 90's... After operating / designing the lights on Paul Stanley's Australian tour in 2007, I got a call from KISS's production manager asking me if I was available to operate and design the lighting for KISS.

So, for the last couple of years I have been creating the huge light shows you see at the concerts, sitting in the best seat of the house in the middle of the arenas and stadiums pressing the buttons on my lighting desk and making the lights around the stage and KISS sign do their thing. And, all those things bands like KISS and Iron Maiden said in interviews I read as a teenager, "If you work very hard and don't give up your dream, it may come true..."

Mine did!

A very grateful Sean "MOTLEY" Hackett

Sunday, November 28, 2010

New KISS Earbuds


Two new packaging variants of the official KISS Earbuds have recently been released. The first is a double set that includes a splitter so two can listen in on the same device. The second is a single set of earbuds packaged in a retro-looking cassette case.

Both can fit any ipod or MP3 player.

See the new KISS Earbuds HERE.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Eric Singer In Latest Watch Time Magazine


Eric Singer talks watches in the December issue of WatchTime Magazine.

Rock 'n' roll drummer Eric Singer - the "Cat" in the legendary band KISS - has a passion for watch collecting that nearly matches his love of music.

Eric Carr's Personal Porsche 924 For Sale


Here's your chance to own Eric Carr's personal 924 Porsche given to him by KISS as a contract signing bonus upon joining the band in 1980.

Serious inquiries please call or email: ROSS KOONDEL - 267-566-2046 or 800-370-3315. RossKoondel@yahoo.com

KISS 1988 Eric Carr Crazy Nights Drum Set


The chrome "Chikara" drum set was the main work-horse of the 1988 KISS Crazy Nights tour and was played at the majority of the shows. We have 18 pieces of it up for sale if you would like to have a chance to own a piece of KISStory!

Eric Carr Crazy Nights Drum set for sale HERE.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Peter Criss Interview With The Real Radio Show


Peter Criss was recently interviewed by The Real Radio Show.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vinnie Vincent "Treasure" CD Reissue


Wounded Bird Records, a CD Only reissue label, will be reissuing the Vinnie Vincent related "Treasure" CD (WOU-4890), with the single version of "I Wanna Love You" as a bonus track. The album was originally released by CBS in 1977 and features Felix Cavaliere, Rick Laird, and Jack Scarangella. Vinnie sings two songs that he wrote, "Turn Yourself Around" and "Innocent Eyes," early glimpses of his brilliance!

The album was reissued in Japan on CD in 2002, but has since been out of print. It's available on Amazon or via http://www.woundedbird.com/treasure/4890.htm

Give The Rock & Roll Hall A Great Big KISS

www.GOLDMINEMAG.com/By Phill Marder

My first glimpse of Kiss came on a TV special. I believe it was a concert on PBS, of all places, but it’s been so long ago I can’t remember. So if any of you can fill in that missing blank, please do.

Obviously, it fried my mind…in a positive way, though. I remember thinking that here, finally, was a band capable of reaching Beatlesque popularity. What a great show!

The concert featured most of the material on their debut album, which I purchased soon after and began wearing out immediately. From the opening riff of “Strutter” to the last pounding chord of a fading “Black Diamond” this wax was – and remains – one of my favorite albums, each cut a classic.

That Kiss never came close to duplicating that musical effort doesn’t matter. What the group did do has made it one of the most popular bands in the history of Rock & Roll. Popular with the masses, but, evidently, not with those who decide who should be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. For Kiss has been all but ignored, though eligible since 1999.

The band did finally get nominated in 2009. Didn’t make it, but at least the nomination was there. Alas, they are missing from this year’s ballot.

An ad placed by Peter Criss in “Rolling Stone” captures just what makes Kiss so despicable to so many of the powers that be in the music industry. The ad read simply, “Drummer willing to do anything to make it.” Naturally, he got the job. For Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, the group’s founders, never have been shy about their goal to do anything to make as much money as possible. At least they’re honest about it.

And money the group did make, selling millions of records, selling out concert after concert and even appearing in comic books, on lunch boxes, pinball machines, you name it. Their Kiss Army – the group’s fan club – quickly swelled to six figures, one of those being my wife, though I didn’t know her at the time. She was just another pre-teen with a dollar, and if it could make a dollar, Kiss was there. But – and it’s a big but, if you’ll pardon the expression – Kiss was capable of backing up everything it did with talent befitting a supergroup.

