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Paul Stanley's Smashed Guitar In Cincinnati

Photos: Amanda Snow

Here are a few photos of Paul Stanley's smashed guitar in Cincinnati on July 30, 2010.

Amanda Snow experienced the meet and greet with Paul Stanley in Cincinnati. Amanda writes: "My husband Mike and I did the meet and greet with Paul and he personalized the guitar to him. Paul was awesome. And his guitar tech was really cool too. An amazing experience. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!"

Get Your Paul Stanley stage smashed guitar HERE.

KISS in Pittsburgh

Here are some more great photos of KISS in Pittsburgh on July 29, 2010. Thanks to Amanda Snow for these great pictures.

New KISS Album Next Summer?

In a recent Rolling Stone magazine interview, Paul Stanley commented on a follow-up album to "Sonic Boom" coming out in summer 2011.

Rolling Stone writes: "Stanley said that the band plans to go back in to the studio next February and release an album as early as next summer."

Paul also added: "The idea that some people can be replaced and not all of them would be a little pigheaded and big-headed of me. Gene and I, there are people out there who could do what we do at least as well, if not better. I don't have to be there for it to be Kiss." Stanley added that the band could "absolutely" continue if he and Simmons decided to retire."

Read the entire article here.

Backstage With KISS At Hottest Show On Earth

At a near-capacity show for their recently launched Hottest Show on Earth Tour in Pittsburgh last night, Kiss proved why they are the reigning kings of theater rock, delivering an electric two-hour, 21-song set of glam-rock smashes, newer tunes, over-the-top pyrotechnics and plenty of blood-spitting. "We have a problem that a lot of bands don't: there are a lot of songs we have to play," Paul Stanley told Rolling Stone backstage before the gig. "So it's a matter of mixing it up, but playing what people want to hear."

With three massive video screens and bright LED lights, Kiss kicked the show off with fiery jams like "Modern Day Delilah" and "Cold Gin," but the band hit their stride once they launched into "Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll," which found Kiss saturated in blinding white light and sent the crowd into a frenzied clap-along. (Dozens of die-hards dressed in full Kiss fatigues while hundreds more donned the band's trademark makeup.) Throughout the gig, guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer filled in solidly for original members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, especially when Singer reprised Frehley's sparks-shooting guitar solo in "Shock Me." When Criss left the band in 2004, Kiss abandoned playing the fan-favorite "Beth" but they revived their 1976 classic — to date, their highest-charting single ever — for their current tour. "The band is bigger than the members," Stanley told RS. "The idea that some people can be replaced and not all of them would be a little pigheaded and big-headed of me. Gene and I, there are people out there who could do what we do at least as well, if not better. I don't have to be there for it to be Kiss." Stanley added that the band could "absolutely" continue if he and Simmons decided to retire.

While the band delivered fan favorites like a show-closing "Rock and Roll All Nite," Kiss mined their catalog for deeper cuts like the faux-disco 1979 single "I Was Made for Lovin' You," during which Stanley zoomed over the crowd suspended by wires. (Another surprise: "Crazy Nights," the no-makeup-era single that sounded 10 times better as a summer-evening singalong than it did broadcast on MTV in 1987.) Kiss' show was also big on tunes from 2009's Sonic Boom and even those heavy, anthemic songs could have been long-lost tracks to albums like 1976's classic Rock and Roll Over."Sonic Boom was something that fortified us and really united us in the sense that we're now celebrating everything we've done in the past, the present, and where we're going in the future," said Stanley. "Sonic Boom is not the last album. It's the first album in the next phase."

Stanley said that the band plans to go back in to the studio next February and release an album as early as next summer, but in the meantime, Kiss are content to deliver a hit parade for the Hottest Show on Earth tour. "We don't want to fall into the thing where you have to play obscure songs," said Stanley. "I'm a big believer that a song is obscure for a reason: Songs that aren't as popular aren't as good."

Read more HERE.

