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KISS' Stanley: Current Tour Is Rock N' Roll 'With Full Guns Blazing'

By Jon Waterhouse- For the AJC

Don’t tell KISS co-founder Paul Stanley he’s too old to be dressing up in war paint, singing “Love Gun” and ripping power chords. At 58 years old, Stanley continues serving as ringmaster for the band’s live rock ‘n' roll circus. And he does so while pulling off feats such as one-handed pushups and flying over the crowd on a zip line-like apparatus.
Enlarge photo
Kiss co-founder Paul Stanley (far right) serves as ringmaster for the band's live rock 'n' roll circus, which rolls into Atlanta on August 31.
Glenn La Ferman Kiss co-founder Paul Stanley (far right) serves as ringmaster for the band's live rock 'n' roll circus, which rolls into Atlanta on August 31.

Stanley and company will attempt to wow an Atlanta audience for the second time in less than a year. And in an effort to attract a new generation, the band is offering as many as four free children’s lawn tickets for every adult lawn ticket sold.

Q.: Pound for pound, you have the best between-song banter in the history of rock ‘n' roll.

A.: There are people who would agree, and there are people who would say it’s the most absurd banter. But either way it’s memorable.

Q.: Although everyone shares vocal duties, you’ve always been the mouthpiece. How did that come about?

A.: I think early on we kind of realized that the idea of everyone talking when they feel like talking is insanity. You just wind up with chaos. It just seemed like, “Gee, Paul seems to be the best at doing this. So maybe we’ll all shut up.” And that’s how it came about. I try to make hosting the show and pacing the show part of the show. ... The show is so high-energy, the connection has to be that high-energy. ... I’m somewhere between a preacher and a game show host or somebody leading the troops. The KISS Army needs somebody to say “forward,” and I guess that’s my job.

Q.: KISS was just in Atlanta last October. What’s new this time around?

A.: The show is billed as the Hottest Show on Earth, and that’s really because it is. It’s not because of the weather. It’s the best set list. The stage is incredible. It’s rock ‘n' roll with full guns blazing. ... And the tour’s been phenomenal. I couldn’t have expected a better response. We’ve used technology to make the show bigger and powerful as opposed to using technology to have a bunch of guys ... lip-synching. It’s not about that. It’s about taking rock ‘n' roll and making those weapons of mass destruction that much bigger. ... The stage now has some huge video walls, and we also have video screens built into our amplifiers. There are all kinds of amazingly coordinated visuals. And there’s a great guitar solo that Tommy [Thayer] does with [drummer] Eric [Singer]. There’s a much broader set list covering the entire history of the band. And with [the band’s most recent album] “Sonic Boom,” it not only gives us a chance to celebrate what we’ve done, but it also gives us a chance to pound our chest and celebrate who we are today and where we’re going tomorrow.

Q.: Explain the band’s involvement in the Wounded Warrior Care Project.

A.: That’s really taking off tremendously. It’s everybody’s job and obligation to give back and not just to get. You’ve got all of these brave men and women going overseas to fight for our freedom, and some of them make the ultimate sacrifice and lose their lives. Others come back and have all sorts of problems: physical, psychological. And the government isn’t taking care of them. Augusta, Georgia, has an incredible rehabilitation facility, and all of these great soldiers deserve to be treated like heroes when they return. And we’re making sure we don’t let the government get in the way of helping these people. ... We’re doing our part by giving $1 from each ticket to the Wounded Warrior Care Project. And at this point we’re closing in at $200,000.

6:30 p.m. Aug. 31. $36.50-$149.50. Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood, 2002 Lakewood Way, Atlanta. 800-745-3000, www.ticketmaster.com

KISS' Set List In Raleigh, NC


Walnut Creek Amphitheatre - Raleigh, 2010/08/29

1.Modern Day Delilah

2.Cold Gin

3.Let Me Go Rock 'N' Roll


5.Say Yeah


7.Crazy Crazy Nights

8.Calling Dr. Love

9.Shock Me

10.Tommy And Eric Solo

11.I'm An Animal

12.100.000 Years

13.I Love It Loud
14.Love Gun

15.Black Diamond

16.Detroit Rock City


18.Lick It Up

19.Shout It Out Loud

20.I Was Made For Lovin' You

21.God Gave Rock And Roll To You

22.Rock And Roll All Nite

KISS Merchandise At Licensing Expo


Here are some photos from KISS' booth at this summer's Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. Live Nation had recent and upcoming KISS merchandise on display at the Expo.

Photos by Steve Sils Photography.


KISSopolis.com/Art: Pete Sanfa├žon

Check out these fantastic KISS sketches from artist Pete Sanfa├žon. Great stuff! Pete has had some of his illustrations featured in KISSTORY (published in 1995).