Though never much of a factor on the singles’ charts, Kiss did manage three major hits, all rather strange considering the source. “Beth,“ was the violin-soaked ballad sung by Criss, which reached No. 7 on the Hot 100 in 1976. It was the antithesis of their sound and image.Naturally, it became their biggest hit. Their only other Top 10 effort was “Forever,“ No. 8 in 1990. This was co-written by Paul Stanley and …Michael Bolton?

In 1979, the group just missed the top 10 with “I Was Made For Loving You,“ which stopped at No. 11. This effort saw Kiss doing what most everyone was at the time – dabbling in disco. The Stones hit with “Miss You,‘ the Kinks with “Superman” and ELO even released an album titled “Discovery,“ which, of course, can be read “Disco Very.“ That effort included several disco-flavored hits. So for those who refuse to count disco as what it is – a branch of Rock & Roll – consider the above. And also for those too young to have seen it, keep in mind Dick Clark‘s “American Bandstand” record review, one of “Bandstand’s” most popular segments which let the teens on the show rate new records heard for the first time. The most common explanation for a good rating, a response that became one of Rock & Roll’s earliest catch-phrases, was “It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it.“

A good beat and you can dance to it. Kids – that’s a BIG part of the definition of Rock & Roll. And it sounds just like a definition of disco.

Kiss did offer a steady stream of best-selling long players, each usually containing at least one or two instant classics. From the amazing debut all the way to last year’s “Sonic Boom,” Kiss has been a force on the album charts. In fact, “Sonic Boom” was their highest-charting effort, reaching No. 2 35 years after their breakthrough and 11 years after their No. 3 “Psycho Circus.” It upped the group’s total of top 10 LPs to eight with two stopping at No. 11.

Can you hear the “William Tell Overture” without thinking of the Lone Ranger? Even the biggest musical snob would be hard-pressed to hear someone say, “I Want to Rock & Roll All Nite” without thinking “and party every day.”

Intellectual, no. Rock & Roll, yup.

While the HOF has inducted almost every punk group that never sold 10 albums, it ignores many of the most successful bands in the history of recorded music. Of that rejected class, Kiss may be the most successful of all, at least with the public.

Outlandish, bombastic, original, intelligent, successful and … gasp … even talented, Kiss remains one of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s most notorious omissions.

Vinnie Vincent - 'Invasion' Unauthorized DVD Coming Soon

Hey Vinnie Vincent fans! "KISS - Invasion (A Look At The Lost Egyptian God, Vinnie Vincent)", an unauthorized DVD is "a must have for Kiss fans; Invasion gives you rare unseen footage of the Egyptian god himself. Vinnie Vincent was with Kiss only for a short time. Here for the first time are rare interviews and convention appearances. This DVD contains the rare Nightflight unedited interview and more. This material is presented for the first time in DVD format and is an essential item to complete your music collection. Every effort has been made to provide the highest possible picture and sound quality allowing for the availability of the original masters. Unauthorized by the band, management, and record label." 

The DVD will be out on 02/22/11.

Gene Therapy: Simmons Confronts Past

 By MICHAEL STARR / www.nypost.com / Photo: A&E

Get ready for a very special episode of "Gene Simmons Family Jewels."The Dec. 5 return of the A&E reality show features series star and KISS rocker Gene Simmons, whose mother is a Holocaust survivor, on a teary visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

Simmons, 61, was born Chaim Witz in Israel and moved here when he was 8 years old.

In the episode, Simmons is touring with KISS in Amsterdam when he agrees to be interviewed by a young Dutch student who wants to know more about Simmons' family history -- and takes Simmons to visit the Anne Frank House.

Simmons weeps openly at the first sight of photos of Anne Frank, a German-born Jew who was hidden in an Amsterdam attic with her family before they were discovered by the Nazis in 1945. Frank, 15, was shipped off to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where she died.
Simmons' European-born mom, Florence Klein, was exactly the same age as Anne Frank when she was sent to a concentration camp, and Simmons' visit to the Anne Frank House forces him to confront a part of his past he rarely discusses.

The episode also features Simmons sitting for an interview with William Shatner on Shatner's BIO show, "Shatner's Raw Nerve" (BIO is a sister network of A&E).

Gene Simmons Clears Up Media Lies


Gene Simmons posted the following on his Twitter account in regards to the media stories of Simmons speaking out against Simon Cowell's upcoming TV show 'X-Factor'. Gene writes:

"Media lies... "Simmons slams Cowell." Never happened... Cowell is the only qualified guy."