Gene Simmons Family Jewels Ratings

Gene Simmons Family Jewels returned to A&E with it's 100th episode on July 20th and drew 1.28 million viewers during the 9pm hour. This is a little short of the season high of 1.96 million viewers and a 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demo, on March 28th, but not unreasonable for a mid-summer episode.

The episode also drew a 0.8 House Hold rating and a 0.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

Gene Simmons Family Jewels has been renewed for a 6th season, which will premiere sometime in LATE 2010. The number of episodes for season six have not been announced.

KISS' Set List In Cincinnati

Here's KISS' set list from their show in Cincinnati on July 30, 2010.

1.Modern Day Delilah

2.Cold Gin

3. Let Me Go Rock'N'Roll.


5.Say Yeah


7.Crazy Crazy Nights

8.Calling Dr. Love

9.Shock Me

10.Tommy And Eric Solo

11.I'm An Animal

12.100,000 Years

13.I Love It Loud

14.Love Gun

15. Black Diamond

16.Detroit Rock City


18.Lick It Up

19.Shout It Out Loud

20.I Was Made For Lovin' You

21.God Gave Rock'N'Roll To You

22.Rock And Roll All Nite

KISS At Hershey Park Stadium Tonight

CHRIS MAUTNER/The Patriot-News

KISS tour recruits new generation of fans, Hot dogs. Apple pie. Chevrolet. And ... Kiss?

Quite so, according to Kiss drummer Eric Singer, who argued the band is an integral part of American culture.

"Kiss has become a part of Americana. It's very much a part of the American landscape," he said during a recent phone interview. "When you come to a show, it's like taking the kids to Disneyland. There is that kind of spirit at the shows."

To keep that spirit alive, the band is dedicated to ensuring that it delivers as much spectacle on stage as possible.

"What we're doing is taking what we did last year [on tour] and adding more aspects to the show to make it bigger and better," he said. "We take Kiss and improve and enrich it and make it better."

So what can we expect at Saturday's concert at Hersheypark Stadium?

"If I tell you, it ruins the surprise," Singer said.

The band is touring in support of its first studio album in 11 years, "Sonic Boom." Singer said that while the group will perform a few songs from "Boom," which fans and critics say harkens back to the classic, '70s-era Kiss, it's not going to neglect fans who want to hear the classics.

"You can't do too much new material," Singer said. "As much as die-hards want to hear the obscure songs, the majority wants to hear 'Detroit Rock City' and 'Love Gun.' Kiss is very much a show band and has a lot of energy to bring and maintain. Getting too obscure or veering away from what fans know is not the best idea."

He should know. Singer has been a member of Kiss, which includes guitarist Tommy Thayer and original members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, for a while. He initially drummed with them from 1991 to 1996. He then rejoined the band in 2001 after the reunion with original members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley fell apart.

Since then, Singer has worn the "Catman" makeup in concert that Criss made famous. Does he get grief about it from die-hard Criss fans?

"Of course," he said. "But I learned a long time ago, people will like you, love you and hate you for any reason, or no reason at all. I'm not going to make everybody happy, and I accept that.

"It's just a band. We just make music. I'm not solving the problems of the world. Ultimately, it's about having a good time and having fun."

And Singer is dedicated to ensuring that concertgoers have a good time.

"No matter how you feel on a given day, it's the one job you don't get to call in sick," he said. "I've gone onstage and played when I had a bad flu with chills. I've never called in or missed a show. You feed off the fans. The minute you see [the audience] it energizes you and helps you get through the tough times."

That dedication has apparently resulted in a resurgence of interest in the band, especially among the younger generations, Singer said.

"There's a renewed interest in Kiss now," he said. "There's a new generation of fans that's helped us be reborn and re-energized. The whole thing has become multigenerational."

Singer says Kiss is a unique band.

"There's a certain empowerment being onstage and in costume. It's a unique, special feeling. Knowing the crowd is with me is a very empowering situation. Putting on the makeup takes it to another level. It's a crazy shield that lets me be whatever I want."

So how long does it take to get into that make-up anyway?

