Wednesday, September 29, 2010

KISS Rocks Epicenter

THE LIVE OV / Written by Melissa Garcia

As for KISS, they put any other rock band to shame with their ridiculously entertaining set. The set was packed tight with their hits "Detroit Rock City," and of course "Rock n' Roll All Night," and the more melodic "Crazy Nights," to take the hard rock down to a more bubblegum rock sound. Pyrotechnics and confetti had the audience's eyes glued to the stage. While the flaming sword and fire balls and had them running for their lives.

With Stanley strumming high in the air while hooked on to a cable KISS played "I Was Made for Loving You." I would personally like to thank the camera man who put Gene Simmons tongue on the jumbo tron for all our viewing pleasure. I've seen these guys live almost 7 years ago, and they are just as vigil and energetic as they were then, they are true rock stars to the core and their age will not age any aspect of their performance, not one bit.

Cheers to you KISS and keep rocking out, because fans young and old still seek your spontaneous performances, it's a nice break from the norm. And as Stanley put it, "The music you hear is made by the four people up here, there are no phony tapes. This is rock n' roll, and we are a rock n' roll band!" Well done KISS and well said Stanley.