KISS Is Everywhere

 Photo:Bo Kimball

Check out this t-shirt from the Memphis Zoo! KISS really is Everywhere!

We Miss You Eric Carr


July 12, 1950 – November 24, 1991

Paul Charles Caravello, better known as Eric Carr, past away on this day in 1991.

We miss him everyday. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Something To Add To Your KISSmas Wish List


How would you like to find one of these stage-used authentic pieces of KISStory under your Christmas tree this year? KISSmuseum.com is currently working on making this a reality for you - Stay tuned for an exciting announcement coming Thanksgiving day!

KISS' Gene Simmons Slams The X Factor


Kiss' Gene Simmons Slams The X Factor, Simon Cowell And Cheryl Cole

At M For Montreal festival...

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons has now joined a number of musicians to slam the X Factor and its judging panel.

Simmons believes he is more skilled than any of the X Factor judges - and that Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh know nothing about music.

''I think I could be the sole judge on The X Factor, I’m more qualified than anybody on the show," he told the Daily Star.

"Nobody on the show has written songs, then been on stage, or had record companies and managed Liza Min¬nelli. Nobody can shine my shoes."

He added: ''The biggest superstars of all time would have never made it on The X Factor. Imagine if Jimi Hendrix or Mick Jagger or Robert Plant came out. I wouldn’t make it, and neither would they.''

Meanwhile, Gene Simmons attended this year's M For Montreal last week as part of his Family Jewels reality show.

Simmons Wants Cowell's Job


Gene Simmons wants Simon Cowell's job - he's convinced he would make a better judge on the TV mogul's reality singing contests because he has real experience in the music industry.

The Kiss rocker has joined a string of stars, including Sir Elton John and The Who's Roger Daltrey, who have taken aim at Cowell and his hit TV competitions.

Simmons insists he is "more qualified than anybody" to dole out advice on the program, which he claims will never discover any new music legends like Jimi Hendrix or Robert Plant.

He tells Britain's Daily Star, "I think I could be the sole judge on The X Factor, I'm more qualified than anybody on the show. Nobody on the show has written songs, then been on stage, or had record companies and managed Liza Minnelli. Nobody can shine my shoes.

"Maybe Simon should talk to me, although he is the only one on television that tells the truth. Everybody is nice, but that's not how life is. Life is: 'You suck, get off the stage.' Realistic is good.

"Part of the reason we like watching these shows is because there are people up there and you're like, 'Are you on crack? Do you actually believe that you belong on stage?' The biggest superstars of all time would have never made it on The X Factor.

"Imagine if Jimi Hendrix or Mick Jagger or Robert Plant came out. I wouldn't make it, and neither would they. We're peculiar and that's what makes stars interesting, not the fact that you can sing well. Broadway and pop is the place where people really sing correctly."

Gene Simmons: 'Jewish Husband of the Year'


The Jewish Daily Forward has bestowed the honor of JEWISH HUSBAND OF THE YEAR onto Gene Simmons.

Although his longtime girlfriend is a shiksa – Playboy bunny Shannon Tweed – and he isn't married, the Forward called him "the prototypical Jewish husband…warm and a bit emotional" in a review of his hit reality TV show "Gene Simmons: Family Jewels."

Read the complete article by Debra Nussbaum Cohen: http://blogs.forward.com/sisterhood-blog/133081/

Fred Armisen Plays Gene Simmons On SNL


Here's a photo of Fred Armisen of 'Saturday Night Live' playing Gene Simmons this past weekend.

Handmade Mini KISS Guitars


These guitars are 1/4 scale miniature replicaS. As you can see, these miniature are highly detailed. The thickness of the body, the screws on the pickups, the pickguard, the strings... I sculpt, mold, cast, sand, paint, glue all the different parts of each guitar. I try to make every part as accurate as possible.

I made all the Gibson Flying V guitars used by Paul between 1974 to 1978 and one from the Reunion tour in 1996. For the full Rhinestone Flying V, I had to glue more than 830 little rhinestones one by one... at the end, it looks really great.

About the two Kramer Axe basses used by Gene, it's just the beginning of the complete collection of 17 different Axe Basses that Gene used since 1979, for promotional photos, TV appearances or during the KISS tours. I hope to finish it until the end of the year.

After these Axes, I will make the other Flying V guitars used by Paul (Lobue, Hamer, Washburn) and the Les Pauls used by Tommy (I don't forget the Sparkle Explorer).