About two hours, Singer said. "It gives you a chance to focus in," he said. "Applying the makeup, you can't rush the time it takes to do it. It's like preparing yourself for battle. It helps us focus in and channel the energy, so by the time we hit the stage there's no wasted effort."

Kiss performs at 6:30 p.m. Saturday at Hersheypark Stadium. Cost: $131, $75.50 and $45.50 Tickets: Giant Center, 717-534-3911.

Photos: KISS In Pittsburgh

Check out these fantastic pictures of KISS in Pittsburgh taken by 'Boogie Street Guitars' owner Eric McKenna. KISS played Pittsburgh on July 29th as part of "The Hottest Show On Earth" tour.

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Read about 'Boogie Street Guitars' relationship with KISS member Paul Stanley:

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KISS' Touring Blues Goodbye

CORPUS CHRISTI — The summer concert scene so far has been peppered with reports of tours that are doing worse-than-expected business, with some major tours — such as the Eagles and Lilith Fair — having to scrap some shows and Limp Bizkit and Christina Aguilera canceling tours altogether.

Kiss guitarist Tommy Thayer though, hasn’t experienced the touring blues sensation.

“We haven’t been affected like most all the other bands,” Thayer said. “Kiss is recession proof, I guess. We’re selling lots of tickets and most other bands are canceling their tours. So we’re lucky in that regard.”

Thayer said a lot was going on in the lives of bandmates including Gene’s show, “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” and several national promotions, including commercials for Dr Pepper.

KISS In Cincinnati


Here's KISS in front of a packed Riverbend Music Center last night in Cincinnati!

KISS Helps Wounded Warriors


KISS kicks off tour to help wounded warriors

When fair-goers packed the new grandstand for the KISS concert last Saturday night at the North Dakota State Fair, they also were helping military members returning from war who have been wounded.

Minot was the second stop for the rock group's 32-city North American "The Hottest Show on Earth" tour.

Cheyenne Frontier Days in Cheyenne, Wyo., was the first stop, the night before Minot, where KISS kicked off donating $1 from every concert ticket sold to go to Central Savannah River Area Wounded Warrior Care Project in Augusta, Ga. The tour ends in Fontana, Calif., Sept. 25.

The KISS concert in Cheyenne had a total attendance of 16,715 people and $15,884 will go to the Wounded Warrior Care Project, Cheyenne Frontier Days officials said.

Laurie Ott, of Augusta, executive director of the CRSA Wounded Warrior Care Project, hearing the number of tickets sold at the State Fair's KISS show, said, "That's just incredible." KISS also reportedly played to record-breaking crowds in Cheyenne.

According to State Fair officials, 15,082 people attended the KISS concert in the new grandstand.

Ott said the rock group got the idea to donate $1 of every ticket sold on their concert tour after visiting wounded warriors in the Charlie Norwood Veterans Administration Medical Center in Augusta in October. She said KISS was performing in Atlanta when they came to Augusta to visit wounded military members at the medical center. Three members of the band, Paul Stanley, founding member of the group, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer made the trip.

"They came to Augusta personally and visited the inpatient troops who could not make it to the concert," she said.

"They were there for the troops signed autographs, took photos, handed out T-shirts and spent time talking to the troops all the inpatients," she said.

KISS invited about 100 wounded warriors to their concert in Atlanta where the rock group recognized them and gave them back-stage access.

Augusta's Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center has the nation's only active-duty rehabilitation unit located in a VA facility. It has treated more than 740 inpatients and 1,250 total patients, to date, all of them active-duty soldiers, Marines, sailors, airmen and Coast Guardsmen. The medical center also is home to the VA's 71-bed Spinal Cord Injury Unit, the largest in the system in number of patients followed, and a 15-bed Blind Rehabilitation Center.

Eisenhower Army Medical Center, also in Augusta, is one of the top five military treatment facilities for receiving air evacuees directly from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The CRSA Wounded Warrior Care Project focuses on using Augusta's wounded warrior care assets, including the two medical centers.