View more KISS illustrations from Pete's website HERE.

Have any KISS art? We'd love to see it. Send it to kissarmypics@gmail.com

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No KISS/Lady Gaga Collaboration Anytime Soon

Gene Simmons Twitter

As for KISS collaborating with Lady Gaga on a song in the future - Gene Simmons has recently answered that question on his twitter account:

"No.. @LadyGaGa and KISS are not doing a song together."

Lady Gaga met KISS backstage at a KISS concert in Holmdel, NJ several weeks ago.

Follow Gene Simmons on Twitter HERE.

The Great Big KISS Show In Atlanta


Kiss, the Hottest Band in the Land, is bringing its rock ‘n’ roll circus to Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood on August 31. To celebrate, Jon is dedicating the entire show to the band. He’s expecting a call from the Starchild himself, Paul Stanley, the co-founder of Kiss. We’ll also be playing excerpts of an interview we had with Gene Simmons of Kiss last October. And Jon will be spinning all kinds of Kiss music, both old and new, and wacky audio snippets. We’ll also get the scoop on some pop culture news including the casting buzz surrounding the new X-Men prequel.

Listen HERE.

"Rock And Roll All Nite" In Raleigh, NC


"Rock And Roll All Nite" In Raleigh, NC - August 29, 2010.

PodKISSt #35: The “Alive!” Legacy (1993 & Beyond)


On this edition of PodKISSt, we continue our retrospective series on the “Alive” albums. We’re joined once again by writer extraordinaire Joe Casey (of Dark Horse’s “KISS” comic fame, and co-creator of “Ben 10″ and “Generator Rex”). Joe and the PodKISSt crew look back at “Alive III,” “Alive IV,” and the “Millennium Concert” disc. Loaded with great live rarities, this is one you won’t wanna miss! You wanted the best… aw, you know the rest! Click and enjoy! (Big thanks to Brian Shaller for his contributions, and much love and sympathy to Ferk on the passing of his grandmother.)

Listen here.

The Kulicks Help Raise Substance Abuse Awareness

Guitar legends Bruce (KISS) and Bob Kulick appear together on the upcoming Serenity CD by ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR PROJECT. Serenity, which is the first ever music CD recommended by Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors, has taken nearly two years to complete and is almost here, just in time to kick off National Recovery Month 201

“Since the age of 3-years old, my brother and I grew up listening to and worshiping KISS.” “It wasn’t entirely about the music either.” “It was just as much the band as it was the brand that appealed to us.” says legally named Super Star. “Yup, Kiss is one of those bands that that are like cockroaches,” says legally named Rock Star. “They will never go away and thank god for them changing the face of music like they did because if they didn’t there would be no Rockstar Superstar Project.”

“Our goal with the CD is to send a strong message that living a life without drugs and alcohol is the only way to achieve your dreams,” said Rock Star. “Since we know there are kids who would rather listen to music than read a book, we are using music to reach them in the language they understand.”

Joining the fight via guest appearances on the CD are music icons including Cherie Currie (RUNAWAYS), Stevie Rachelle, (TUFF), George Lynch (DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB), Chris Caffery (SAVATAGE, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA), Carlos Cavazo (QUIET RIOT, RATT), Mark Slaughter (SLAUGHTER), Zak Stevens (SAVATAGE, CIRCLE II CIRCLE), Jon Oliva (SAVATAGE, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA), Bruce Kulick (KISS, UNION), Howard Leese (HEART), Bob Kulick (MEAT LOAF), Lorraine Lewis (ex-FEMME FATALE, ROKTOPUSS), David Schultz (GOO GOO DOLLS, BERLIN), Veronica Freeman (BENEDICTUM), Ted Poley (DANGER DANGER), Todd La Torre (CRIMSON GLORY),and of course Rock Star aka Marc Kancler (Guitars) and Super Star aka Kris Kancler (Drums) and many more.

For more information, visit www.serenityalbum.com

"Say Yeah" And "I Love it Loud" In Charlotte


Sunday, August 29, 2010

KISS Live On Spanish TV


Last Monday the Spanish network E.T.B. channel 3 broadcast "Modern Day Delilah", "Cold Gin", and "Let Me Go, Rock N' Roll" from KISS' Azkena Rock Fest ( Vitoria -Spain ) Show which was filmed on June 25 , 2010.

Tommy & Eric Solos And "I Was Made for Lovin' You" In Charlotte


Tommy & Eric solos and "I Was Made for Lovin' You" in Charlotte on August 28, 2010.

Gene Simmons Feels Like An “Olympian God”


Gene Simmons feels like an "Olympian god".

The Kiss bass player and singer said the feeling he gets onstage is better than that felt by the most powerful people in the world, including religious figures and politicians.

