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Ace Frehley Performs On 'Sober House' Finale


On the season finale of 'Sober House' (Thu., 10PM ET on VH1), the time had come for Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr to perform -- but clean and dry this time around. Starr and the rest of the cast attended a benefit concert, and he got to play alongside his idol, KISS's Ace Frehley, himself a recovering addict.

Starr's nerves nearly got him in trouble, but he received some encouragement from Frehley. 'Sober House' head counselor Bob Forrest said after the show, "With musicians, getting them back playing music really works. And Mike's back. You can feel that he was becoming Mike again."

Click on the photo above to view the video. View the entire episode HERE.

Today In KISStory - 1976

Today In KISStory - April 30, 1976: The single 'Flaming Youth', with B-side 'God of Thunder' is released in the US. The single reached number 72 in the U.S. and 73 in Canada.

Preview Of This Sunday's Gene Simmons Family Jewels

Here's a preview of this Sunday's Gene Simmons Family Jewels titled - "The Croc Hunter".

Gene and Tony get sucked into a Bayou adventure when a potential deal to manufacture authentic gator "Demon" boots turns very bizarre. Meanwhile back home, Gene misses Nick perform live on the Sunset Strip with his old KISS band mate Bruce Kulick.

KISS Live In Baton Rouge 1979

EliteWorks on eBay

The full 31-year old KISS segment from a local Baton Rouge, Louisiana news show has been posted online to promote the auctions of eBay seller EliteWorks. This never-before-seen clip is unique in that in contains interviews with all four original KISS members as well as amazing live footage from the band's 1979 Dynasty Tour performance in the Riverside Centroplex.

Auctions this week include the original KISS Crayola Colorfoms, rare misprinted LPs for Love Gun and Lick It Up, original photos from KISS's self-promoted August 10, 1973 Hotel Diplomat concert and Eric Carr's first performance with the band from 1980, previously unknown foreign articles from the first 15 months of the band's career and lots more.

You can see the auctions HERE.

Eric Singer Talks Watches

Michael Thompson

As KISS drummer since 2004, when for the third time he replaced Peter Criss, Eric Singer's long career as a rock and roll drummer began when he toured with Lita Ford in 1984. Since then the Cleveland, Ohio, native has played and recorded with Black Sabbath, Brian May, Badlands, The Cult and Alice Cooper, among many others. In 2009, Singer, along with lead guitarist Tommy Thayer, played and sang on "Sonic Boom," the first KISS studio album to feature the new line-up.

When not on the road (KISS is currently touring Europe), Singer resides in California, where he keeps a collection of more than 100 timepieces.

International Watch: Do you recall your first watch?

Eric Singer: Yes, it was a German brand on a Speidel Twist-O-Flex band. My father was the band leader on the S.S. United States & S.S. America Ocean Liners in the 50's-60's out of New York, crossing the Atlantic roundtrip forty-eight times. He would bring toys and such back for my sister and brothers and that is when I got my first watch-when I was five or six years old. I still have the watch today although it does not run.

Later in my early teens I got a Glycine for Christmas. And I acquired my Father's LeCoultre triple calendar moonphase and Gallet mini chronograph after they were retired from his wrist.

What timepiece(s) are you considering for your next purchase?

I am always looking, and right now am thinking about a Blancpain 500 Fathoms. I recently acquired a Ball Diver Chronograph that has awesome gas tritium indices and glows like no other watch!

What type of watches typically attract your attention?

I love chronographs or big Italian-style watches. I tend to go for something different, although I do respect traditional watches. TAG Heuer is one of my favorite brands because of their automotive/racing heritage. I think they have done a great job of remembering their past and retaining their roots while being very inventive with modern interpretations of many of their classic watches. Being a car person has always attracted me to this brand. Some of the Italian brands I own or wear are Anonimo, Panerai, U-Boat and Giuliano Mazzuoli/Manometro.

Do you wear a watch onstage?

No. They would get trashed, and mechanical watches are not made for such shock and abuse.

How many watches do you bring on the road?

I always bring four to five watches and rotate them daily on my wrist. I know that I usually will acquire something new along the way and try to only bring a couple, but I can't seem to do that. It is almost like leaving your kids at home!

Tommy Thayer Q&A

Kiss Hell

1. What's the latest news on the Hottest Band In The World?

TOMMY THAYER: We're leaving for Europe next week. We've been rehearsing for several weeks now and we're very, very excited about the new 2010 Sonic Boom tour.

2. On SONIC BOOM? How did you generally approach writing your solos?

TT: Some solos I worked out on my own, on others Paul helped me with direction. I usually had an idea where I was going to go with each solo before we recorded them.

3. How would you compare writing with Gene to writing with Paul?

TT: There are no rules to writing songs, particularly where you start from. Paul and Gene have different styles and approach to writing songs. Gene usually has a backlog of song ideas that he pulls from. Paul usually has newer ideas. I think they are both best when they're spontaneous.

4. How did it feel to do the lead vocal on "When Lightning Strikes?" & was this written specifically with your voice in mind?

TT: Yes it was. I wrote the song with some help from Paul. We wanted a straight ahead rocker and I think it came out great.

5. With KISS guitar solos generally being pentatonic based, how do you feel other modes fit/or don't fit within the context of KISS' music?

TT: The KISS style and sound is timeless and was established early on. It's a blues-based hard rock style. It is what it is.

