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ACE FREHLEY - Back in The Anomaly Groove

ACE FREHLEY - Back in The Anomaly Groove
By Mitch Lafon

It’s been twenty years, four Presidents, and many receding hairlines since ACE FREHELY last released an album. Of course, the Spaceman hasn’t been missing in action. He returned to KISS for the highly successful Reunion tour, the ill-conceived 3-D Psycho Circus tour and the never-ending Farewell tour, but most importantly Ace faced his alcohol demons face on and won.

September 15th marks the return of Ace as a recording artist with the release of Anomaly (his fifth and best solo studio album or certainly on par with his classic 1978 album), but more importantly the day celebrates Ace’s third anniversary of walking away from the bottle and re-claiming his life and health.

The Spaceman took Bravewords on a mattress shopping excursion for our sometime distracted, but pleasant discussion of all things Ace.

Mitch Lafon: You’ve made a great hard rock album with no outside vocalists. Was it important to make this a true Ace Frehley album?

Ace Frehley: “I think that’s what the fans wanted, so that’s what I went for. My touring drummer Scott Cogan did a wonderful job of background vocals on ‘Sister’ and ‘Pain In The Neck’ and there’s a couple of gals singing on ‘Genghis Khan’, but pretty much I did all the vocals and backgrounds. ”

ML: Was it challenging to sing all the vocals? I know, at times, with KISS you were hesitant to cut a vocal and on your previous solo albums you had outside singers. Do you have more confidence in your voice now?

AF: “Oh, yeah. It wasn’t scary at all and it was fun being in charge and producing. If I had hired a producer the album might have been finished a whole lot sooner, but it was great to have the creative control and be able to try different things with my voice and harmonize with myself. It’s always a pleasure (laughs).”

ML: Are you happy with the results?

AF: “Very much so.”

ML: Was there a deliberate attempt to recapture that ‘1978’ sound or is this simply ‘Ace music’ as it comes out of you?

AF: “I was aiming more for an analog sound rather than a digital sound, and I was trying to get as close to that first album as possible simply because everybody cites that as their favorite Ace Frehley record.”

ML: It’s been twenty years since the last release. What took so long?

AF: “I was ready to go in a record and album right before I was offered the (KISS) reunion tour. It took a while to get back on the horse after working with KISS again until 2001. I needed to get back on my feet and get focused. That took a couple of years. I started writing tracks in 2004 like ‘Genghis Khan’ and ‘Pain In The Neck’. It just all came together this past year.”

ML: Do you think we’ll see more Ace albums coming out in shorter time spans in the future? Could there be another one next year or the year after?

AF: “I think they’re not going to be more than a year or two apart at this point.”

ML: Personally, how are you feeling since you’ve gotten yourself healthy?

AF: “I’m feeling great and the actual release date of the CD (Anomaly) is September 15th and that’s going to be my three year anniversary (of being sober).”

ML: Congratulations! That’s a great achievement.

AF: “For me, yeah. For a guy who could never turn down a drink today is great. You wake up without a hangover, are focused, get a lot accomplished and move forward.”

Ace Frehley Signs Deal With "Season Of Mist"

Ace Frehley Signs Deal With Season Of Mist

Season Of Mist Records reports:

"The whole Season of Mist staff is immensely proud to announce that we inked a deal with legendary guitarist ACE FREHLEY, of KISS fame!

For the first time in nearly 20 years, Ace has emerged to add a new exclamation point to his celebrated solo career. Scheduled for liftoff on September 15th, the original KISS guitarist's fifth solo album, Anomaly, will be released on his own Bronx Born Records, with Rocket Science (USA) and Season of Mist (Europe) providing full label service platforms.

To commemorate the event, Gibson has created their second Ace Frehley signature Les Paul guitar - the first (in 1997) was one of the best-selling signature models of all time.