He said: "The most important thing is getting up on stage. It's electric church, there's no experience like it. Popes, presidents, prime ministers, even kings - none of them get to feel like I do. Only maybe Olympian gods would."

The 'Rock 'N' Roll All Nite' singer also told how the band's fanbase is very broad and he is constantly surprises by the people who reveal themselves as fans.

He added: "The strangest people grew up on Kiss - Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe.

"We snuck into the Grammys one time, and Luther Vandross was like, 'Oh my God, it's Kiss!' "

The 60-year-old rocker also explained his life philosophy, which was influenced by his mother, who experienced life as a Jew under the Nazi regime.

He said: "My mother, at 14, was in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. And saw her whole family incinerated in the ovens. Her philosophy has always been: every day above ground is a good day. Life is a gift, not a birthright. Don't waste it."

"Shout It Out Loud", "I Love It Loud", And "Detroit Rock City" In Charlotte


Wounded Warriors Check From Charlotte

Photo by Dean Snowden for KISSonline

Here's last night's photo of the Wounded Warriors check at KISS' Charlotte, NC show. To date, KISS has raised $251,744.00 for the CSRA Wounded Warriors Care Project on the Hottest Show On Earth tour!

KISS is donating one dollar from every admission sold throughout the Hottest Show On Earth Tour to the CSRA Wounded Warriors Care Project.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Beth" In Virginia Beach


KISS performing "Beth" in Virginia Beach on August 27, 2010.



KISS visited their friends at NAS OCEANA before the show in Virginia Beach yesterday. Naval Air Station Oceana or NAS Oceana is a military airport located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and is a United States Navy Master Jet Base.

Wounded Warrior Check From Virginia


Here's last night's photo of the Wounded Warriors check at KISS' Virgina Beach, VA show. To date, KISS has raised $233,471.00 for the CSRA Wounded Warriors Care Project on the Hottest Show On Earth tour!KISS is donating one dollar from every admission sold throughout the Hottest Show On Earth Tour to the CSRA Wounded Warriors Care Project.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Gene Simmons On "Fox & Friends"


Gene Simmons having some birthday cake and introducing the world to the next big band "The Envy on Fox News's "Fox & Friend's."

Gene Simmons On Fox's 'Strategy Room'


Rock legend Gene Simmons discusses his long career as well as partnership with The Envy.

New CD Brings KISS Back To Life

Alan Sculley Post-Tribune correspondent

The previous Kiss studio CD, "Psycho Circus," did little to prove that the band still had creative life in it. The CD was billed as the return of the original KISS, since it came in the midst of the reunion of guitarist/singer Paul Stanley and bassist/singer Gene Simmons with the two other original members, guitarist Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Criss.

"Psycho Circus," though, ended up being a lackluster effort on a musical level and far less than advertised when it came to being called a triumphant return of the classic KISS lineup.

Instead, Frehley and Criss hardly played on that 1998 CD, with studio musicians stepping in to handle what ostensibly were their parts. The band also had several outside writers contribute to roughly half of the songs.

So KISS had something to prove when the band decided it wanted to make a new studio CD, "Sonic Boom." For one thing, this was a new lineup for KISS, with guitarist Tommy Thayer making his full-fledged debut and drummer Eric Singer, who since 1996 has been the band's drummer whenever Criss wasn't in the lineup, back on board.

Now a little more than a year later, the verdict on "Sonic Boom" is in, and it's been positive, with some critics even saying it's the best CD from the band since early career albums like "Dressed To Kill" and "Destroyer."

Thayer is pleased to have seen "Sonic Boom" win such support.

"I think on a lot of different levels, it has had impact," Thayer said in an early July phone interview. "First of all, just as far as the music and being a great KISS record, check that off the list. In terms of the band, the lineup, this incarnation of the band, a lot of people from a critical standpoint would say they're just kind of re-creating what's happened in the past. They're just out there playing the songs of the '70s and early '80s and things like that. And I think what has happened here has put that to rest, too, because suddenly it's a viable, creative unit that can put together a great record and go out on tour with a fresh new approach to songs and writing and things." Interestingly, the band decided if KISS was going to fail on "Sonic Boom," there would be no one to blame but the band members themselves, as Stanley took the reins on the project.

"We were lucky to have Paul kind of spearheading the project, taking charge and being the leader," Thayer said. "It's really important to have somebody doing that in the producer's role. In this case it was just important in laying a groundwork for what direction we're going in and it worked very well to have him doing that. Of course, nobody knows KISS better than Paul does."

The success of "Sonic Boom" represents a welcome turn of fortunes for Kiss, whose future looked cloudy only a few years ago.

The reunion tour of 1996/97 with the four original members was a major success as a live venture, but by the end of the decade, it appeared the band's days were numbered. In early 2000, the band announced it would do a farewell tour that would run from that summer into 2001. It turned out to be far from a final jaunt.