6. In the the current show, on the jam in '100,000 Years', how did it develop into you & Paul trading licks?

TT: I think it was one of those things we didn't plan the first couple times, and then eventually it became a part of the show.

7. "Lick It Up" has some interesting elements live, how did the current arrangement come together, with the segment from 'We Don't Get Fooled Again'?

TT: I think originally I was doing that finger-plucking thing and Paul was singing "I Want You.. I Need You" Later on that evolved into the Who part. I really like that.

8. How did the idea for new costumes come about?

TT: We were flying on our jet to Milwaukee for a one-off gig last year and we were talking about that we needed to get started on new KISS outfits. Paul picked up a pad of paper first and started sketching some ideas. We all tweeked things a bit.

9. Can you tell us a bit about your Hughes & Kettner signature amp?

TT: The HK Tommy Thayer Signature amp has a warm ballsy, in-your-face tone that really works well. I'd recommend it to anyone that wants a serious guitar amp. They look good too!

10. Any set list surprises planned for the European leg of the Sonic Boom tour?

TT: There will be some new songs and other great stuff. Always taking it to another level! We can't wait!

Outrageous Rockers Still Going Strong

Rock and roll, credit cards and pinball machines – Gene Simmons gives Rachael Clegg a glimpse behind the scenes of the Kiss Empire.

"LOOK at this," says Gene Simmons, frontman in rock and roll's most eccentric, outrageous rock band, Kiss.

He takes a card from his black leather wallet and puts it on the table.

Gene's plastic doesn't bear the name of his bank. It's a Kiss credit card, embossed with the famous logo that represents America's fire-breathing, face-paint-wearing rockers.

The credit card is just one fragment of the Kiss Empire, a riff-driven industry powered by Simmons' ever-savvy brain.

There are Kiss dolls, Kiss pinball machines, Kiss masks, Kiss condoms and even Kiss caskets. And, the band have just announced, live recordings on USB sticks of the band's concerts throughout their UK tour.

Simmons is not ashamed of Kiss's shameless marketing bandwagon.

"We were lambasted when we first started doing branding 35 years ago. Bands didn't do that – they just sold T-shirts. But branding wouldn't work as well with other bands – Radiohead action figures don't work."

Simmons' insatiable drive towards monetary success is not unjustified. Born Chaim Witz, in Israel, Gene Simmons moved to New York when he was eight. He grew up in a poor family for whom televisions and refrigerators were the kind of luxuries they could never afford. But it was those emblems of a prosperous post-war America, which would become the mechanisms of Kiss's success.

Simmons still remembers the hardship of his childhood: "You remember the empty feeling in your gut.

"If you live in the Western world instead of somewhere like Iran, you're free – you have every opportunity to do everything you can imagine.

"I learned more from my mother than anyone else. She is a survivor from the German Nazi concentration camps. When she was 14, she saw her whole family killed. Her philosophy of appreciating every day above ground is worth taking note of."

These hard times, Simmons says, have served as his reference point throughout life. "It's like a thermometer, without a zero; the ones in the middle up to 100 don't mean anything. Zero is your starting point."

Despite being firmly ensconced in a world of excess, Simmons has never dabbled in drugs. He is vehemently anti-drink and an ardent non-smoker.

"It's because I am smart. Let's see if everyone knows this – does it have minerals? Does it have vitamins? Do cigarettes give you cancer? Does having a drink make men smarter? Drugs, do they make you walk the tight-rope better – it doesn't work, does it?

"A man who drinks too much because he wants to get laid is going to wind up throwing up on the shoes the woman has just bought.

"He's not going to say anything witty and he's going to wake up with a headache the next day."

Simmons does not idolise his trade, either: "Rock and roll contains no secret – it's a moron's job. If it wasn't for a guitar round their neck, most would be asking, 'Do you want fries with that?' – they're idiots. They're lucky enough to do what they do."

Kiss's latest foray into rock and roll is Sonic Boom, the band's 19th album, and one that remains loyal to Kiss's most prominent lyrical theme – women.

"Rock and roll literally means 'to sleep with'," he explains. "'Let me rock and roll you all night long' is a blues term – which means rocking and rolling in the sack. A lot of our songs are about women."

He likens Kiss's make-up and costume to women wearing make-up and high-heeled shoes.

"When you want attention, when you want power, what do you wear? You put on your high heels, your make-up, you make your hair big,
put on your little black dress and you're ready to go.

"That's what Kiss does, except we wear a lot more make-up and higher heels than you do."

It's not easy wearing seven-inch heels, however. "If you're wearing 14lb boots, it doesn't look much, but lifting your leg is hard work," he says.

"Come here and try this. Raise your knee high above your belly button and then put your weight on it and soon you'll be out of breath," he says, demonstrating one of his Kiss moves.

On stage, Simmons is referred to as "The Demon", with his dark face-paint, pyrotechnic tricks and on-stage tongue wagging. Yet at home, he enjoys a stable, albeit unconventional family life, as shown in the recent reality TV show.

"It's my structure. Everything's mine. I allow you to live in my world. I am the provider and I am the reason you have a home and have food. And I think men have done themselves a disservice. Men have become passive, so women are allowed to say, 'It's our home', but no – it's not 'our' home, not unless you've paid for half of it." The Kiss make-up seems to mark a barrier between Simmons the father, the businessman, "the provider" and Simmons the wild, rock and roll "demon". Life, he admits, is good. In 2005, Simmons estimated that he was worth $250m.

