Thursday, March 25, 2010

1977 Marvel Comic Proof Sheets On Ebay


These are the ORIGINAL 1977 proof sheets for the first KISS MARVEL Comic Book. These two vintage pieces of 11” x 17” paperwork contain the original first draft version of Steve Gerber’s historic “Blood On The Plates” article (which appeared in the comic book) with handwritten corrections by Howard Marks Advertising Copy Editor and KISS: The Real Story Author Peggy Tomarkin.

You can see firsthand, where in the 1970s, no detail was too small for the KISS organization, including the running order of the KISS band members names; which was corrected from “Gene, Ace, Paul and Pete” to “Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace.” This AMAZING one-of-a-kind collectable is the only copy in the world and shows that even in 1977 Gene and Paul were favored, by the powers that be, as the lead members of KISS. This first draft is quite different from what appeared in the final version of the comic book.

You can view the auction HERE.