KISS Pack Arenas With Family-Friendly Act

By Rashod Ollison The Virginian-Pilot

One group used to push the boundaries of decency; the other never has.

One group draws from 30 years worth of flamboyant costumes and over-the-top theatrics for its stage shows. It's hard to imagine the other group, just 3 years old, doing anything even mildly racy on stage.

Kiss and the Jonas Brothers descended from different dimensions of the pop universe, but they have one thing in common: They're two of the most family-friendly acts playing the Virginia Beach Amphitheater this month. Kiss headlines the venue Friday night, and the Jonas Brothers take over the stage Sunday.

Kiss formed in New York City in 1973, more than a decade before the oldest Jonas boy was born. The band is one of the most easily identifiable rock groups around. The guys still pack arenas around the world while wearing the same garish black and white makeup, thigh-high platform boots and campy one-piece costumes they donned during the disco era. Sometimes slick and cloying but mostly memorable and potent, Kiss' greatest hits ("Rock and Roll All Nite," "Strutter," "Beth" and others) still spark huge sing-alongs in concert. In the '70s Kiss captured teen imaginations, but the group draws a different crowd these days.

"Now, it's become completely multi-generational with an insurgence of kids and teenagers and parents bringing their kids. I mean, you got everything from age 6 to 66," said Kiss guitarist Tommy Thayer, calling from a tour stop in New York City. "It's incredible to have such a diverse group of Kiss fans. We're so lucky."

The Jonas Brothers have only a fraction of Kiss' experience, but they also enjoy massive popularity and fill arenas around the world. Teen girls dominate the crowd. The Jonases' hyperactive stage show and highly polished, hook-filled pop ditties are innocuous enough for the whole family, which is to be expected from a Disney-produced sensation.

"We're trying to step up our game each time we do a tour," said Joe Jonas, the eldest, on a conference call with his brothers. "The thing we're trying to do with this tour is incorporate video, maybe some interactive video. If we can make them all work for the show, it would be very cool."

For the new tour, the Jonases, like Kiss, are concentrating on their greatest hits. The New Jersey siblings will also include cuts from their popular Camp Rock movies. No plans for a new studio album have been announced.

"We just want to spend time with our fans again," Kevin Jonas said. "We enjoy going out and having fun and playing our music."

"It's probably the joy of our lives," Nick Jonas chimed in.

In recent years, Kiss, which consists these days of Thayer, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Eric Singer, has made its brand more visible. The "Glee" kids sang a Kiss song, dressed in Kiss gear, on an episode last season. The band appeared on "American Idol" last year. A few months later, Kiss released its new album, "Sonic Boom," which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard album charts, the group's highest entry.

"The band, as it is now, is more lethal and bombastic than any version of the band before," Thayer said. "We can tell by the huge crowds that come to the shows now. This is a legitimate rock 'n' roll band that kicks butt."

When asked what makes Kiss such a cross-generational, family-friendly show these days, Thayer said he's not really sure.

"We've been scratching our heads at that," he said. "It's not one thing in particular. First of all, Kiss is so unique with the image and makeup. It's one of the biggest stage shows with the theatrics and the pyro. It's like going to the Super Bowl or seeing the Grand Canyon, something everybody needs to do at least once because it's such a sensation."

KISS Big Gulp 7-Eleven Cups On eBay


The new KISS Big Gulp 7-Eleven cups have hit eBay. They seem to be a collector's item all of a sudden.

Check them out here.

Paul Stanley Makes Gibson.com’s Top 50 Frontmen List


With their votes, the Gibson.com readers crowned Freddie Mercury the Queen of all Frontmen. While many of the readers’ choices are reflected in the overall list, a few didn’t make the cut – Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, Metallica’s James Hetfield, KISS’s Paul Stanley and the late, great Ronnie James Dio.

And at least one choice caught the Gibson.com editorial staff off-guard. Who knew that the readers had this much love for Jim Kerr of Simple Minds? You certainly took his advice and didn’t forget about him.

1. Freddie Mercury (Queen)

2. Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)

3. Marc Bolan (T. Rex)

4. Bon Scott (AC/DC)

5. Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin)

6. Brian Johnson (AC/DC)

7. Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones)

8. Bono (U2)

9. Robin Zander (Cheap Trick)

10. Elvis Presley

11. Jim Kerr (Simple Minds)

12. Jim Morrison (The Doors)

13. Paul Stanley (KISS)

14. Ronnie Van Zant (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

15. Bruce Springsteen

16. Axl Rose (Guns N’ Roses)

17. Angus Young (AC/DC)

18. Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow, Heaven and Hell)

19. Jimi Hendrix

20. Roger Daltrey (The Who)

21. David Lee Roth (Van Halen)

22. Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)

23. James Hetfield (Metallica)

24. Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath)

25. Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day)

KISS Featured In Guitar Hero iPhone Game


KISS are featured in a brand a new pack of songs hitting the Guitar Hero iPhone game! Check out the app and download the new KISS track pack from the in-game store and play Love Gun, Lick it Up and I Was Made for Lovin’ You.

