Thursday, March 25, 2010


By Jay Margo


Ferguson Valley artist Joyce Hatchett has given her latest creation a real rock n roll flavor.

As one of the 80 artists commissioned to be part of the Cow parade in Margaret River, Mrs. Hatchett unleashed her inner rock star to create an eye catching KISS cow, complete with make-op and body armor, that bass player Gene $immons would be proud of.

Titled 'Moose Mania-KISS Cow', Mrs. Hatchett said she had an absolute ball designing and creating the heavy metal bovine with some help from her husband to put on the finishing touches.

"My husband was enlisted to do the labor of love stuff like cutting the metal (donated by Grenville Hall of Allfab Engineering) and bolting all the bits onto the cow," Mrs. Hatchett said.

"He (Douglas) used to say one artist in the family was enough however, he appears to have changed his mind of late."

Mrs. Hatchett said it was great working with nuts, bolts, metal and many other bits and pieces which sparked an inspiring new type of art for her to work on.

"I am grateful to Radio West for commissioning me to complete this rather unusual piece of art," she said.

"The huge bonus is that this bovine amongst others will be auctioned off for charity which I think is just fabulous."

Joyce Hatchett's KISS cow will be on display at the Art GEO complex in Busselton's main street for the duration of the Cow Parade Festival.

More than 300,000 visitors are expected to see the cows during the three-month duration event