One of the most beloved personalities in rock 'n' roll, Ace is the man behind not only KISS' iconic logo, but the all-time stadium classic 'New York Groove'. The record includes several nods to his distinguished career throughout, from the pickup acrobatics of 'Fractured Quantum', through a supercharged cover of SWEET's 1975 classic 'Fox On The Run' to the unmistakable signature solo on 'Outer Space' and wah-wah scourge of 'Genghis Khan' (featuring backup vocals from MEAT LOAF's daughter PEARL ADAY).

It should go without saying, but "this album has some heavy, heavy songs," Ace promises."

Season of Mist is an independent record label and record distributor with subsidiaries in France and the United States. The record label was founded in 1996 by Michael S. Berberian in Marseille, France. From the start releasing Black Metal, Pagan Metal and Death Metal records, the label moved on to releasing albums of Avant-garde Metal, Gothic Metal and Punk bands as well. Season of Mist is widely respected as one of the top labels in the extreme metal scene. The label has two offices, one in Marseille, France and one in Philadelphia, USA.

KISS Destroyed Sarnia

KISS Destroyed Sarnia
Source: Fazer Music
by Karen Fader McBride

For 11 years now, Sarnia Ontario has played host to an ever-growing music festival known as Rogers Bayfest. Split over two weekends, they celebrated last year as their 10th anniversary by shaking up the city with hit acts like Bon Jovi and Motley Crue. With two legendary bands headlining last year, the biggest question for the current 11th year ended up being how on earth the Bayfest organizers would top such a show. The answer to that question... KISS!

Being able to cover this year's event was something special to me as I grew up in Sarnia. Bayfest began long after I moved away, yet none of my return trips ever coincided with the festival. Finally my timing was spot-on and I managed to take in the most incredible show of my life to date.

This was definitely one for the history books as far as the small city of Sarnia is concerned. Fans of KISS, known as the KISS Army, invaded the town early in the day, even though gates would not open until 6pm. As I made my way to the show grounds I spied more and more fans dressed up as KISS members and some of them were very creative costume wise. It is amazing what one can do with old hockey gear and a few boxes of tinfoil. Once inside the backstage area, I immediately spotted actual members of the band KISS as they walked around socializing with crew and media folk. Tommy Thayer and Paul Stanley were nearby signing some KISS memorabilia for fans as Gene Simmons chatted with some locals.

It was a good half hour before a large black curtain emblazed with the name KISS dropped from the top of the stage to hide the last of preparations. The crowd was indeed anxious but finally the curtain fell and standing before the crowd were the three guitarists of KISS; Gene, Tommy and Paul riding what looked to be a spaceship down from the top of the stage, jets of smoke billowed from beneath the machine as it finally landed center stage. The three of them hopped off and ripped into the first track of the evening, Deuce. Fans were screaming and camera flashes were so constant it was as if there was a steady strobe-light coming from the massive crowd. Paul Stanley addressed the audience; "How you doing people, did you come tonight to get some rock and roll? Well you came to the right place!" The response was expectedly deafening as the band tore into their song, Strutter. Concussion and pyrotechnic effects were fired off throughout the 2 hour long set, confetti cannons fired during Rock and Roll All Nite with such force and consistency that it seemed to snow throughout the park during the bands show. Fireworks were set off atop the stage, reaching far into the sky, lighting up not only Bayfest but many city blocks as well.

Guitarist Tommy put on some amazing solos, of which one had his guitar firing off pyrotechnic like a screaming dragon. At one point Gene rose above the stage to the top of the light; not long afterwards Paul rode a zip-line out to the soundboard stage, flying over and above the crowd. He played there for most of Love Gun, giving those fans further back in the crowd a show all their own before making his way back to the stage. On drums Eric Singer ran through a barrage of solos for the huge crowd; as only The Cat can. Gene took a moment to show everyone he can breathe fire as well, holding up a torch and spewing a steady stream of flame metres into the air. Paul, aka Starchild, addressed the crowd at one point telling everyone that "Big cities could learn a lesson from Sarnia". A good point considering the population of Sarnia is under 100 000.