If you don’t have it yet, get it here. KISS is everywhere!

Limited Edition KISS Cups At 7-Eleven


Enjoy an ice cold Dr Pepper in a limited edition KISS Super Gulp Cup at 7-Eleven

Starting September, stop into your local 7-Eleven store and enjoy the rich bold blend of the 23 flavors of Dr Pepper. Pick up an ice cold Dr Pepper in a Rockin' limited edition KISS collectable Super Big Gulp Cup at participating 7-Eleven locations. There's nothing like a Pepper! Rock n Roll all month long with KISS.

KISS In Charlotte Saturday

By Courtney Devores

All they're made up to be

Titling its 2010 tour "The Hottest Show on Earth" may seem clairvoyant on Kiss' part given the skyrocketing summer temperatures, but according to Paul Stanley it's not literal.

"...Not because of the weather. The show is by far the best Kiss show ever. Any band with money can buy smoke machines and big sound systems," he told the Observer recently. "Technology really allowed us to take this to a whole other level. I don't mean moving sidewalks on stage with dancers. Its rock 'n' roll as spectacle. Massive screens, screens built into the amplifiers, the lighting - everything is taken to the next step. The set list covers more territory than what we've done before and really celebrates the history."

That set list covers early tracks such as "Cold Gin" to Kiss' 2009 album "Sonic Boom," as well as representatives of dalliances with disco ("I Was Made For Loving You") and hair-metal ("Crazy Crazy Nights") and classics "Love Gun" and "Detroit Rock City." Recent reviews indicate almost as many vocal contributions from Gene Simmons as Stanley.
Charlotte fans will find out for sure Saturday when Kiss (with Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer filling Ace Frehley's and Peter Criss' roles) returns to Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre for the first time since 2003.

With a new album - a Wal-Mart exclusive in the U.S. and the band's first since 1998's "Psycho Circus" - some older songs have fallen away to make room for new ones. Stanley doesn't mind.

"There are songs we have to do because they're the classics. Look, I'm not only in the band. I'm a fan of the band. My favorite songs are the ones that are popular."

There may be no moving sidewalks or choreography, but with Kiss having lent its brand to everything from a coffin to a coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, could a Kiss-themed rock-opera style musical be far behind?

Says Stanley: "It might be possible, and we'd do it as long as it maintained the personality of being a rock 'n' roll band and not being a Vegas act. There's enough of that out there."

Gene And NYC's Finest

Gene Simmons Twitter

Gene Simmons has tweeted the following: Here I am with two of NYC's Finest, on the way in to Fox to promo THE ENVY on Simmons Records.

Today In KISStory - 2002


The album 'The Very Best of KISS' is released worldwide. The Very Best of Kiss is a compilation album. It contains 21 of the very best Kiss tracks, all previously released.

Track listing
  1. "Strutter" (Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons) – 3:13
    • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
    • Originally from Kiss
  2. "Deuce" (Simmons) – 3:06
    • Lead vocals: Gene Simmons
    • Originally from Kiss
  3. "Got to Choose" (Stanley) – 3:56
    • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
    • Originally from Hotter Than Hell
  4. "Hotter Than Hell" (Stanley) – 3:31
    • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
    • Originally from Hotter Than Hell
  5. "C'mon And Love Me" (Stanley) – 2:59
    • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
    • Originally from Dressed to Kill
  6. "Rock and Roll All Nite" (Stanley, Simmons) (Live) – 4:04
    • Lead vocals: Gene Simmons
    • Originally from Alive!
  7. "Detroit Rock City (Remix)" (Stanley, Bob Ezrin) – 3:39
    • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
    • Originally from Destroyer
  8. "Shout It Out Loud" (Stanley, Simmons, Ezrin) – 2:50
    • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons
    • Originally from Destroyer
  9. "Beth" (Peter Criss, Ezrin, Stan Penridge) – 2:48
    • Lead vocals: Peter Criss
    • Originally from Destroyer
  10. "I Want You" (Stanley) – 3:06
    • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
    • Originally from Rock and Roll Over
  11. "Calling Dr. Love" (Simmons) – 3:46
    • Lead vocals: Gene Simmons
    • Originally from Rock and Roll Over
  12. "Hard Luck Woman" (Stanley) – 3:34
    • Lead vocals: Peter Criss
    • Originally from Rock and Roll Over
  13. "I Stole Your Love" (Stanley) – 3:05
    • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
    • Originally from Love Gun
  14. "Christine Sixteen" (Simmons) – 3:14
    • Lead vocals: Gene Simmons
    • Originally from Love Gun
  15. "Love Gun" (Stanley) – 3:18
    • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
    • Originally from Love Gun
  16. "New York Groove" (Russ Ballard) – 3:03
    • Lead vocals: Ace Frehley
    • Originally from Ace Frehley
  17. "I Was Made for Lovin' You" (Stanley, Desmond Child, Vini Poncia) – 4:31
    • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
    • Originally from Dynasty
  18. "I Love It Loud" (Vinnie Vincent, Simmons) – 4:17
    • Lead vocals: Gene Simmons
    • Originally from Creatures of the Night
  19. "Lick It Up" (Vincent, Stanley) – 3:58
    • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
    • Originally from Lick It Up
  20. "Forever" (Stanley, Michael Bolton) – 3:52
    • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley
    • Originally from Hot in the Shade
  21. "God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You II" (Stanley, Simmons, Ezrin, Ballard) – 5:19
    • Lead vocals: Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons
    • Originally from Revenge