"It's been 35 years (of Kiss] and still counting. I love being Gene Simmons. It's so much fun. I am not the best-looking guy in the world. I'm not the worst-looking guy in the world, but I will walk in and steal your girlfriend."

Never knowingly understated, it seems the the Kiss bandwagon will roll on...and on.

Kiss play Sheffield Arena on May 1, the opening date of the band's UK-wide Sonic Boom tour. A live recording of the two-and-a-half hour concert will be available to buy on a USB stick at the merchandise desk after the show.

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Today In KISStory - 1975

Today In KISStory - April 29, 1975: 'Rock and Roll All Nite' is released as a single.

It was released as the A-side of their fifth single, with the album track "Getaway." The studio version of the song peaked at #57 on the Billboard singles chart, besting the band's previous charting single, "Kissin' Time" (#79).

Paul Stanley On Cover Of Spanish Metal Hammer

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Kiss Army Spain

Paul Stanley graces the cover of the latest Spanish Metal Hammer magazine. The issue features a four page interview with Paul.

Legendary Rockers Talk Kick-Ass Tour

By Arwa Haider

The legendary rockers talk about their latest kick-ass European tour and fulfilling their moral duty in giving the Kiss faithful exactly what they want.

'You wanna bite?' Kiss's legendary bassist Gene Simmons, leathery-faced without his iconic make-up, strides into a London hotel room with a takeaway baguette. When I decline, Simmons doesn't skip a beat: 'OK, how about the sandwich?'

It's like being chatted up by Krusty The Clown. But 37 years after they originally formed in New York, Kiss haven't lost their touch - and they've returned for their Sonic Boom Over Europe arena tour, named after their undeniably kick-ass 19th LP. Simmons veers intriguingly between outrageous flirt, entrepreneur and Rock School lecturer.

'You have a moral duty as a rock star,' he insists. 'All these audiences work at jobs they dislike and spend their pay cheques on something they love: they wanna see Kiss. How f***ing dare any of us ruin that trust? So we introduce ourselves with: "You wanted the best, you got the best." There's a sense of pride.'

In the adjacent suite sits Kiss co-frontman and Sonic Boom producer Paul Stanley (the band's current line-up, including guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer, dates back around a decade); he's more softly spoken than Simmons yet still given to explosive bravado. Both men are sharply intelligent, articulate and responsible for air-punching party anthems such as Detroit Rock City and Rock And Roll All Nite.

'I'm a great believer in not over-thinking lyrics,' says Stanley. 'You might become technically better as a songwriter but you lose what originally made your songs great. Tracks like C'mon And Love Me were written in 20 minutes - would they be better if they took two months?'

Kiss's latest tour set-list covers their musical history. 'We've got amazing video screens and some new tricks,' Stanley enthuses. 'We've got to a point where we can't do bigger - we can only do better and different.' However, he's reluctant to credit Kiss's mega-success to their extravagant visuals. 'At the core of Kiss is a great band,' he insists. 'And if that's lost on some people, then f*** 'em.'

Simmons, meanwhile, still recalls the first time he donned his 'Demon' facepaint: 'It felt powerful and fascinating, like being a shaman. I'm much too big for the term "musician" - I'm an entertainer,' he barks.

'Kiss harks back to the court jesters and travelling gipsies of old; they used sleight of hand, they romanced a few girls. Music was part of the whole culture.'

It must feel like Simmons came of age in Kiss. 'Sure. It's the key that unlocks all the doors. Being in a band is better than being James Bond - he's got a licence to kill, baby, I've got a licence to thrill. You can be an ugly bastard and get any girl and more money than God.' Did he always bank on being an iconic brand? Simmons doesn't immediately reply but opens his wallet to display his Kiss Visa card. 'You wouldn't expect how well we've done it,' he says. 'We've gone where no band has gone before.'

So Kiss are phenomenal and a phenomenon - and they know it. 'Our live shows are so multi-generational they're more like a tribal gathering,' says Stanley.

'It's super when you see little kids alongside people in their seventies, and everybody feels like they belong. People relate to the spirit of the band, which is to live your way and succeed on your own terms. There's no hypocrisy in being successful and still railing against conformity. I'm damn successful but I got here by not taking crap. I still don't take crap, so if anybody needs a champion, let it be me.'

Surely Simmons would have something to say about that? 'When I was a kid, I wanted to be rich and famous, and now I've actually trademarked the phrase...,' he counters before his voice trails off. 'I forgot the question 'cause I love the sound of my voice too much.'

Perhaps Stanley should get the last word after all, then. 'Democracy in a band is insane,' he says. 'I think the way it works with Gene and me is that whoever feels strongest at that moment gets their way. One thing's for sure: as good as your last Kiss show was, next time - this time - will always be better.’

Kiss's Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour starts on Saturday at Sheffield Arena.

2010 KISS European Tour Product Line

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Pictured are all of the merchandise items being sold at concerts on the KISS Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour.

KISSonline will be selling several of these items beginning this weekend.

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Nick & Sophie Talk To ET Canada

The Simmons-Tweed kids, Nick and Sophie, talk to ET Canada about several topics in this interview.