I wish to make all the guitars used by the different members of KISS, 300 instruments and 36 Drum sets, make a book and exhibitions through the world. For that huge work, I'm looking for funds...

22 years ago, I made the model kit of Eric Carr drum set from the Crazy Nights tour and some guitars that I offered to Paul, Gene, Ace, Vinnie and Bruce.

KISS Make-up On "How I Met Your Mother"


On last night's episode of CBS' "How I Met Your Mother," Robin (Cobie Smulders) donned Paul Stanley's makeup for several scenes of the show!

Monday, November 22, 2010

KISS Army Day Proclamation


Here's the actual proclamation that Terre Haute Mayor Duke Bennette read during yesterday's KISS Army radio show. The Mayor declared Sunday "KISS Army Day" in Terre Haute! Photo by Susan Dinkel

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The KISS Army In Terre Haute


Here's a photo of the KISS Army with "commander-in chief" Bill Starkey outside of WWVR 105.5 the River in Terre Haute, IN celebrating 35 Years of the KISS Army.

Peter Criss Ad From Rolling Stone 1972


Here's a huge piece of KISStory dating back to 1972 when Peter Criss placed a small ad in Rolling Stone magazine looking a new band to drum for.

What the ad actually said has been misconstrued over the years by KISS members and fans alike. What was thought to be "Drummer...willing to do anything to make it" was actually "EXPD. ROCK & Roll drummer looking for org. grp. doing soft & hard music."

Peter soon received a call from Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, two musicians who were looking to form a powerful new band after walking away from their previous band, Wicked Lester. After seeing Peter perform at a club in Brooklyn, Gene and Paul hired him on the spot, and the rest is KISStory.

KISS On WVTS In 1975


Here's the original KISS interview from 1975 on WVTS in Terre Haute, IN.

Click on the photo to listen to the interview.

The KISS Army Celebrates 35 Years With Bill Starkey In Terre Haute


Check out these great photos of KISS Army "Commander-In-Chief" Bill Starkey along with KISS fans celebrating 35 years of the KISS Army in Terre Haute, IN on Sunday November 21st.

Bill was guest deejay on Terre Haute's 105.5 'The River'. Thanks to Kenny Begley for these great photos. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons called into the show with messages for the KISS Army! The mayor of TerrHaute made it officially "KISS Army Day" as well.

Listen to the 7 part KISS Army Special HERE.

KISS Army Special With Bill Starkey


KISS Army 'Commander-In-Chief' Bill Starkey at WWVR105.5 the River in Terre Haute, IN today celebrating 35 Years of The KISS Army!

In this segment Paul Stanley calls in to talk about The KISS Army!

Watch all 7 segments HERE. 

Gene Simmons Introduces 'The Envy' In Montreal

Gene Simmons making an appearance in Montreal to promote "The Envy" ; the first band to be signed to his new record label (Simmons Records). The episode will also appear on the next season of Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

Greyson Chance Enlists In The KISS Army

Entertainment Weekly by Simon Vozick-Levinson

Here's something you might not know about Greyson Chance, the 13-year-old Oklahoman whose YouTube covers of artists like Lady Gaga are so popular: He's a big fan of '70s rockers KISS.

"I actually watched the Glee episode where they did Gaga and KISS," says Chance, who just stopped by EW's office. "I was like, 'Wow, I'm going to start getting into this.' I bought the KISS biggest hits record on iTunes, and it just started blowing my mind."

His favorite KISS tunes are the two performed by the Glee cast this May: "Shout It Out Loud" and "Beth," both originally released in 1976. "I love them because they can get up on stage and they can party so hard with these big rock party songs [like 'Shout It Out Loud']," he says. "With their makeup and all, they're so dramatic. I love theatricality. The way that they can do that and then go into a slow ballad like 'Beth,' it's very inspirational."

Chance is currently busy recording his debut album for release next spring on Ellen DeGeneres' eleveneleven record label. Seasoned music industry professionals including Ron Fair and the Matrix are helping him in the studio. Despite his KISS fandom, he says his album is more likely to draw inspiration from contemporary bands like Snow Patrol and Coldplay.

Gene Simmons From KISS Overhauls The CBC Logo

Posted by Grant Lawrence / radio3.cbc.ca

Leave it to Gene Simmons from KISS to redesign the CBC Logo...

