Friday, October 29, 2010

Roundtable Expands Line Of KISS HDTVs


Roundtable Concepts Expands Line of KISS HDTV's and Announces KISS Chopper Motorcycle Giveaway

Roundtable Concepts announced today that they are expanding their line of KISS branded LED HDTV's to include two new designs. In conjunction with this announcement Roundtable Concepts has launched a KISS themed Chopper Motorcycle giveaway at Bike Week 2011 in Daytona Beach, Florida.

With design direction from KISS, the two newly designed KISS LED HDTV's will be available in 32, 42 and 46-inch sizes. One has a traditional chassis and a KISS logo that appears on the TV screen at start up. The other will include the KISS logo at the bottom of the chassis and will feature a close-up image of the members of KISS at start up. You can check out these new designs at The KISS HDTV program was brokered by Live Nation.

In conjunction with this new line of KISS LED HDTV's, Roundtable Concepts has also launched a KISS themed Chopper Motorcycle giveaway, which will conclude at Bike Week 2011 in Daytona Beach, Florida. The KISS KUSTOM CHOPPER will be signed by all current members of the band. Entries will be accepted either through or through postal mail. To commemorate this contest, Roundtable Concepts is launching a Special Edition line of 1/18th scale die cast collectible replicas of the KISS KUSTOM CHOPPER available exclusively through

"KISS is on the cutting edge of technology with these two new modern and elegant KISS LED HDTV designs. The KISS KUSTOM CHOPPER giveaway is the ultimate prize for the KISS fans. Another industry first - KISS does it again!" Says Janet Dwoskin, Executive Director of Licensing for Live Nation Merchandise.

"RTC is excited to continue and grow this relationship with KISS. These new lines of HDTV's will appeal to a broader base of fans and we are excited to be launching this giveaway as we continue to grow and diversify our KISS product offerings. KISS has one of the most die-hard fan bases in the world and we enjoy bringing them first-of-a-kind products" says Frank Weir of Roundtable Concepts."