Wednesday, September 29, 2010

KISS In Monterrey: Still "Fire"

By Juan Alvarado González/ Translated by KISSopolis

The members of Kiss can afford to prove they are still "fire" on stage and able to infuriate their followers to leave them in shock.

After almost four decades has been formed, the members of Kiss can afford to prove they are still "fire" on stage and able to infuriate their fans to leave them in shock.

Last night the legendary American band returned to the royal lands, and this time took the stage at a Banamex Auditorium 8 500 fans, who did not resist their charms to offer a hot show with fireworks, flaming torches, hydraulic cranes and harnesses that rose at times to the four musicians.

The most significant repertoire that is left to posterity among his faithful accomplice, an audience that packed the place and this time the area of beyond the seats were removed making way for the whole entourage jumped and shouted at the rate of powerful hard rock. After the pink noise bands and The Envy were in charge of opening the show, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer appeared on stage at 21:43 hours.

KISS' appearance was spectacular when their silhouettes glimpsed in the middle behind the stage, just where the battery was located, but suddenly the three musicians in a hydraulic ramp up and went over the battery and were taken to the front of the stage, time when all was uproar among the attendees.

With its "Hottest Show on Earth Tour" Kiss began their repertoire with the theme "Modern Day Delilah", getting immediately dump the minds of fans, many with their faces painted as Stanley or Simmons.

"How are you Monterrey? Tonight is the night, gladly. I do not speak Spanish very well, but I understand your feelings.

"Viva Mexico," said Paul receiving the cheers of all gathered there.

The dish was already served and should enjoy it and if it was when then heard "Cold Gin" and "Let me go rock and roll", where Gene began his ritual to remove the language.

At that time Paul also dropped a Mexican flag, which he took, put it on his shoulders and then waved.

Stanley was responsible for at all times have verbal contact with the Monterrey, sometimes asking them to continue screaming or just to talk a bit about the next song they played.

"Firehouse", "Say yeah", "Deuce", "Crazy, crazy night," "Calling Dr. Love" and "Shock Me", were the following rolas, where the guitarist himself contortions to perform their art on the ropes of his instrument.

But the surprises did not cease to appear when Eric Singer had a drum solo and the set where he began to rise sprouting from the base a lot of smoke, and that was not all because Paul also rose quickly through a hydraulic ramp, closing the Singer time to take a kind of canon and giving a loud bang.

"I'm an animal," "100 000 years" were also present before Gene walked to center stage as if it were a scary monster opened his mouth and spewing blood, and then through flight harnesses to upper stage from where he sang "I love it loud."

Meanwhile, his followers left to follow the lyrics of their songs, they scream so loudly and thank you for the visit, especially when they continued with "Love Gun", "Black Diamond" and "Detroit Rock City", with which said goodbye to 23:15 pm.

But obviously the royal had not yet been made happy because they returned and they continued with "Beth", "Lick it up", "Shout it out loud," I was made for lovin 'you "," God Gave Rock' n roll "and" Rock and roll all nite ", subjects who expected and those left by others served.