The project has other initiatives/programs including an employment and training program for Iraq and Afghanistan returnees, marriage and family enrichment retreats, computer training programs and mentor programs.

"What the Augusta model offers is a community-based structure for coordinating those resources," project information says.

Besides their interest in the troops, Ott said the KISS members took an interest in the project's community-based model. "They took an interest in streamlining and harnessing all these resources," she said.

She said transitional housing is one of the present needs of the project. "We get troops from all over the country who come to Augusta for rehabilitation," she said.

Ott said she isn't aware of plans for KISS to return to Augusta. "But we'd welcome them back with open arms. They were here once without us being a stop on tour, we'd welcome them back. It's so significant they're calling attention and using (that) platform to do it,"

"We are so appreciative of the people of Minot and Cheyenne and of KISS. When the final accounting is completed for those particular events we look forward to receiving the funds," she said.

For more about the CRSA Wounded Warrior Care Project, visit (

KISS Puts On New Face


New members keep band rocking and rolling all night

Four years ago, when Kiss frontman and co-founder Paul Stanley was promoting his first solo disc in 28 years and first solo tour ever, he said in an interview that slipping sales and flagging interest in any Kiss music besides the hits made him doubt the band would ever again record a new album.

It had already been eight years since Kiss recorded "Psycho Circus," the first disc featuring the band's original members in nearly 20 years, amid a five-year reunion tour that brought Stanley and co-founder Gene Simmons back together with former members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.

Fast-forward to today.

Kiss not only recorded a new album, "Sonic Boom," in 2009, but it became the group's highest-charting disc ever, reaching No. 2 on Billboard's albums chart.

And now the group is two years into a tour to celebrate the 35th anniversary of its breakthrough disc, 1975's "Alive," which gave the band its first Top 10 album, as well as its first hit, "Rock and Roll All Night."

So what changed?

Simmons, the band's demon-costumed bassist, says simply that the band dropped Frehley and Criss from the lineup and replaced them with guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer. The move, he said, saved the self-proclaimed "Hottest Band in the World."

"The thing that changed is Tommy and Eric," Simmons says, calling recently from backstage at "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," where Kiss had just performed the "Sonic Boom" single "Modern Day Delilah."

"You want to go forward when you feel there's a real team committed to doing everything," he says."If you're in a soccer game or a football game or any kind of team situation, you don't feel like getting out on the field if not everybody's holding up their end. So with Tommy and Eric as part of the team, it felt � I don't know � convincing and easy to do."

While the original members' reunion was financially successful and helped renew interest in the band, it also brought back bad elements that prompted the original splits with Criss in 1979 and Frehley in 1982, Simmons says.

"Ace and Peter were going through their thing again of last-minute sending lawyers in to do all kinds of stuff," Simmons says. "And you know what? We just said, 'Stay home,' you don't need to be in the band, and you don't need to torture everybody. You're happier at home and everybody should respect you because you were pivotal members of one of the most enduring bands in rock and roll history. Kiss couldn't have done it without Ace and Peter then, and Kiss cannot do it with Ace and Peter now."

Criss quit again in 2001, reportedly unhappy with his pay, and was replaced by Singer, who was drummer for four years before the reunion. Frehley left in 2002 after he missed shows and had to be replaced by Thayer, who was the band's guitar tech.

"I think it's best for them � and bless them both," Simmons says. "We love them. It's best for them to rest on their laurels. But we don't have time for the past. We're too busy having a good time right now. We're looking forward to the future."

Simmons says touring now is much easier.

"Better than ever," he says. "No drug addicts or alcoholics in the band, no excuses, no dark clouds. It's just great to have a four-wheel-drive vehicle again. � After all, we introduced ourselves with 'You wanted the best, you got the best. The hottest band in the world.' We're calling this the hottest show on earth.' So you've gotta have some king-sized nuts to go out there with two of the guys just dragging their sorry butts around."