Get Ready For KISS' "Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

KISS is set to kick off their "Sonic Boom Over Europe" tour this Saturday, May 1st at Sheffield Arena, Sheffield, UK.

"Planet KISS" will bring you all the latest news on this leg of the tour including set lists, fan-filmed video clips, photos, reviews, and more.

Get ready KISS Army for KISS' "Sonic Boom Over Europe" tour!

Paul Stanley says, "The "KISS Alive 35 Tour" was just the start."Sonic Boom Over Europe" leaves that show in the dust. New stage, new setlist, new outfits, new album! We're covering the whole musical history of the band on a stage that takes KISS one giant step further in our eight inch heels. We're stoked. You wanted the best? You GOT the best!"

Gene Simmons says, "Now. More than Ever. KISS is a four wheel drive monster truck. Our mission? To rock Planet Earth. To spread the gospel of Sonic Boom".

Tour Dates:

May 1, 2010 - Sheffield Arena

May 2, 2010 - Newcastle Arena

May 4, 2010 - Liverpool Arena

May 5, 2010 - Birmingham LG Arena

May 7, 2010 - O2 Arena Dublin

May 9, 2010 - SE+CC Glasgow

May 10, 2010 - Manchester Arena Manchester

May 12, 2010 - Wembley Arena London

May 13, 2010 - Wembley Arena London

May 16, 2010 - Hallenstadion Zurich

May 17, 2010 - Geneva Arena Geneva

May 18, 2010 - Mediolanum Forum Milan

May 20, 2010 - Stadhalle Vienna

May 21, 2010 - Cez Arena Ostrava

May 23, 2010 - O2 Arena Prague

May 25, 2010 - Leipzig Arena Leipzig

May 26, 2010 - O2 World Berlin

May 28, 2010 - Papp Laszlo Budapest Sport Arena

May 29, 2010 - Bratislava Stadium Bratislava

May 31, 2010 - Colorline Arena Hamburg

June 1, 2010 - Koenig Pilsner Arena Oberhausen

June 3, 2010 - Rock Am Ring Nurburgring

June 5, 2010 - Rock Im Park Zeppelinfeld

June 8, 2010 - Lerkendal Open Site Trondheim

June 10, 2010 - Sauna Rock Tampere

June 12, 2010 - Stockholm Stadium Stockholm

June 13, 2010 - Malmo Stadium Malmo

June 14, 2010 - Valhall Oslo

June 16, 2010 - Gigantium Aalborg

June 18, 2010 - Gelredome Arnhem

June 20, 2010 - Hellfest Clisson

June 22, 2010 - Palacio De Los Deportes Madrid

June 24, 2010 - Barcelona, Spain @ Palau Sant Jordi

June 25, 2010 - Azkena Rock Festival Vitoria

June 27, 2010 - Graspop

July 23, 2010 - Cheyenne, Wyoming Frontier Days

July 24, 2010 - Minot, North Dakota 2010 State Fair

KISS: Gods Of Rock And Roll

By Andrew Perry

As heavy-rock veterans Kiss launch their latest assault on Britain’s arenas, they explain why they’re one of the world’s biggest brands.

On Saturday, heavy rock’s most dazzlingly pyrotechnic roadshow thunders in for its umpteenth sold-out blitz on Britain’s arenas. Love them or loathe them, Kiss are icons of post-war American culture. The band’s no-holds-barred live show is a worldwide institution, featuring fireworks, smoke, ridiculous costumes and make-up, eruptions of fake blood, winches, elevating platforms, sufficient illumination to cause a power cut for miles around, and, of course, two hours’ worth of over-amplified, bone-crunching riffage.

“Everyone loves Kiss,” Gene Simmons, their lascivious, tongue-waggling bass-player, tells me. “Wherever we go, people stop in their tracks when they see us in make-up.”

Their repertoire is perhaps not quite as ubiquitously familiar as that of the Beatles or even Led Zeppelin, but, when Kiss formed in the early Seventies, those were their two inspirations – the one melodic, the other excessive and loud. Though they have had few hits in this country, feel-good songs such as Rock and Roll All Nite, Love Gun and Do You Love Me? have become anthems in their own right.

Where Kiss have really excelled, though, is in generating excitement in stadiums, and, more controversially, in selling their own image. At the turn of the Seventies, it was Kiss, among others, who dispensed with hippiedom’s cooperative logic and ethical hand-wringing and approached concert touring as business: you pay your money, you get a show you’ll never forget.

“The strangest people grew up on Kiss – Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe,” says Simmons. “We snuck into the Grammys one time, and Luther Vandross was like [high-pitched voice], 'Oh my God, it’s Kiss!’”

Simmons, now 60, embodies Kiss’s brazen attitude. At the beginning of our interview, he removes his chewing gum from his mouth, sticks it on the table in front of me and beneficently suggests, “There – eBay it!”

He was born Chaim Witz in Israel, and changed his name to Gene Klein when, aged nine, he moved to Brooklyn with his mother. He embraced the American Dream, and capitalism and applied it to his version of the “British Invasion” music that he obsessed over in the late Sixties. It was a penchant he shared with Paul Stanley, Kiss’s helium-voiced singer/guitarist.

The duo struck on a sound that stripped back the era’s noodly, progressive tendencies for punchy mass consumption, and devised a look (“the visual unity of the Beatles was terrific,” says Stanley), and their attention-grabbing stage show.