KISS Add Concert In Mexico


KISS add a new concert date in Mexico city on October 1, 2010.

KISS will play 4 concerts in Mexico:

28 September Monterrey

30 September Mexico city

01 October Mexico city

02 October Guadalajara

Meet KISS In Phoenix Sweepstakes

Flyaway to The Hottest Show On Earth brought to you by The Sims 3! Have you been to The Hottest Show On Earth yet? Don't miss out and grab your tickets now as KISS' summer tour burns a trail across the country! The Sims 3 and KISSOnline have teamed up to host one lucky fan and their guest at the last show date for The Hottest Show On Earth in Phoenix, Arizona on September, 24 2010! One grand prize winner will get:

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A KISS Fan Preserving Pinball


UXBRIDGE — Bruce A. Veinotte, 42, just smiles when he is asked about The Who song “Pinball Wizard.”

“People bring it up all the time,” he said as he stood behind the counter of Mantown Pinball Sales, 2 South Main St. “But I’m not really a big Who fan.”

Mr. Veinotte says he’s a KISS fan, and a big Bally pinball machine, circa 1978, featuring co-frontman Gene Simmons greets visitors walking into the business that opened about three weeks ago.

Mr. Veinotte used to sell irrigation equipment for a Boston-based irrigation supply company before quitting to become a stay-at-home dad to his son, Casey, 12, and daughter, Carlee, 7. He said he has always loved pinball machines, and about a year ago he approached town officials and potential landlords about opening up an arcade that would include the game machines. The people he talked with didn’t exactly flip over the idea, which made him think about starting a business where he would search the Internet for pinball machines for sale, buy them, fix them up and sell them.

That led to the opening of Mantown Pinball Sales, named after the broadcasts years ago on rock radio station WAAF that featured Mantown Mondays.

The KISS pinball machine was one of 19 lined up in two rows in the approximately 600-square-foot business, in a building owned by Kevin Meehan of Millis. The machines are priced between $700 and $3,200, depending on their rarity and how much it cost Mr. Veinotte to buy them online and fix them with parts he also gets online. He pays $650 a month rent and he says he should make a profit if he sells two or three a month.

Several of the big names in pinball machines are in the store. Bally, Williams and Gottleib machines may be out of business — only Stern Pinball Inc. in Chicago makes them now — but pinball fans know they had a ball playing them, and Mr. Veinotte thinks he has a chance to hit the jackpot with his fledgling business.

Mr. Veinotte, however, admits that his wife, Deanna, who is a stenographer, looked at her husband’s business venture with some dubiousness.

“She thought I was nuts to be doing this,” he said, while thanking her for patience and understanding of his passion.

“It’s definitely a niche business,” he said.

Since opening the store, Mr. Veinotte has sold three machines, including one to Gregory Stevens, 50, of Providence, who stopped by after a friend told him about the new business.

Mr. Stevens said he bought a 1987 Williams Big Guns pinball machine that he is keeping next to a 1984 Williams Space Shuttle pinball machine in his home. Mr. Stevens said the pinball machine brings back fond memories of when he used to go to arcades with his parents.

“A pinball machine like the one I just got will lose very little of its value,” he said.

Mr. Stevens said the machine is about more than monetary value, however.

“I’ve had some friends over and they think it’s awesome,” he said.

“I think a lot of people like to have them in their homes,” Mr. Veinotte said.

Mantown Pinball Sales’ location, next to Uppercuts Barbershop, 2 Main St., helps. Barbershop owner Matthew J. Brunet said two of his customers have bought machines next door.

“The guys that are older or in the middle age like the machines, and that’s really cool,” Mr. Brunet said one recent day while sitting on a sunbathed bench on the sidewalk in front of the two businesses.