The show never wound down, it was hyped and crazy until the last song, Detroit Rock City, and then the crowd roared for a good ten minutes; so caught up in the energy of the show they were still singing KISS songs. Slowly the masses filed out of the park, although it would take a good hour or more to get out of the parking area alone.

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Paul Stanley Smashing His Guitar in Paso Robles

Paul Stanley Smashing His Guitar in Paso Robles

Here's a video clip of Paul Stanley smashing his guitar at the mid-state fair in Paso Robles, CA on 07/28/2009.

This show marked the end of the 'Alive 35' tour.

New Ace Frehley Song

New Ace Frehley Song

A new Ace Frehley song titled "Outer Space" from his forthcoming solo album "Anomaly" is available for streaming HERE.

"Anomaly" track listing:

01. Foxy & Free
02. Outer Space
03. Pain In The Neck
04. Fox On The Run
05. Genghis Khan
06. Too Many Faces
07. Change The World
08. Space Bear
09. A Little Below The Angels
10. Sister
11. It's A Great Life
12. Fractured Quantum
13. The Return of Space Bear (Dedicated to Tom Snyder- itunes)

Ace's "Anomaly" hits stores September 15th.

KISS Rocked Paso Robles

KISS Rocked Paso Robles

KISS rocked Paso Robles, California Tuesday night, blowing the place up just as Paul had promised. Kids and parents alike were in KISS make-up, and the enthusiastic crowd seemed to love the show from start to finish. Starting with Deuce, and working their way through the Alive 35 setlist, the band switched gears to finish with some other classics, including Love Gun and Detroit Rock City. Paul spoke about the new album and tour coming this fall! KISS ended the concert with a full fireworks spectacular. After the show, the merchandise booths were packed with fans, some of whom traveled from around the world for this one-off California show!

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Guitar Player Magazine Reviews Five New KISS Songs

Guitar Player Magazine Reviews Five New KISS Songs

As part of media day for KISS' forthcoming album, the press got a chance to hear 5 new songs the other day. Here is Guitar Player Magazine's review on the sneak peek:

Guitar Player Magazine EditorBoy: KISS review. Heard 5 songs. If you dig KISS, you're gonna dig this new album. Paul sings his ass off. Eric plays some amazingly powerful drums. Gene was finally made to play all of his bass parts (apparently, in the past, if someone had a cool bass idea, he let them play it), and he DOES have a pretty driving sound. Finally, Paul and Tommy's guitars sound HUGE -- with some fab riffs and '70s-style solos.

KISS Winds Up Alive 35 Tour In California

KISS Winds Up Alive 35 Tour In California

On a warm and windy summer evening in Paso Robles, Calif., KISS played their last date of the Alive/35 tour. The concert took place at the Chumash Arena at the California Mid State Fair, a fair taking place over 10 days and featuring acts such as Heart, Journey, Kelly Clarkson, Judas Priest, and Tim McGraw, among others.

There were no surprises with regard to the set list. Regarding the new album, Paul exclaimed, "The new kick ass KISS album is coming out October 6."

Set list
Got To Choose
Hotter Than Hell
Nothing To Lose
C' Mon And Love Me
She/Tommy Solo
Watching You
100,000 Years/Eric Drum Solo
Cold Gin
Let Me Go, Rock And Roll
Black Diamond (with bits of Stairway To Heaven)
Rock And Roll All Nite
Shout It Out Loud
Lick It Up
Gene Solo/I Love It Loud
I Was Made For Lovin' You
Love Gun
Detroit Rock City

Cincinnati KISS FAN Expo

Cincinnati KISS Fan Expo

The 2009 Cincinnati KISS FAN Expo will be held Sunday, September 13h from 11:00PM to 8:00PM Holiday Inn Eastgate 4501 Eastgate Blvd. Cincinnati Oh. 45245.

Special guest is Bruce Kulick! Bruce will do a Q/A and be available for photos and autographs throughout the day.

