Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bruce Kulick Update


Former KISS guitar god Bruce Kulick has issued the following update via his website:

All of you know, if you have read any press for BK3, that I mention my producer and friend Jeremy Rubolino as an important part of the success of the CD. His dedication to making my CD stand out in the crowd was invaluable, and much appreciated by me. Elianne Halbersberg, a journalist I have known for years, did a fine job probing Jeremy's mind about his process of producing and how he got the best from me. Please read his interview, as I think it is very insightful.

Jeremy has been part of my team for sessions for many years now. Tobias Sammet, who was the singer and co-writer of "I'm The Animal" on BK3, has his new CD out, on which I did guitar solos for 5 of the tracks (Runaway Train * The Edge * Stargazers * Rat Race (with Eric Singer on drums) * Journey to Arcadia) with Jeremy's help engineering and contributing to the production of the guitar parts. Check out the advert for Tobias' Avantasia from the current Classic Rock Magazine.

We also just completed a song with Tomi from Finnish band LORDI. It's a really strong track written by Tomi, Jeremy and I. Jeremy did the string arrangement and I played the guitar solo on the tune. More news on that release will be coming soon.

All the best,

Bruce Kulick