Tuesday, October 26, 2010

KISS Custom Chopper Giveaway


KISS HDTV is building a KISS Custom Chopper to be given away at Bike Week in Daytona 2011. The KISS Custom Chopper Silver Edition will be signed by KISS. Entries will be taken daily until drawing during Bike Week 2011.

You may enter once a day until then. You are also entered with each purchase of a KISS HDTV or a die cast. There is no purchase needed to enter.

Enter HERE.


Anonymous said...

has this company and contest gone under? went to enter for a shot at the bike today 1-15-2011 and it says site does not exist

Anonymous said...

did someone actually win this bike?
i seen nothing listed

Anonymous said...

yes, my friend "wendy" of beaver dam wi. won it. she is waiting on the signing party to receive the bike. should be next month. july 18thish....

Anonymous said...

ha write!!!!! didnt happen!!

Heart Dixon said...

The bike was won by a lady named Wendy and was delivered to her. It was signed by each member of the band. She placed the bike on display at her local Harley Davidson dealership.

The bike was built by Central FLorida Choppers

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