Children 12 and under get in free! KISS merchandise and collectibles will be on sale throughout the day. There will be giveaways and contests too.

KISSONLINE will be attending the Expo.

CLICK here for more info.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009



The 1st ANNUAL LOS ANGELES KISS EXPO will be held Sunday October 18, 2009, 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the LOS ANGELES AIRPORT MARRIOTT HOTEL 5855 W. Century Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90045.

Bruce Kulick
Wendy Moore

Performances by:
Venus Envy

For more information, check out their website.

Gene Simmons Update

Gene Simmons Update
Source: Gene

Gene Simmons has issued the following statement on his website:

This week's been hectic. I say that often enough, but it's been hectic nonetheless.

KISS finished this leg of the CANADIAN shows on July 21st. These have been the biggest shows we've ever played in Canada. Quebec City was 90,000 fans, for example. KISS is bigger than it's ever been!!!

Check out KISSONLINE.COM for more.

The band went home. I stayed in Toronto on July 22nd to go see some new bands for my SIMMONS RECORDS label, with Universal Music Canada and Belinda Stronach. We have yet to announce our first signing, though we are developing material with a few bands we like, and are planning to sign...soon. We like Hey Ocean.... we like THE ENVY... we love CYZON, but she's difficult. On the other hand, she's got the goods, the talent, and the charisma.

CYZON came with me to see some of the new bands we are interested in, including THE ENVY. Go to SIMMONSRECORDS.COM for fotos and more story.

The night's doings finished at about 2 AM, and I went back to hotel to catch a few... and got up at 6 am to catch a flight from Toronto to Denver. Then changed jets, and flew directly to San Diego and COMICON.

NICK, my good lookin', talented offspring, was debuting his self written/drawn graphic novel = INCARNATE for Radical Publishing. Our GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS crew was there to catch the madness. Three days at Comicon, surrounded by a quarter of a million (!!!) comic book fans.... columinating at the Radical Hard Rock Party to promote Nick's INCARNATE book.

FLASH!!!! The first printing of the debut graphic novel (1 of 3) is completely sold out!!! In advance!!!

Nick is already done with issue two, but issue 1 is yet to hit the stands (Aug).

The Radical Hard Rock Party featured Nick and some of his "Friends" (myself, Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer and Teddy Zig Zag on keys) playing 4 toons together. Two of 'em were written by Nick. We also did a blues cover and Hound Dog by Leiber and Stoller (Elvis).

Then Tommy, Eric and myself played a few toons as a trio. Carrot Top got up and told some jokes to the drunken, rowdy crowd. And then Nick and the band got up and jammed on a blues song made up on the spot.

The next day, I had some more shooting for our tv show, and finally made it back to LA about 1 am.

Got up this morning, went to the studio for a KISS Media Day of playing the toons to various print and tv media... Webmistress Kristy showed up to pick up some material I had to FedEx to people, who will be promoting my next project -- a Speaking Engagement Tour....probably happening in the Spring.

Then tonight, right afterwards (7 pm) went to shoot a movie for DAN (Wyatt Earp) GORDON... Dan couldn't have been nicer, and he helped me get through it, without passing out.

I just got back from the shoot. It's the middle of the night... sun's coming up shortly, and my eyes are shutting down.

Oh yeah, tomorrow KISS plays Paso Robles...

No rest for the wicked.

Meantime, Soph and Miss Tweed are running around in Canada, and enjoying some hard earned vacation time. Soph is working at an animal shelter, and Shannon Tweed is buying Canada.

Soph has been offered a movie and TV roles these last few weeks. She has said no.

And me? I just work here.

KISS Coffeehouse Radio Ad

KISS Coffeehouse Radio Ad

Here's the Radio advertisement for the KISS Coffeehouse's 3rd Anniversary party with Eric Singer on August 1st, 2009!



KISS will perform Tuesday night at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles.

KISS, one of the most influential rock bands of all time, will be performing in the Main Grandstand Arena at 7:30 p.m.

