Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Drummer Allan Schwartzberg Talks About His Work With KISS - Part 2

Here is Part II of's exclusive chat with Allan Schwartzberg. I’ve heard that you played drums on KISS’ Animalize and Asylum albums? Any truth to that or did you simply provide overdubs?

Schwartzberg: "Asylum, I did and on Animalize I did overdubs.” How did KISS get in touch with you for those projects?

Schwartzberg: "I had already worked with Gene and I go back with the guys to the time when they were called WICKED LESTER.” So, you go back to the late ‘60s/early ‘70s with them.

Schwartzberg: "Yeah, I was working at Hendrix’ studio (Electric Lady Land) and they were in the other studio working with Eddie Kramer. They were walking around in their boots and I was playing on a B.J. THOMAS record.” Did they show up to record in full make-up and outfits?

Schwartzberg: "Well, I do remember them showing up in boots. Might not have been the big blocky boots, but they were decked out.” Getting back to Animalize – this was 1984 and KISS were almost going for a heavy metal sound. They cranked up the amps and the drumming was a lot faster. How was it working on those overdubs? Do you know why Eric Carr wasn’t handling the overdubs?

Schwartzberg: "I don’t know the answer to that. I remember playing a lot of drums fills – fills that either weren’t there or they didn’t like and needed replacing.” When you listen back to an album like that can you pick out your parts?

Schwartzberg: "I actually can. It’s a weird thing. It’s kind of like penguins amongst a million other penguins; they can still find their babies. I do hear myself in there.” You ears perk up when you hear yourself…

Schwartzberg: "Yeah, exactly.” A lot of people don’t know that you played on KISS’ Asylum album, but you did. Simply overdubs or full tracks?

Schwartzberg: "To be honest, I don’t remember. I really wish I could tell you. Gene would remember though.” Are there any other KISS albums that you remember playing on?

Schwartzberg: "No, I think that’s it.” That’s five albums. That’s pretty impressive.

Schwartzberg: "It was fun. Gene’s a good guy.”