Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today In KISStory - 1998

Today In KISStory - October 31, 1998: KISS kicks off their "Psycho Circus" tour on Halloween night at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA.

Psycho Circus Tour was a Kiss concert tour in 1998-1999. It was the first concert tour in history to have 3-D visual effects. One notable show on the tour was the March 12 Bremen, Germany show. After the opening song, Paul Stanley announced that the local fire marshall had banned Kiss from using any pyrotechnics during the show. They used a translator on stage to let the crowd understand exactly what Paul was saying. At the end of the show the band let off the shows worth of pyro in one shot. Kiss is now banned from playing Bremen.

   1. "Psycho Circus"
   2. "Shout It Out Loud"
   3. "Do You Love Me"
   4. "Deuce"
   5. "Shock Me"
   6. "Firehouse"
   7. "Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll"
   8. "Calling Dr. Love"
   9. "Into The Void"
  10. "Ace Frehley Guitar Solo"
  11. "King Of The Night Time World"
  12. "Cold Gin"
  13. "Within"
  14. "God Of Thunder"
  15. "Love Gun"
  16. "I Was Made For Lovin' You"
  17. "100,000 Years"
  18. "Detroit Rock City"
  19. "Beth"
  20. "Rock and Roll All Nite"
  21. "Black Diamond"

"Makin' Love" was dropped after a few performances. This was the only show performed with the accompanied "Psycho Circus" clowns and entourage. The Smashing Pumpkins dressed up as the Beatles.