You can buy tickets at the California Mid-State Fair box office, online at, any Vallitix outlet, or charge by phone at 1-800-909-FAIR. In addition, a special phone number has been added to better serve ticket buyers: 866-872-2007.

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Eric Singer comments on Comic-Con

Eric Singer comments on Comic-Con

Eric Singer has issued the following:

"I was yesterday in San Diego with Nicholas Simmons. This was for Comic-Con 2009 and It was a really crazy event with over 250,000 people attending the weekend events. Nick has his own Comic Book out now and this was his debut event to launch the series, Incarnate.

Radical Comics threw a great party saturday night at the Hard Rock Hotel and Nick decided to bring along a few "friends" to jam with him. Those "friends" being Tommy Thayer, Gene Simmons, Teddy "Zig Zag" Andreadis and myself.

We had a blast jamming on some blues tunes and Nick Simmons originals as well as some classic KISS tunes as well.

Thank you Nick for inviting me into your world!"

Gene, Tommy, and Eric perform "Unmasked"

Gene, Tommy, and Eric perform "Unmasked"

Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer, and Eric Singer performed "Deuce" unmasked at “The Radical Event” hosted by Gene and Nick Simmons on July 25. Held at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, the A&E filmed event was "an exclusive invitation-only rock concert extravaganza promoting the release of Nick Simmons’ first comic book title Incarnate.”

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Is this Gene Simmons at Comic-Con 2009?

Is this Gene Simmons at Comic-Con 2009?
Source: Claire Leblanc Big-Canoe
Photo: Gary Horn

KISS ARMY member Claire Leblanc Big-Canoe posted this photo on our Facebook page.

She writes: Here is a pix that my brother in law, Gary Horn got at the comic con today. Gary just happened to glance that way and saw a familiar face peak out from under the mask.

Is this Gene Simmons ? You be the judge.

Gene and Nick Simmons at Comic-Con '09

Gene and Nick Simmons at Comic-Con '09

Here's a quick clip of Gene and Nick Simmons at Comic-Con 2009 in San Diego.

Nick is debuting his comic "Incarnate" at Comic-Con this year.

Ace Frehley 'Rock's And Roll's All Nite' At Charity Event

Ace Frehley 'Rock's And Roll's All Nite' At Charity Event

Ace Frehley guest starred at a special charity event to benefit Paul Green's School Of Rock, last night at The Music Box at the Henry Fonda Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

Above is fan-filmed footage of Ace and original G N' R drummer Steven Adler performing 'Rock And Roll All Nite'.




Check out this KISS Canada poster I made featuring the photos I took last week. This is my way of thanking KISS for coming to Canada.

I have been a fan since day one.

I have been in the concert photography business for 25 years (shooting over 2500 concerts). It all started for me because of KISS.

The shows at Rama were my first opportunity to shoot the band.

All the best,

Terry Wilson



Alright Myrtle Beach! You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best! The KISS Coffeehouse 3rd Anniversary Party will be an all day and night rock & roll party featuring very special guest, KISS drummer Eric Singer. With the new KISS album being released in the fall, this will be a great opportunity to meet with Eric and ask him questions about the new record, his song and the tour.

Fans purchasing the Double Platinum package will also receive a message from Eric (his Audiograph!), recorded especially for you while you meet with him. This message will be downloaded onto the KISS Coffeehouse recordable keychain and will become the ultimate collectible! Eric's personal Audiograph will also be saved digitally and will be emailed to each fan within one week of the event.

All photos taken with Eric will also be available for download within a week of the event on Flickr. We'll email everyone the link when the photos are up!

KISSONLINE will be onsite and a KISS Tribute band will keep things rolling through the nite!

We hope to see you all on August 1st! Stop by the KOL Booth to say Hi - looking forward to seeing all of our friends!

Interview with Sprio Papdatos

SPIRO PAPADATOS (KISS’ graphic designer/head of merchandising) Spiro, when did you start listening to KISS and which was the first KISS album that you purchased?