Asked about the physical requirements of such shows and how difficult it is with him about to turn 61 and Stanley 58, Simmons says, "If you take a look at the biggest bands on earth, none of them are [under] 20 years old. None. And, in fact, a few of them are quite a bit older." He points out that The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger is 67 and former Beatle Paul McCartney 68.

"It's like a kid having sex for the first time," he says. "The more you do it, the longer you can go, because you know how to pace yourself. If the spotlight's on Tommy taking a solo, and I'm jumping up and down killing myself and you can't see me on the screens, or people are looking the other way, it's a wasted energy."

Asked whether he sees Kiss recording another album, Simmons says, "Sure, why not?" Recording "Sonic Boom" was "one of the easiest records we've ever done," he says. And the fact that the band performs "Modern Day Delilah" on Leno instead of a classic song shows the disc's music holds up.

"But the old stuff holds up, too," he says. He notes a new Dr. Pepper commercial uses the song "Calling Dr. Love," and "there are any number of other products that use 'Rock and Roll All Night.' "

"We're playing, I don't know, about half the [new] record live," he says. "And going into the '80s and doing that stuff. In fact, this tour takes bits and pieces from every decade."

Simmons says the fact that "Sonic Boom" is Kiss's highest charting record doesn't mean much.

"It really hasn't ever been an issue," he says. "Most important, although it sounds cornball, is the fans."

Despite such long term success Kiss is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was nominated for the first time this year, after being eligible for a decade, but not accepted.

Simmons sniffs, "It's not a snub to us. "We've gotten everything we've ever dreamed of and more. There's nobody in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame � in fact, if you took all of them and put them together � that could match all the licensing and merchandising we've done and the legacy we've left.

"I mean, yes, Madonna's important. I have no [darned] idea what she's doing in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Or Grandmaster Flash or any other disco or rap artist. I think it's an insult to them to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I don't want to be in the Rap Hall of Fame.

"But what band would I rather be? There's not a band in there that has as much fun as we have. ...Would I rather be in Crosby, Stills and Nash or Kiss? I think I'll take Kiss."

In recent years, Simmons has become just as well-known for his reality television show "Gene Simmons Family Jewels," which documents his life with his longtime companion, Shannon Tweed, and their two children. He also participated in Donald Trump's show "Celebrity Apprentice."

Simmons says he doesn't mind how the show portrays him: "My life's an open book," he says. "Take it or leave it. Not everybody liked Jesus, either." And he proudly points out "Family Jewels" recently broadcast its 100th episode.

He also says his business dealings have left him very secure. He notes, for example, that he narrates the new video game "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. " Simmons says "making a great business deal that throws off millions of dollars, that's pretty satisfying," but notes being on stage with Kiss "is unequaled."

"We are having a ball, as you can imagine. How'd you like to get up on stage, wear high heels and more make-up than your mommy does? "

So now that Kiss is back on track, how long will the band last?

"No end in sight that we can see," he says. "There's going to be a certain point where they're going to have to bury us in the ground. We're all going to get our turn. But so far, so good."

Friday, July 30, 2010

KISS Visits "Access Hollywood"

Maria Menounos' Rockin' KISS Makeover It's all smiles when KISS rock stars Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley make their way onto the set of Access Hollywood for an interview with Maria Menounos in Burbank, Calif., on July 19, 2010

"Whole Lotta Love" In Pittsburgh

Intro by Paul Stanley for "Black Diamond" that turns into "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zepplin. Shot in Pittsburgh on July 29, 2010.

KISS Still Plays With Fire

By Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Photo by John Heller/Post-Gazette

When Kiss announced a summer tour that would allow four kids in free with an adult lawn ticket, it was natural to envision a circus-like atmosphere with Kiss toy booths dotting the hillside and vendors selling glowsticks that every kid would have to have.

Gene Simmons did after all learn a few things from Ringling Brothers.

That's not the way it was though Thursday night for the second local Kiss show in eight months. There were more little ones than usual in Kiss T-shirts and painted faces, but the band didn't go all Wiggles on us.

