Sunday, June 27, 2010

New KISS 70's Largo Pro Shot Footage Surfaces

After 31-years an excerpt from the long lost July 7, 1979 KISS performance at the Capitol Centre in Landover, Maryland has been released to promote the vintage KISS memorabilia auctions of eBay seller EliteWorks. This is from the first of two sold-out nights in Landover and only the fifth show of the Dynasty Tour. This is the earliest known KISS live footage from the Dynasty Tour. Former KISS Super Roadie Bill McMannus is heard revealing all of KISS's production secrets on the audio commentary.

Please note: All previously circulated footage from KISS Largo 79 comes from the July 8 concert (including the mislabeled bonus disc on KISSOLOGY II). This is the very first time any footage from the July 7 performance has been seen in any capacity.

View the auctions HERE.