Thanks to a “bull-headed, delusional, crusader mentality”, Kiss soon crashed on to the emerging stadium circuit, and became kings of what America called “glitter rock”, which those who still clung to hippie ideals regarded as a sell-out.

“I always hated hippies with a passion,” says Simmons. His biggest beef was with their druggy lifestyle, which he describes as “a failing of moral character”. Simmons and Stanley ruthlessly booted out their lead guitarist, Ace Frehley, and their drummer, Peter Criss, for their dissolute lifestyle.

“My mother, at 14, was in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany,” Simmons reasons, “and saw her whole family incinerated in the ovens. Her philosophy has always been: every day above ground is a good day. Life is a gift, not a birthright. Don’t waste it! When you have that kind of cancer growing in your band, you have to cut it out.”

Stanley adds: “When everyone started talking about sex, drugs and rock and roll, I was saying, 'You keep the drugs, and I’ll take the sex and the rock & roll.’ ”

Kiss’s sexual boasts are almost as preposterous as their costumes. In the Eighties, Simmons claimed to have slept with 3,000 women, among them, verifiably, Cher and Diana Ross. Today, he coolly assures me, his total is nearer 5,000.

At times, Kiss have seemed just as indiscriminate musically, hopping into bed with trends such as disco and so-called “hair metal” in the Eighties, when they unsuccessfully presented themselves without their familiar make-up and regalia.

Yet they made it to the new millennium, largely thanks to their bare-faced furthering of their own brand. Famously, they have sold franchises for production of everything from a Kiss Kabernet Sauvignon, to a coffin – the Kiss Kasket – which doubles as a fridge.

“You don’t know how big the image is,” Simmons marvels. “By some experts, it is believed to be the most recognised pop culture image on Earth – even above Mickey Mouse. You know, there’s no U2 comic book, there’s no Mick Jagger action figure. We have our own Visa card. You can go into WalMart and get M&M’s with our faces on. We have a Dr Pepper campaign now. It’s unbelievable!”

Other lucrative brand extensions include Simmons’s Osbournes-style reality-TV show, Gene Simmons: Family Jewels, which co-stars his partner, Shannon Tweed, a former Playboy Playmate. Simmons was also the central figure in the BBC reality-TV series Rock School.

Perhaps the unlikeliest triumph, though, was last year’s rip-roaring album, Sonic Boom, which, 35 years on from their debut, hit the charts around the world, including the UK.

The night after our interview, the band play a rare club gig at the 800-capacity Islington Academy, and I am invited along for the preparations at the nearby Hilton. As the four current members ritualistically apply their make-up, they are watched by a succession of TV crews and admirers, including the Appleton sisters and the Mighty Boosh. Do they ever feel like not transforming into their superhuman selves?

“Never,” says Simmons. “The most important thing is getting up on stage. It’s electric church, there’s no experience like it. Popes, presidents, prime ministers, even kings – none of them get to feel like I do. Only maybe Olympian gods would.”

Read the full article HERE.

Sonic Boom Poster Collection

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Ariberti

Here is my amazing Kiss Sonic Boom posters, flyers and playbills collection from the forthcoming Kiss European tour 2010. I would like to thank for this the following people: Henrik from Johanneshov, Sweden Mike from Malmoe, Sweden, Clive from London, England, Andy from Acrrington, England, Michelle from Dortmund, Aaron from Oslo, Norway, Javier from KISS ARMY SPAIN, Brian from Manchester, England, Pavel from Prague, Gustavo from Barcelona, Spain, Monika from Copenhagen, Denmark.

If somebody can help me to find both Switzerland concert posters and the one from Budapest, can contact me at

Catching Up With KISS: Paul And Tommy Preview UK Shows

The clock is fast counting down to the return of the mighty KISS to our shores, and we took the opportunity recently to sit down discuss the tour with the guitar-playing half of the greatest band in the world - that is to say, Paul Stanley and Tommy Thayer.You can see... what the guys had to say by scrolling down to the player below.

The tour - featuring support from fast-rising labelmates Taking Dawn - runs as follows:

Sat 1st May – SHEFFIELD Arena

Sun 2nd May – NEWCASTLE Metro Radio Arena

Tue 4th May – LIVERPOOL Arena

Wed 5th May – BIRMINGHAM LG Arena

Fri 7th May – DUBLIN O2 Arena

Sun 9th May – GLASGOW SECC

Mon 10th May – MANCHESTER MEN Arena

Wed 12th May – LONDON Wembley Arena

Thu 13th May – LONDON Wembley Arena

Gene Simmons UK Interview Part 2

With just five days to go before we experience the Sonic Boom Over Europe tour in all of it's pyro-fuelled glory we’ve got the second part of our exclusive chat with genial Gene Simmons.

Still going strong after all these years and boasting thigh muscles men half his age would kill for, The Demon talks Donald Trump, William Shakespeare and Family Jewels - and that's just for starters.

We can't wait to see the man himself on action in Newcastle on Sunday and we'll have a review of that show right here within hours of the final curtain falling.

For now sit back and enjoy a few more words of wisdom from an individual who has truly brightened up these pages during the past fortnight.

rushonrock: Do you ever relax?