In the media room of the Opus Hotel in Montreal, Gene Simmons waxed on one on one with me about his all Canadian record label (with one band, Toronto's The Envy), why he didn't sign Hey Ocean!, what he perceives as the "Canadian identity crisis" (we care too much about what the rest of the world thi nks of us) and... the CBC logo.

When I presented him with a highly coveted CBC Radio 3 scarf and toque, Gene Simmons' reaction was 'meh'. He took a good hard look at the logo and said:

"The CBC logo is... ok. But it means nothing to anyone outside of this country. I want brands that mean something to everyone, all over the world. This logo needs something more... something exciting. Make it active, make it come alive. It needs something like... a lit fuse. Explosive CBC Radio. I like it".

KISSmas T-Shirt Concept Art


We've received so much positive feedback from the fans on our behind- the-scenes look at how KISS products are developed... so here's another.

Pictured on top is the concept art for our new KISSMAS T-shirt. Our design team presented KISS with the black and white art, and with input and suggestions from the band, the final design was created and approved.

Order the new Merry KISSmas T-shirt at http://www.store2.livenation.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Store.woa/wa/product?sourceCode=KISWEB&sku=KIS50704 .

Paul Stanley's 'Guitarist Wanted' Ad From The Village Voice


In late 1972, Ace Frehley's best friend, Bob McAdams spotted an advertisement for a "Guitarist wanted with flash and balls" that Paul Stanley had placed in the Village Voice. Bob McAdams showed Ace the ad and together they went to 10 East 23rd Street above the Live Bait Bar where Ace auditioned for Wicked Lester members Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Peter Criss. Frehley showed up wearing one red sneaker and one orange sneaker. About three weeks after he auditioned, the group named him their lead guitarist. By January 1973, Wicked Lester decided on a new name - KISS.

Here are the ad's from 'The Village Voice' with Paul's old phone number.

Happy 35th Anniversary To The KISS Army


Happy 35th Anniversary To the KISS Army!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gene Simmons Headlines Atlantic Brand Confabulation On Jan. 14


Ticket sales for the Atlantic Brand Confabulation are going well.
The Jan. 14 event, taking place at Casino New Brunswick in Moncton, features Gene Simmons and two other speakers talking about branding, both business and personal branding.
"The day we announced, people were lining up in our office to get them," explains organizer Brad LeBlanc, chief entrepreneurial officer with The Momentum Group of Dieppe.
Only 850 tickets are available to the event.
"A lot of people are buying them as Christmas gifts for people; that seems to be the norm. A lot of businesses are buying them as team-building activities and as an incentive for client appreciation."
The Atlantic Brand Confabulation takes place Friday, Jan. 14, from 6-9 p.m. at Casino New Brunswick and tickets are now on sale for $249 each.
Headliner Gene Simmons, over a nearly 40-year career, has turned rock group KISS into a marketing machine, with merchandise including comic books, lunch boxes, pinball machines, computer games, wine, clothing and yes, toilet paper and coffins, featuring the faces of KISS's four members.
He operates his own record label, can be seen weekly on the hit reality show Gene Simmons Family Jewels and has released best-selling books, in addition to dabbling in acting and producing bands.
As LeBlanc says, "no one questions the KISS brand."
Also on the bill for Jan. 14 is Dave Carroll, a Nova Scotia-based musician with a solo career and a band in Sons of Maxwell. Carroll slugged it out on the music scene for years before shooting to stardom seemingly overnight a few years ago when he released a music video online for his song, United Breaks Guitars. The musician will speak on the importance of social media and responsibility. One other speaker is expected to be added to the bill as well, but LeBlanc is keeping that name under wraps for now.
One of the sponsors for the event is the East Coast Music Association, which will operate a contest where one band from each of the four Atlantic provinces will be chosen to perform one song each, in front of the capacity crowd of 850 people, including Simmons himself.
Also, LeBlanc said that Gene Simmons will be making an appearance at Moncton Chrysler some time in the future for an exclusive meet-and-greet.
In addition, every time a business buys a table for the Atlantic Brand Confabulation, they will have their name entered into a draw for the chance to win a VIP meeting with Simmons.
LeBlanc says guests will be "treated like rock stars," complete with a red carpet, ice bar, photo wall, swag bags and even paparazzi.
"It's going to feel like you're walking into the after-party for the Oscars or Junos," he says.
* Tickets to the Atlantic Brand Confabulation, to be held Jan. 14, are on sale now for $249. They're available at The Momentum Group's offices, 260 Champlain St., or by phone at 854-8759. For more information, visit thebrandedtour.ca online.