Spiro Papadatos: The first time I saw KISS was on an American TV show on Halloween in 1976. They played three songs on The Paul Lynde Halloween Special and I was hooked. They were the coolest thing I had ever seen. I immediately asked my parents to buy me the new Destroyer album for Christmas. It was and still is my favourite KISS record. You were once a member of “Alive”, a very successful KISS tribute band that actually gathered much attention by the press in the early 90s. What do you remember from those days?

Spiro Papadatos: Those were fun times. We toured all over Canada and the United States. We even did a couple of Japanese tours. That’s how I met Tommy and the guys in KISS. Being in Alive! and Cold Gin helped open a lot of doors. Why do you think that nowadays there are fewer KISS tribute bands in the world?

Spiro Papadatos: Probably because KISS is still playing live in full makeup and costume. Why would anyone want to see a KISS tribute band when you can go see the real thing today? Nothing compares to the real KISS. You started working for KISS in the mid-90s. Which were your duties at first?

Spiro Papadatos: I started working for KISS in 1995 on the Official KISS Convention Tour. I was responsible for setting up the KISS Museum that included original KISS costumes, guitars, drums, artwork and memorabilia from the band’s personal collections. I filmed the rehearsals and behind the scenes footage that was used on KISS MTV Unplugged, KISS: The Second Coming and KISSOLOGY 3. I also played in the opening band at 10 shows on the tour. You went on from the merchandise department to being a graphic designer for the band. When did you start designing merchandise for KISS? Did you ever expect that someday you will be working for your idols?

Spiro Papadatos: Anything is possible. We were on tour in America back in 1996 and I was wearing a bootleg KISS shirt when I ran into Gene backstage. Gene was not impressed. He said, “Of course you wouldn’t wear one of our shirts.” I said that I didn’t really like our shirts, to which he replied, “Why don’t you come up with something then?” So I did. Always up for a challenge, I submitted a couple of designs to the band for their approval and then sent the approved designs to Sony Signatures. Those designs became the best selling t-shirts on the tour. Signatures then asked me to come up with more ideas. Merchandise sales increased dramatically and suddenly I was designing entire product lines for the KISS tours that followed. Having said that, I don’t necessarily create designs that I would wear. I try to focus on what appeals to the majority of the fans and what sells as opposed to what I like personally. If it sells, it’s a good design. You were there in the historic years of the KISS reunion. Apart from the obvious great moments (Tiger Stadium, Madison Square Garden, Donington Park etc.), which were the low points of the reunion? Were there any conflicts among the band members?

Spiro Papadatos: I don’t remember any low points during the Reunion Tour. It was the highest grossing tour of that year and arguably the most successful era in the band’s history. I want you to be frank with me…I know that you are a fan –like all of us out there- and care for the KISS legacy. In your opinion, do you think that the first decade of the 21st century was in fact a “wasted period” for the band? I mean, there were all these Farewell shows and no brand new music at all. The band seemed to rest in the past glory days. Any comment…?

Spiro Papadatos: After 35 years of recording and touring, KISS has earned the right to do what ever they want to do. KISS has always done what they want. That’s what makes them KISS. Just because they didn’t record new KISS material doesn’t mean it was a wasted period. Maybe they wanted to take the time to do other things like record solo albums. I thought Live To Win was a great album. Gene just relaunched Simmons Records and Gene Simmons Family Jewels is a hit show in its fourth season. Paul did Phantom Of The Opera and has recently started a very lucrative career as a painter. It makes him happy and a lot of money. How is that a waste of time? For whatever reason, they didn’t feel it was the right time. Maybe now is the right time for a new KISS album. When you put on the make-up, you have a strong resemblance with Gene. Was there ever a time that you were close to replace him for a concert?