GS: If I'm loping about then I'm not as good in Kiss. I'm like an athlete who, when he's not competing, is working out all the time. If you don't work out you lose your edge when it comes to competition and for me it's the activity that gets the heart pumping. I am a 60-year-old with the thigh muscles of a man half my age. Use it or lose it - that's my philosophy. Your lungs, your brain, whatever.

rushonrock: So just how do you keep on top of everything with all your various projects on the boil?

GS: I do what Santa Claus does - I make a list, I check it twice and make sure who's been naughty and who's been nice. It's all very organised. I need to spend time with my family and keep track of my projects and it's all written down in order. I need to remind myself that Kiss is a brand, not a band.

rushonrock: Do you have a full-time secretary?

GS: I use a traditional diary with room for notes. The Blackberry means well but it's failing is that it treats all information exactly the same - when it-s not. 'Blow up the world' is a big thing and 'clip your toenails' should be in small letters because they're not the same value. See what I mean? But that’s not what the Blackberry does.

rushonrock: Is modern technology important to you?

GS: Look, when you get an email with an attachment nobody reads it - they just skim. In my business and in my world where I deal with CEOs of companies - if Donald Trump sends me an email I want to understand what it says. For important stuff you need to consider it and digest it and that means a computer screen. So I sit down three times a day at a computer to digest and understand my emails. Other than that I use my traditional diary with a pen and lists.

rushonrock: And do you still use an old fashioned telephone plugged into the wall?

GS: I do have a mobile phone. Very few people use it but it's called the money phone. You can reach me and if you have money you call. If you don't, and you call up and say 'hi Gene' you'll get the reply 'wrong number'. I don't chat.

rushonrock: It was another trip away from the family - how are they doing right now?

GS: I'm so proud of both of my kids. Nick has performed on and co-written some songs on the new Bruce Kulick album and Sophie's captain of her volleyball team and she's a real chanteuse. I've done demos with her but I'm not pushing anything. They're both going to finish school and that's the first and most important thing. After that they'll do all of the rest of the stuff. Sophie starts college next year but Nick is almost through. His mid-term college report card was A, A, A, A and B-plus. Not sure about that B-plus...

rushonrock: Nick and Sophie are familiar faces to fans of Gene Simmons Family Jewels but how did that show come about?

GS: The opportunity arose to do Gene Simmons' Family Jewels and they allowed me to do it my way - with no interference. Shakespeare was right when he said all those year's ago that the world's a stage and we're all just players. I say play on. I use the show as a means of furthering the Gene Simmons brand. I have Simmons books, Simmons magazines, Simmons records and now Gene Simmons' Family Jewels.

rushonrock: Is the TV show more important than Kiss?

GS: It's separate to Kiss - they're two different things. But just as Clark Kent works at the Daily Planet and is also Superman and Dy Jekyll is also Mr Hyde - I'm Gene Simmons and I'm also in Kiss. You can be two people at the same time as long as you don't cross over.

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Bruce Kulick Update

Former KISS guitar god Bruce Kulick has issued the following update via his website:

All of you know, if you have read any press for BK3, that I mention my producer and friend Jeremy Rubolino as an important part of the success of the CD. His dedication to making my CD stand out in the crowd was invaluable, and much appreciated by me. Elianne Halbersberg, a journalist I have known for years, did a fine job probing Jeremy's mind about his process of producing and how he got the best from me. Please read his interview, as I think it is very insightful.

Jeremy has been part of my team for sessions for many years now. Tobias Sammet, who was the singer and co-writer of "I'm The Animal" on BK3, has his new CD out, on which I did guitar solos for 5 of the tracks (Runaway Train * The Edge * Stargazers * Rat Race (with Eric Singer on drums) * Journey to Arcadia) with Jeremy's help engineering and contributing to the production of the guitar parts. Check out the advert for Tobias' Avantasia from the current Classic Rock Magazine.

We also just completed a song with Tomi from Finnish band LORDI. It's a really strong track written by Tomi, Jeremy and I. Jeremy did the string arrangement and I played the guitar solo on the tune. More news on that release will be coming soon.

All the best,

Bruce Kulick

Gene Simmons Family Jewels: Bodies - The Exhibition


Have you been to the Bodies Exhibition in NYC? Watch the Simmons family make a stop there in this video from the road.

Check out the video HERE.

KISS Ads From Brazil

Check out these great KISS themed ads for KISS FM Radio in Brazil.

I Was Made For Lovin' You" In Milan 2008

Only a few days until KISS rocks England with the kickoff of the Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour! To get you pumped up, here's another great clip of KISS in Milan from 2008!

Happy Birthday Ace Frehley

Save as Draft

Happy Birthday to the original Spaceman...Ace Frehley. We love you , Ace!

Thanks for "Anomaly". Great album.

Have a great Birthday! Ack!

Monday, April 26, 2010

On The Next Gene Simmons Family Jewels


This Sunday is an all new Gene Simmons Family Jewels titled "Gene the Croc Hunter".

Sunday, May 2
Starting at 5/4C

Gene the Croc Hunter
Sunday, May 2, 9:30/8:30C

Check local listings for more details.

KISS Featured On The CW's "One Tree Hill"

KISS Is Everywhere! Monday night's episode of the CW's "One Tree Hill" saw two of the characters, Jamie and Nathan, dressed up as Paul and Gene rocking out to "Rock And Roll All Nite" on GH3.

Check out the video above, and some pictures of the show below.

Win a KISS Crossrunner Scooter + New Guitar Hero & Rock Band Controllers

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Enter HERE.

