Monday, May 31, 2010

KISS in Bratislava

Julian Bieliková/Translated by

Perfect show full of fireworks! American band Kiss concert in Bratislava on Saturday brought thousands of fans to the boil. Gene Simmons pľul engorged blood and fire, and Paul Stanley flew over the audience. These impressive performance masked legends follow the style of their idols.

Four famous rockers arrived at his first concert in our capital city Kiss private plane on Saturday afternoon. At the airport, they waited a few fans. This star, with a smile on signed CDs and T-shirts. Before the stadium on pasture but they have two and a half hours before the concert waiting for huge crowds. Many fans had their faces painted black and white masks as rockers. "We painted Gabika friend, it took two hours, but it's cool. People photographed us in the car on the highway, "Patrick smiled from the Hlohovec.

Heavy pros

When Kiss came on stage, the crowd literally raging. Large hitovky as God Gave Rock'n'Roll To You Crazy Crazy Nights whether the new songs from the album Sonic Boom kissákmi sang with all full. On the stage while the show played out crazy. Bonfires were not missing even fireworks. Gene Simmons in the crowd yell spits out blood. "You are amazing, I am glad that I am with you," cried again singer Paul Stanley. Najefektnejšie pieces, however, came at the end.

Flying Stanley

Almost two hours of action packed, people were waiting for the best-known hitu I was made for lovin 'you. Paul Stanley even hung on the rope and flew over thousands of spectators and the tower illuminating sing your favorite song. Masked rockers then completed a perfect big fireworks show. "It was excellent, stood under a" fascination krútili from head fans when leaving pastures. The band then spent the night at the Hotel Carlton. Another concert is already playing in Hamburg, Germany.

Been running for 37 years!

The band was formed in 1973, were founding members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. Their beginnings were quite difficult and not very successful. Changes have been made up in 1975 after the album Alive! Even then, however, was Kiss known for their great live performances. In particular, an unusually famous painted faces, which distinguish them from other rock bands. Their hit I was made for lovin 'you become one of the most prespievaných songs in the world.

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