Thursday, December 30, 2010

Paul Stanley Talks About The New Lotus


KISS' front man Paul Stanley was in attendance at the LA Auto Show in November to help unveil the new Lotus. Check out Paul talking about the new Lotus above at the 2:24 mark of the video.

Paul says: "It's amazing because when you have something that's as legendary and iconic as Lotus, you have to go through a period where perhaps you have to reinvent yourself or rediscover yourself," Stanley said. "And that's what makes something iconic. There cars are breathtaking because they're pieces of art. I think the Elite is spectacular. The Eterne. I think the two of those are breathtaking. But it's like looking at a beauty contest and saying who's the most beautiful. Hard to say. I think Lotus has really come out swinging this's very impressive. Especially at the Paris Auto Show, people were expecting one car and this is beyond what anyone could have expected, and they're all home runs, they're all spectacular."