Monday, June 28, 2010

Today In KISStory - 1996

The Alive/Worldwide Tour kicks-off at Tiger Stadium, Detroit, MI.

The Alive/Worldwide Tour was a 1996-1997 concert tour by Kiss. It was the first tour with original members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley since their 1979 Dynasty Tour. The tour grossed $143.7 million, making it the most successful Kiss tour to date.

Notable shows included the June 15 warm-up gig in Irvine, California during which a stray firework ignited part of the stage; the August 8 show in Cincinnati, Ohio, where a fan threw his prosthetic leg on stage, which all the members signed and handed back to him; the January 22 show in Osaka, Japan where Gene Simmons lost his voice and Paul Stanley had to sing most of his songs (to which he knew all the words to); and the April 5 show in Columbus, Georgia where due to health reasons, Peter Criss could not perform and because the group decided to not cancel the show since the doors were already open, Criss's drum tech Eddie Kanon took the stage in the Criss cat makeup.

The setlists for this tour drew almost exclusively from the band's 1970s heyday and did not include any songs from their non-makeup era. Only one song from the band's 1980s catalogue ("Shandi" from Unmasked) was played. The band did this because they believed that since they were touring with their original lineup, they should be faithful to the era with the material performed.


1. "Deuce"
2. "King of the Night Time World"
3. "Do You Love Me?"
4. "Calling Dr. Love"
5. "Cold Gin"
6. "Christine Sixteen"
7. "Love Gun"
8. "Shout It Out Loud"
9. "Watchin' You"
10. "Firehouse"
11. "Shock Me"
12. "Strutter"
13. "Rock Bottom"
14. "God of Thunder"
15. "New York Groove"
16. "Let Me Go, Rock And Roll"
17. "Rock And Roll All Nite"
18. "Beth"
19. "Detroit Rock City"
20. "Black Diamond"

Other songs played included: 100,000 Years, Take Me, I Was Made For Loving You, I Stole Your Love, Shandi, 2,000 Man, and C'mon And Love Me.