Mr. Veinotte, who also has several machines in his house that will most likely be taken to Mantown Pinball Sales, says most of the work he does involves fixing the circuitry of the machines and their displays. He also said many machines need repairs to the flippers used to fire those silver balls onto the playing field.

While Mr. Veinotte may not be a fan of the song “Pinball Wizard,” Bernard B. Kamaroff, one of the owners of Bell Springs Publishing in Willits, Calif., said the song released in 1969 by The Who prompted a resurgence in pinball popularity for about 10 years before video games changed the arcade game world.

“The popularity of pinball comes and goes through the years,” said Mr. Kamaroff, whose company has published a book called “Pinball Machine Care and Maintenance.”

He said pinball machines are undergoing something of a resurgence, particularly among men in their 40s and 50s who remember playing them in their younger days.

“I think people are fascinated by that little ball,” he said when asked why people like to play on pinball machines mostly in the privacy of their own homes. “People these days are using computers at work all day and pinball machines get them away from that, plus there is a lot more physical activity involved than what you get playing a video game on a computer.”

One of the machines in Mr. Veinotte’s business is the Bally-made Funhouse game, which both he and Mr. Kamaroff said is one of the most popular pinball machines ever made.

Mr. Kamaroff said the key to maintaining a pinball machine for a long time is to keep it clean, dust-free and out of the hot sun.

As for Mr. Veinotte, he said he wishes him the best.

“He’s unique,” Mr. Kamaroff said.

Top 10 KISS Songs Of The '80s

By Steve Peake, About.com Guide

Though the original '70s incarnation of the band reached heights almost no group since has even dreamed of equaling, KISS survived surprisingly well into the '80s through membership changes and stylistic uncertainty. By reputation the band's early-'80s work does not receive a lot of positive attention, but in general that neglected portion of the band's catalogue is actually more interesting than the generic pop metal to which KISS turned for its mid-'80s commercial comeback. Here's a chronological look at my take on the best songs from this legendary band's less-heralded but second most successful decade.

1. "Is That You?"

You know, KISS takes a lot of heat for releasing a great deal of musical fluff, particularly during its late-'70s and early-'80s chaotic period of shifting styles and personnel. Known for image and marketing far more than its music, this is a band whose reputation often unfairly minimizes its critical reception. Simply put, this is a fine guitar-oriented pop/rock song no matter what era in which it's heard, and the fact that KISS possesses in its catalogue as many solid, underrated compositions as it does should be enough to convince detractors that the band is a pretty damn good one underneath all the elaborate layers of disguise. Minus Peter Criss but still featuring Ace Frehley's aggressive guitar, this tune deftly ignores disco.

2. "Naked City"

As I revisit all 11 tracks from 1980's Unmasked, I'm struck with how utterly decent the album is, especially given the fractured state of the music industry and the band (Criss was gone and Frehley would leave by 1982, amidst already-rising objections to the group's musical direction). But for all the modifications KISS had made to its sound since its mid-'70s heyday, this album ultimately delivers very solid, catchy pop/rock with a heavier sound than it's given credit for. On "Naked City," Gene Simmons presents impassioned, relatively high-pitched vocals to go along with one of his best melodies of the band's career.
This may not be life-altering stuff, but the KISS formula comes through loud and clear on this highly listenable track.

3. "Tomorrow"

Paul Stanley has always been known as the most pop-oriented member of KISS, and although he's received his share of negative attention for that, his consistent musical sensibility is hard to argue with on a deep album track like this. By this time, Frehley's contributions to the band's sound had diminished significantly, but his powerful guitar sound continues to offer balance to a more accessible musical direction. Now certainly, for KISS fans who persisted in viewing the band as a true hard rock entity (if it had ever truly belonged in that category), this growing accessibility must have been frustrating and confusing. But for music fans looking for premium mainstream rock with ample guitars, it's really hard to go wrong with Unmasked.

4. "Dark Light"

It would perhaps cook Frehley's noodle to read this statement given his negative view of the music in question, but I find this track to be the most consistently enjoyable of 1981's misguided Music from the Elder concept album. Though maligned for too much reliance on orchestration and a cheesy approach that really just amounts to trying too hard to branch out, this record isn't quite as terrible as its reputation implies. But while "A World Without Heroes" wastes a decent melody through on-the-nose sentimentality, the light touch of Frehley and his distinct songwriting approach on this tune works remarkably well to construct a memorable stand-alone rock song. The guitarist's solo work is inventive and serves as a nifty last hurrah.