Eric Singer On Cover Of Drummer Magazine

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

KISS drummer Eric Singer graces the latest cover of the UK's Drummer Magazine.

New Paul Stanley Washburn Collector Guitar

Pictured is the new WASHBURN PAUL STANLEY COLLECTOR PACK. The pack includes a black Paul Stanley signature flying V guitar, guitar strap, picks and a picture of Paul. The pack is currently available in the UK.

For more information click HERE.

KISS Billboard In Czech Republic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Check out this KISS billboard for the band's Prague show.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Note From Paul Stanley

Hey Everyone,

We are stoked, ready and have never sounded better! New songs! Old songs! New old songs! We can't wait to hit the stage for that first show and blow you all away!

See you there,

Paul Stanley

This photo was taken Friday night at KISS' photo shoot in Los Angeles.

KISS Pool Ball Set

Here's a sneak preview of the KISS Pool Ball Set being released by Silver Buffalo in July. The balls pictured were the first submitted by the licensee for approval from KISS and may vary from the set that is actually released.

Ace Frehley To Induct Les Paul Into The NJ Hall Of Fame

Ace Frehley will induct legendary musician and inventor, the late Les Paul, into the New Jersey Hall of Fame at NJPAC in Newark, NJ on Sunday May 2.
The organization's third annual induction ceremony will be a star-studded red carpet event honoring the class of 2010 which includes Les Paul as well as Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Susan Sarandon, President Woodrow Wilson, and more.

Tickets for the ceremony only range from $30.00 to $90.00 and are available through the NJPAC Box Office at or by calling 1-888-GO-NJPAC

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ace Frehley To Appear At MusiCares MAP Fund Benefit

Ace Frehley will appear at the sixth annual MusiCares MAP Fund benefit to celebrate women in recovery and salute former first lady Betty Ford and the Betty Ford Center at Club Nokia in Los Angeles on May 7.

Ace will join Corey Parks (Nashville Pussy), Slash, Matt Sorum, Lemmy, and Allison Robertson (The Donnas) for a special performance.

For more information click HERE.

Ace Frehley To Appear On "Sober House With Dr. Drew"

Ace Frehley will make a guest appearance on the season finale of "Sober House with Dr. Drew" this coming Thursday, April 29 on VH1.

Check local listing s for more details.

For more information on "Sober House with Dr. Drew" click HERE.

Gene Simmons UK Interview


With rock and roll legends KISS due to land in the UK next week we caught up with The Demon - aka Gene Simmons - for a typically entertaining chat.

The veteran bass player and rock solid businessman still looks good in a pair of platform heels and boasts the steely thighs of a 30-year-old.

You can catch him and rest of the guys from Saturday May 1 in Sheffield and the across the UK in Newcastle, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester and London.

For Simmons rocking is his business - and business is good.

Look out for Part Two of our Gene exclusive next week.

rushonrock: Sonic Boom proved to one of the albums of 2009 but it was a long time coming. Do you wish you’d released a new record sooner?

Gene Simmons: I don't think we should have done something sooner. I say everything in its time. If you're a farmer and you bring your stuff to market before it's open - when it's closed - then nobody buys it. It's the first rule of commerce. And what I'm in is actually called the music business. It's not called music. Everybody thinks great I'll just do music' but what about the business?

rushonrock: So why was 2009 the year to take your stuff to the market?

GS: When we thought about releasing Sonic Boom we thought where is our retail partner? There are no real record stores anymore so as a band we have to ask ourselves where can we sell our product? And once we got Wall-mart on board it gave us the chance to pay attention, without worries, to the record.

rushonrock: What worries could you possibly have?

GS: I will be damned if I'm going to allow somebody from Newcastle College to download the new record for free after we've spent six months of our lives working on it. Kiss is not a charity and we don't pretend to be.

rushonrock: So it was a six month, rather than a six year project?

GS: We were in South America playing stadiums last April and on the off days we started strumming a few guitars and coming up with the bits – the backbone or what we call the clothing of the songs. But by June we started rehearsing and in July we recorded it and then we were done.

rushonrock: But with the album comes touring and you're committed to a lot of gigs around Sonic Boom – do you have the time to do it justice?

GS: Releasing and touring a new record properly is a big undertaking and all of what I do takes time. But perhaps I sleep less than other people do and prefer it that way. I like doing lots of stuff at the same time. Most people work 9-5 and then afterwards they might go to the pub. I never do that. I don't drink or smoke and I’ve never taken a vacation in my life. It[s not because I have anything to prove to anyone else but because I really enjoy activity and enjoy working full time.

rushonrock: You're about to play UK arenas but your last gig here was at the tiny Academy in Islington - how was that experience?

GS: When we played London in March it was the smallest venue we'played anywhere in the world for more than 20 years. It was very tough to breathe. The Co2 kicked in as it bellowed out from our huge stage cannons and it caused a few anxious moments.

rushonrock: Your 'canons' caused you to cut short the show didn't they?

GS: We use the cannons at stadium concerts and if you're in the last row of a huge arena you still get pelted with the dry ice and the strips of paper. It's designed to take over a venue and it's the same idea as Avatar – and that's why I love that film – it envelopes you. That's what we want to do with Kiss and a Kiss concert. We want you to taste it, smell it and even orgasm on it. Hear it, see it, use all the five senses. But in Islington the air just disappeared because when the Co2 hits the room it takes over and the oxygen disappears. Your chest cavity tightens and it's difficult to breathe.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Today In KISStory - 1992


Today In KISStory - April 23, 1992 - The 'Revenge' club tour kicks off at the Stone in San Francisco. Check out an audio collage of the gig below.