Message From Bruce Kulick


Hello everyone! Had a great week of travel with Grand Funk. First stop was the nation's Capitol, Washington DC. We were the classic rock entertainment (we did 4 songs) on Veterans Day for a very unique and wonderful cause. "Fight Night" is a huge charity event that donates money to needy children in the DC area under the name "Fight For Children."

The famous Washington Hilton hotel's ballroom, where many Presidents have spoken and the hotel infamously known for the attempt on President Reagan's life in 1981, was an amazing venue for the event. And it was a real boxing ring where we performed! It was smokey from the cigars, and tons of babes in gowns were around as "arm candy" for the big shots in their tuxes.

I wasn't at first aware of all the boxing greats that would be in attendance at the event, but the night before I met Jake LaMotta (famous for the "Raging Bull" movie depiction of his life), and Michael Spinks, who had many prize matches in his career. Gerry Cooney, Joe Frazier, Buster Douglas, Larry Holmes, Ray Mancini and others were all there as well at the "Fight Night" event. It was such a cool gig for the band, and I don't think I could of imagined doing this if you told me! I got some cool photos from the plane leaving DC. I really have to spend some more time there soon. Washington DC has such amazing history of course.

Read more at kulick.net

A Rock And Roll Derby Weekend

The Gazette by Al Kratina / photo by Phil Carpenter

Despite years of blood-spitting, fire-breathing, and salacious tongue waggling, Gene Simmons is probably not the Antichrist. But the legendary KISS bassist, reality TV star, and marketing mastermind might be channeling Mammon, the demon of wealth, or perhaps whatever Horseman of the Apocalypse rides the most expensive thoroughbred. At least, that's the impression he seems to playfully cultivate in interviews and his long-running A&E reality show Gene Simmons Family Jewels, as he shrewdly and pragmatically discusses dollars and cents with a devilishly sharp wit, and one eyebrow perpetually arched above impenetrably dark sunglasses.

As a founding member of KISS, one of the biggest-selling bands in rock history, Simmons continues to tour arenas all over the world. But he's in town this weekend for a different reason. At the M for Montreal music showcase, he'll be scouting talent for his new label, Simmons Records, and promoting his first signing, Toronto rockers The Envy, who gave a free show Wednesday night at Cafe Campus.

Partnered with ex-MP Belinda Stronach, Simmons' latest venture is focused exclusively on Canadian bands. "I really believe that the next generation of superstars is going to come out of Canada," he says, "you've got perhaps the biggest marketing entity in the world right next door. You can take advantage of America, but you've got to have the goods."

And those goods can be found right here. "There's plenty of talent (in Canada)," he says, listing off a number of national songwriting treasures and also Nickelback. "What's missing up here... is not the talent, but the ability to market and sell the talent."

Canada, says Simmons, is a gold mine of great music. But don't compare it to former musical meccas like Seattle. "Seattle was a disaster. You have one band that survived, and that's Pearl Jam. All the others are dead and forgotten," he says. "I love the music. But whining white boys complaining about their lives? I never bought it." To Simmons, it's not about fads or scenes, but promoting solid bands. "We're going to make sure the music's there, the marketing's the right way, the branding is the right way. It's a big opportunity for Canada."

Branding and marketing are among Simmons' specialities. After forming KISS in 1973, Simmons helped created the band's distinctive look, surrounding their driving party rock in a glam circus of science-fiction and funhouse horror, like someone dosed an episode of Battlestar Galactica with Joker venom. Since then, he's presided over an empire of KISS branded merchandise, from action figures to pinball machines to coffins to an upcoming series of high-definition televisions.

That combination of music and image, Simmons says, is essential to any band's success, and that's what he's hoping to find in Canada. "What we're looking for is not necessarily originality, but a combination of songwriting ability, identity, the focus of a band... and then the ability to deliver that live," he says.

It may seem an odd time to be starting a record label, with many predicting the downfall of the record company at the hands of downloading. Simmons agrees that things are tough. "It's like a riot... it's chaos," says Simmons, of the state of the music industry, "and it's not just bands that are being hurt... there are no record stores anymore. All the people who work there are gone. All the manufacturers are gone. All the people who used to drive the trucks to deliver (albums) are gone. The poster people, all that infrastructure is gone... because some college kid thought he should get (music) for free."

But where others see challenge, Simmons sees opportunity. "Buy low, sell high," he says, "when there's chaos, go in there. It's the perfect opportunity to launch the next big band."