Thirty-six years in, the fab four played a typically hard-hitting and explosive Kiss show with all the requisite pyrotechnic thrills and an expanded set that blew well past the usual 11 p.m. curfew.

It did not start, like so many Kiss shows, with The Demon singing the first line of "Deuce": "Get up, and get your grandma outta here!" Grandma, after all, may have been buying the $40 shirt. Plus, Kiss has relevancy and a newish album to sell, so it kicked things off with the "Sonic Boom" single "Modern Day Delilah."

It was one of several changes from the recent Arena show: "Strutter," "Hotter Than Hell" and "Parasite" were scrapped from the set list, replaced by the scorching "Firehouse" (complete with sirens and fire-blowing), "Crazy Crazy Nights," the hit ballad "Beth" and "I'm An Animal," one of the "Sonic Boom" highlights, with its sludgy Sabbath riff and a verse that's nearly rapped.

The kids -- young and old -- got a stage that was pure eye candy with one massive screen and dozens of smaller ones zooming in on the action, as smoke rolled, flashpots flared and fireworks shot up around them.

Musically, however, there are far fewer gimmicks. Star-faced lead singer Paul Stanley, the king of hilarious shrieking stage banter, let us know that it was "just four guys, nobody under the stage," no musical tricks. Sure enough, just as much pyro was coming from guitarist Tommy Thayer, who wears the suit of the beloved Ace Frehley with a fierce purpose. Nearly ever song built to one of his fiery and perfectly executed solos, spanning the range from Berry to Page to Iommi.

All night, Kiss had a blast with the reference points, including Paul teasing "Whole Lotta Love" before "Black Diamond" and "Won't Get Fooled Again" prior to "Shout it Out Loud." Kiss also dug into the Argent songbook for the anthemic power ballad "God Gave Rock and Roll to You," complete with a riff from "All the Young Dudes."

Before getting to "Rock and Roll All Nite," Kiss announced that a check for $8,795 would be donated to the Wounded Warriors foundation, a charity for veterans.

For the kids that did get the thrill of seeing Kiss, Mr. Stanley delivered a promise: "We were there for your moms and dads, and we'll be there for you!"

What They Played

* Modern Day Delilah
* Cold Gin
* Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll
* Firehouse
* Say Yeah
* Deuce
* Crazy Crazy Nights
* Calling Dr. Love
* Shock Me
* I'm An Animal
* 100,000 Years
* I Love It Loud
* Love Gun
* Black Diamond
* Detroit Rock City


* Beth
* Lick It Up
* Shout It Out Loud
* God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You II
* Rock and Roll All Nite

"Beth" Live In Pittsburgh

Fan filmed video of KISS performing "Beth" live In Pittsburgh on July 29, 2010.

View more Pittsburgh video clips HERE.

KISS To Play Mexico

According to, KISS will play in Mexico in Guadalajara on October 2, 2010 at Estadio Tres de Marzo at 9 pm. Pre sales start on August 11, 2010. Thanks to Jonathan for the info.

Gene Simmons And Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock

The sixth core entry in Activision's Guitar Hero series represents the last entry developed by Neversoft. It leads a reduced portfolio of rhythm games being released in 2010 by Activision.

In Quest Mode, using any combination of instruments, players will embark on a larger-than-life, epic rock journey from the stage of CBGBs, the infamous punk-rock club in New York City, to the molten lava fields of rock treachery as eight Guitar Hero characters transform into rock warriors that must join together to use their unique, game-changing powers to help the Demi-God of Rock take down "The Beast" and save rock n' roll.

"The world is a boring place. Come with me, and enter a world populated of Demi-Gods and Beasts. Transform from an everyday person and become the savior of rock and roll," said Gene Simmons of KISS. "It was an honor and privilege to narrate Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, even more so, to voice the Demi God. From the God of Thunder to the Demi-God, how cool is that..."

Delivering the largest on-disc rock music set list to-date, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock features more than 90 tracks including KISS' "Love Gun."

For more information about Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock visit