5. "I Love It Loud"

I may be in the minority here, but I generally find the admittedly heavier sound of 1982's Creatures of the Night to be dull instead of a welcome return to form for KISS. Despite an obvious influence from Vinnie Vincent, the unofficial replacement for Frehley, I think the group's sound suffers without the latter's signature style. Still, this thoroughly enjoyable, playful hard rock romp is the closest thing to heavy metal the band had produced to date, with its bombastic guitar thrust and heavy drums. It also benefits from a much-reduced seriousness in approach that rewarded fans who had stuck around through the band's string of experimental album releases. It's a fun track that stands apart from the record's heavier but bland tunes.

6. "I Still Love You"

KISS had certainly produced ballads before, but this is probably the group's first genuine pop metal power ballad, a song ever-reliant on moody, arpeggiated guitars from Vincent and lighter-raising vocals from Stanley. The singer's attempts at metal bombast come off a bit hollow on the record's faster cuts, but here the marriage of slow tempos with romantic yearning clearly foreshadows KISS's later success in the hair metal movement of the mid to late-'80s. I stop short of declaring this one to be a full-tilt classic, but it does work well as an effective evolution of a band's sound into a new musical era. Still, Vincent's lead guitar work lacks Frehley's originality even if it certainly operates on a comfortable level of competence.

Read more HERE.

KISS Brings Summer Sizzle


Paul and Gene talk to Fox News (from inside the KISS jet!) about touring and life on the road.

Front And Center With KISS


An up-close-and-personal look at KISS as they rocked Saratoga Springs!

Behind The Scenes With KISS


Eric takes Fox News backstage for a behind-the-scenes look in what goes into preparing for KISS' nightly performances.

Gene Simmons vs. The Fed


Gene Simmons and FBN's business experts discuss whether the U.S. should abolish the Federal Reserve.

Peter Criss To Walk For American Cancer Society


Peter Criss has issued the following update on his website PeterCriss.net:

"On October 17th, I will be walking for the American Cancer Society, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. I would love for you to join me in this walk to help save lives and bring awareness to men and women about this disease.

"I am going to join Nurse Betty's Team BosomBuddies/TwinPeaks. She is an awesome woman who dedicates her life to helping men and women with this disease.

"To register and join our team click the link below and if you can't walk with us please make a donation for support. As a breast cancer survivor, I THANK YOU!!!

So come walk with me on Sunday, October 17th. The walk starts at 10 a.m., speeches starts at 8 a.m. Hope you will support our team!!!"

Click HERE to join or donate.

KISS' Latest Magazine Cover


Here's KISS on the cover of the new Mexican Magazine NOCTUNA 2010. This issue promotes the three upcoming KISS shows in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. 

Tommy Thayer - Grand Marshall Beaverton Celebration Parade

by Viva Las Vegas

Tommy ThayerGrand MarshallBeaverton Celebration Parade Saturday, September 15 Downtown Beaverton

Legendary guitarist for both KISS and Black 'N Blue, Tommy Thayer will be in town this weekend, acting as grand marshal of the Beaverton Celebration Parade. The parade starts at 10 am, and winds from SW Allen Boulevard through Beaverton's allegedly "historic downtown." Best known as "that guy who replaced Ace Frehley," Tommy's been the Spaceman since 2003, but he's been a part of the KISS family for over 20 years, co-writing songs, producing and directing DVDs, and even teaching ol' Ace how to play his leads before the 1996 KISS Alive reunion tour. Although he's based in LA, the 1978 graduate of Beaverton's Sunset High gets back to Oregon frequently to party with his family and unwind at his gorgeous beach house on the Oregon Coast with his even more gorgeous wife, Amber. When not on axe duty or grand marshalling, Thayer keeps busy with charity work: He's on the board of trustees of Pacific University in Forest Grove and hosts its Legends Golf Classic, and also participates in "I Have a Dream" and "Make-a-Wish" fundraisers, supporting underprivileged children and school band programs. Hopefully Tommy will have time to sign a few autographs after the parade before he jets off to Whistler to join his KISS comrades for a show Saturday night. Beaverton pride!

What are your duties as grand marshal?

I ride in an antique car and look cool and wave. Actually, I hear the Sunset High marching band will be there and possibly play a KISS tune or two. How cool is that?

What are you going to wear?

Any suggestions? I was thinking about a tight black spandex jumpsuit with space rings on the shoulders.

Do you get a crown and scepter?

If I do, I'll wear 'em.

Are you going to wear your spaceman make-up? Who applies that anyway? You?

It's interesting that so many people think KISS has make-up artists that apply the make-up, but that's never been the case. We do our own.

Are you nervous?

No, I can do this!Lots of the next generation will be at the parade. Would you recommend they pursue a career as a rock guitarist?

You should always pursue your dreams and your passions and don't let other people tell you that you can't cut it. I know firsthand, with plenty of hard work and desire, you can do anything.

Guadalajara KISS Promo Display


Check out this picture I took of the promotional display from the Kiss concert in Guadalajara (Mexico).