Though The Envy have yet to release their first full-length album - that's coming in 2011 - they've already felt the full force of Simmons' influence, opening up for KISS on their most recent North American tour. For a band that formed less than two years ago, that was a stunning change. "Walking on stage the first day of that tour was pretty unbelievable. 18 000 people every night," says The Envy vocalist Shaun Frank, "in the span of a year our lives totally changed."

And Simmons is already bringing his branding expertise to bear with The Envy. Already, he's suggested a potentially iconic symbol for the band. "He was the one that came up with the idea of the fingers crossed logo, which he trademarked and gave to us," Frank explains, "it's totally universal, it's international, and it'll hopefully be a huge symbol." That, says Frank, allows the band to focus on the songwriting. "We can concentrate on the live show and the music... (because) he's so great with the business and marketing."

Not that there's much of a distinction between the creative aspect of the music industry and the business side, according to Simmons. "The creative decision is also the good business decision," he says. "You know who uses the word 'creative' a lot? People who haven't made a lot of money. When you talk to the successful people in the world, they hardly ever use that (word). They use (phrases) like "does it work" or "doesn't it work." Whether it's original or not is beside the point." What's important, says Simmons, is marketability. "(Say) I can fart through my mouth. That's original. I've never seen that before," he says, "Well, how do you make money off of it? I can't make a fucking dime from it, but it's original. 'Creative' is highly over-rated. More important is... do people like what you've got?"

And Canada, Simmons believes, has exactly what people want. Though maybe not its journalists. "You did well," he said at the end of the interview, before throwing in some of his trademark sly humour. "Your questions were very insightful. Very 'creative'."


 From: The Star Phoenix by Rory Maclean and Jeanette Stewart

Saskatoon continued to roll out the red carpet for celebrities Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed during the weekend.

The famous couple were guests at a Saskatoon roller derby match Saturday night, seated on a stage in the stands with other special guests.

A former model and actress, Tweed is the common-law wife of rock 'n' roll superstar Simmons, who plays bass in the band KISS. Born in St. John's, Newfoundland but raised in Saskatoon, she graduated from Mount Royal Collegiate before she began her modelling career.

The couple were in Saskatoon during the weekend taping an episode of their reality show Gene Simmons Family Jewels, which features the couple and their two children Nick and Sophia.
At the roller derby event, KISS T-shirts were dotted among the crowd, a mixed bag running from younger teens to the middle-aged.

One fan, Daniel McLeod, sported a KISS flag as a cape. The flag featured Simmons in his black and white stage makeup with his iconic tongue hanging down.

McLeod had never been to roller derby before, but when he found out Simmons and his wife would be at the match, he decided to come catch a glimpse of the rock star.

"KISS was pretty much it for me in high school," he said.

"They're awesome live, too, especially Gene. Spitting blood on stage, breathing fire; the guy knows how to put on a show," said McLeod.

He was hoping to get the flag autographed after the match.

"It's not every day you get a chance to meet a rock star."

On Friday the famous couple attended a Saskatoon Blades game as part of the taping of the show, which featured Tweed participating in a puck-dropping ceremony, and Simmons playing goal tender in an on-ice shoot out.

The StarPhoenix also received an email from a reader named Cara Ong, who saw the couple in the Starbucks in the Midtown Mall.

Starstruck by the sighting, Ong tried to call her husband to tell him what was happening.

"Halfway through me telling Jamie that I was in line behind Gene Simmons he took my phone and left a message on our answering machine saying something like, 'This is Gene Simmons. Jamie you are going to be so jealous because I'm standing beside your wife right now.'"

Simmons signed an autograph for Ong's husband and told her she looked too young to be married.

"Overall, it was the best trip to Starbucks ever," she said.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Terre Haute Radio Station To Mark 35th Anniversary Of KISS Army Invasion

The Tribune-Star / tribstar.com

TERRE HAUTE — On-air personality Ed Zeppelin with radio station 105.5 The River will play KISS music from noon to 1 p.m. Sunday to mark the 35th anniversary of the occupation of Terre Haute by KISS and the KISS Army.

KISS fans in the area are invited to show up and surround the building at 918 Ohio St. just like in KISS folklore.

KISS Army founder Bill Starkey welcomes city officials to visit to help commemorate the occasion

Gene Simmons And Shannon Tweed At 'The Sonia Benezra Show' In Montreal

Photo: Shannon Tweed's Twitter

Here's a photo of Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed at 'The Sonia Benezra Show' in Montreal, Canada on Thursday, November 18th.