  • "Creatures of the Night"
  • "Deuce"
  • "I Just Wanna"
  • "Unholy"
  • "Parasite"
  • "Heaven's on Fire"
  • "Christine Sixteen" (occasionally)
  • "Domino"
  • "Watchin' You"
  • "Hotter Than Hell"
  • "Firehouse"
  • "I Want You"
  • "Forever"
  • "War Machine"
  • "Rock and Roll All Nite"
  • "Lick It Up"
  • "Take It Off"
  • "Strutter"
  • "Cold Gin" (occasionally)
  • "Tears Are Falling" (occasionally)
  • "I Love It Loud"
  • "Detroit Rock City"
  • "Shout It Out Loud"
  • "God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You II"
  • "Love Gun"
  • "Star Spangled Banner"

KISS To Appear Live On German T.V.

The website is listing the following live-broadcasts from Rock am Ring. KISS will be broadcast live on Eins Plus on June 3, 2010 from 21:25 - 00:00.

For more information click HERE.

Gene Simmons Update

Gene Simmons Twitter

Gene Simmons posted the following update on his Twitter account:

NOT TRUE: Recent reports of anyone in the band being sick & unable to appear at an event is nonsense. Shame on KISS fan sites & others for reporting this complete bullshit. No one checked their sources. Which is another reason the internet, Twitter, Facebook & other areas are garbage filled rumor mills. Shame. Tonight, band is taking fotos at undisclosed site to promote upcoming Summer tour. Meantime, to Europe for the Stadium shows. Yesterday, met regarding 3 separate TV projects. Rehearsed with band. Then at end of day, met with broadcaster Re: a kid's TV show. Tomorrow, meeting with writer & my co-producing partner Re: our new film project."

Preview Of Tonight's "Gene Simmons Family Jewels"


An all new Gene Simmons Family Jewels tonight - "Don't Mess with the Simmons".

Sunday, April 25th MARATHON - 5:00 PM till 9:30 PM

9:30 PM - New Episode- "Don't Mess with the Simmons"

Nick is forced to spend time with the son of one of Gene's potential clients and is dragged into a wild adventure including a beach party, a beautiful girl and crazy surfers that provoke a high-speed car chase. Meanwhile Shannon and Tracy host a designer "Tazer Party" to promote self-defense.

KISS Is Everywhere!

Here's an advertisement for the German television channel "Kabeleins" that appeared in a German automotive magazine featuring Gene Simmons and Elvis!

KISS Supports The American Heart Association

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Over 900 supporters gathered at the Overland Park Convention Center on February 20th for the 23rd annual Kansas City Heart Ball. The Heart Ball, presented by Saint Luke's Health System, raised half a million dollars for the American Heart Association's lifesaving. KISS partnered ...with the American Heart Association for this lifesaving cause by donating an autographed guitar. The guitar was featured during the Heart Ball's exclusive live auction that evening and after a heated bidding war, the guitar went home to the lucky bidder who donated $2,100 for the item. We greatly appreciate KISS and the guitar donation that went to support the American Heart Association's lifesaving mission and work!

KISS Fan Tattoos

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Check out these great KISS tattoos sent in to KISS fans are dedicated to their band. This is proof.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

More KISS Birthday Cakes

Image and video hosting by TinyPic has posted some more great KISS birthday cakes.

Thanks to Brad Blankenship, Ivana Niblett, Brian Greene, Tyrone Rumbolt and Sebastien Langlois for sharing their KISS Cakes.

Dig in!

Bruce Kulick Visits The 2010 Dallas Guitar Show

Former KISS axeman Bruce Kulick posted some awesome pictures of the 2010 Dallas Guitar Show.

Check em' out HERE.

Final 1980 Australia Clips Released To Promote Auctions


The last two segments of never before seen footage from KISS’ 1980 Australian Tour have been posted online to promote eBay seller EliteWorks.

Here's how EliteWorks describes these classic clips:

Five minutes in length; the two segments feature raw 16mm film footage from KISS’ two-night stadium performance at the Sydney Showground. In addition to the concert, these clips feature some outstanding images of KISS’ audience; which at the time tended to skew younger. The 1980 tour of Australia was a career high for KISS as the band was front-page news in the local and national press for months.

Among the 40-plus items being auctioned this week are: proofing sheets for the 1977 Marvel KISS comic book, A blood stained set list from the first show of 1996 reunion tour, unseen live photographs from the 1983 Creatures Of The Night Tour and KISS’s first professional photo session in 1974, mulch from a stage used “Beth” Rose, and tons of rare KISS vinyl LPs including the red vinyl Rock And Roll Over and several factory sealed albums from the 1970s and 80s.

You can view the auctions HERE.

Simmons - Tweed Family Participate In The 'NO H8' Campaign


The Simmons - Tweed family recently particpated in the NO H8 campaign. Gene updates his website with the following:

We recently did a foto session for the NO H8 campaign.

In short, hate no one...

The "hear no evil, see no evil... SPEAK NO EVIL"... idea is what the tape over the mouth is about.

Words can hurt people.