Gene and Shannon were in Canada this week to film footage for upcoming episodes of 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels'.

A new season of 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels' starts December 5th on A&E. Check local listings for more details.

KISS Army Marches On After 35 Years

Kate Greene/www.wthitv.com

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - When most people think of Terre Haute they think of basketball and Larry Bird, but there's something else this town is known for.

It's a fan crazed, rock n' roll army founded right here 35 years ago.

News 10 takes look back at the legendary KISS Army.

Terre Haute native Bill Starkey and his friend Jay Evans founded the internationally known KISS Army in 1975 after a local radio station, WVTS refused to play KISS music.

News 10 caught up with Starkey at his home in Speedway, Indiana to talk about the legendary fan group and why November 21, 1975 is a date he'll never forget.

Be sure to check out the story on Friday, November 19 right here on www.wthitv.com or News 10 Midday.

On Sunday, November 21 Bill Starkey will be joining 105.5 The River's Ed Zeppelin for an hour of back-to-back KISS music in honor of the 35th anniversary of the KISS Army.

The broadcast starts at 12 P.M. EST on Terre Haute's station 105.5 The River.

KISS Army 35th Anniversary Celebration On 105.5 The River


We invite you to join us on Sunday from 12 - 1 at our studios to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the KISS Army!  If you didn't know, it started here in TERRE HAUTE!

The station does not stream online - but they will post the event on their website this coming Monday for all of us to hear! Stay tuned!

More information HERE.

Gene Simmons: O Canada!

Andrew Vaughan/www.gibson.com

Gene Simmons has been talking up his new signing for the Simmons Records label.

He discovered The Envy, a Toronto band who will release their debut album early in 2011. The record was co-produced by Desmond Child and Gavin Brown, according to Classic Rock magazine.

Simmons told the Montreal Gazette, “I really believe that the next generation of superstars is going to come out of Canada. You’ve got perhaps the biggest marketing entity in the world right next door. You can take advantage of America, but you’ve got to have the goods.”

Meanwhile, Simmons has updated fans on his solo box set with the following Tweet: “Been working every day, on and off on my box set... unreleased songs from over 30 years. Lots of toons. Maybe 200. Soon.”

The KISS Army Celebrates 35 Years

KISSopolis/Photos: Bill Starkey

Happy 35th Anniversary to the KISS Army! This weekend the KISS Army celebrates 35 years of existence.We recently asked co-founder of The KISS Army Bill Starkey for a recollection of the exact time line of the conception of the KISS Army. William R. Starkey writes:
"The spring/summer of 1975 Jay Evans and I contacted the radio station using the name the KISS Army through letters and phone calls. Aucoin Management called me at home on November 10th, 1975 when they got my number from the radio... station and began talking to me about getting a gathering of fans ready for KISS' arrival on November 21st. So you could probably say that the day of the Friday concert, November 21st, 1975, was the first official recognition. The US Army was there too to add to the celebration and give us a escort through downtown."

Latest KISS Swag



Special Edition KISS Trading Card Set contains two sets of standard size playing cards inside a tin box with a hinged lid. If there was ever a perfect KISS gift, this is it! Available now at retailers and specialty shops. 

I Was One of Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels. Maybe.

by Alan Cross/exploremusic.com

Gene Simmons loves to be famous.  Thrives on it.  LOVES it.

He’s also one of the biggest self-promoters in the history of rock. (Fact:  There are 3,000 KISS-related trademarked items in the marketplace–and Gene has a piece of everyone one of them.)

He’s here at M for Montreal for a couple of reasons. The first is to plug The Envy, a Toronto-area band signed to his Simmons Records label (Fact:  Gene trademarked the universal sign for “fingers crossed,” which is now The Envy’s logo).

The second to is gather fodder for Gene Simmons Family Jewels, his rather successful reality show. The crew has taken up most of the 4th floor here at the hotel and when Gene’s around, there’s security everywhere.  (And no, I haven’t seen any hot babes in the vicinity.  At least, not yet.)

I found myself being used as said fodder when I was offered a chance to talk to Gene Thursday afternoon. With the cameras running, Gene held forth in front of a band called Run Laury Run, a Montreal-area group that’s following him around like it was Take Your Kids to Work Day.

Whether I’ll make the final edit for this episode of Family Jewels is unknown, but Gene was in fine form for our talk.

Listen to the interview HERE.