Spiro Papadatos: No. Gene has never missed a show. But, there was this one time in 2000 when Ace thought it was going to happen. We were in Binghamton, New York for a show on the Farewell Tour. Paul, Ace and Peter were already at the gig and in the dressing room. Gene, who often travels separately, hadn’t arrived yet because his flight out of New York City was delayed due to bad weather. At the time, I was KISS’ merchandise manager and was working on the main concourse level of the arena when I got a call on my radio from someone who sounded a lot like Ace. The voice on the other end said, “Hey Spiro, get down here, you’re playing tonight… I’m not getting ready until you start putting on makeup.” I said, “Who is this?” It was hard to hear because of all the noise in the arena but it sounded like Ace or someone just trying to screw with me. “It’s Ace, come down to the dressing room, you’re playing tonight!” I love Ace. I think he’s a great guy, but the truth is, he was really spiraling out of control on his last KISS tour. Without getting into detail, it seemed that every day on that tour, he was getting into trouble or new “adventures”. You really didn’t know what to expect with Ace and this just seemed like another one of his pranks. So, I went down to the band’s dressing room to find out what was going on. When I got there, Paul and Peter were sitting in front of their mirrors putting on their makeup. Ace was lying down on a couch. Gene wasn’t around. I asked Ace if he called me on my radio. He said, “Yeah, Gene’s not here, you’re playing with us tonight.” I remember thinking this had to be a joke so I just looked at him and kinda laughed and said, “What? Says who?” He said, “Me. Gene’s not here so you need to start getting ready… you know all the songs, right?” I said, “Yeah, but… where’s Doc?” That’s when I found out that Doc wasn’t there either and Tommy, who was the band’s road manager back then, was in LA editing “The Last KISS” video. Suddenly, Peter walked over to our side of the room and said, “Hey Ace, are you crazy? Paul is sitting right over there, he can hear everything you’re saying.” I looked over at Paul, hoping he would shed some light on the situation but he wasn’t paying any attention. He was getting ready for the show, business as usual. For a moment, the thought of actually playing with KISS entered my mind. I mean, doing a commercial or a TV show just wasn’t the same as playing with the band in an actual live show. Was this really going to happen? I knew I could do it, I knew all the songs… then I gave my head a shake and said, “This is crazy. As much as I’d love to do this, I can’t do anything unless I hear it from Doc, Paul or Gene. I have to go back to work” and I left the room. As I was walking down the hall, Gene, who had just arrived, was walking towards me making his way to the band’s dressing room. He walked into the room, didn’t say a word to anyone, sat down beside Paul and started putting on his makeup. Later that night, KISS was on stage, on time, as usual. You are of Greek origin. Were you born in Greece (if yes, where) or did you grow up in Canada? When was the last time that you visited our country?

Spiro Papadatos: I was born in Montreal, Canada but both of my parents are originally from Greece. My mom is a Spartan and my father was from the island of Zakynthos. I own a house in Zakynthos. The last time I was there was just over a year ago. I always love going back home to Greece, the most beautiful country in the world!

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KISS - New Orleans - December 4, 1976

KISS - New Orleans - December 4, 1976

KISS8mmfilm has uncovered some amazing classic KISS concert footage.

The KISS 8mm Film Archive is a non-profit collective of numerous diehard KISS fans whose intent is to collect, repair, and preserve 8mm films from the hottest band in the land. They also sync audio to the videos, and correct any misinformation as to dates, etc.



On July 26th, at 9:00 PM (EST), A&E will air "Dirty Little Secrets". Like father, like son. Gene and Nick are both caught in embarrassing situations they must hide from Shannon.


Source: Gene

On July 22nd, did some promo for GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS Season IV on Canada's Much More TV.

Peter Criss Update

Peter Criss Update

Peter Criss has issued the following update:

"Sadly, I have just found out from my dear friend John Good, VP of DW Drums that my teacher, and old friend, Jim Chapin died on July 4th. I really loved the man, we have lost one of the greatest drum teachers. He always inspired me to play. I met Jim approximately in 1982. He taught me the Moeller technique which helps me to this day with my pullouts and control. He was a great man I am glad I had my time with him. We will miss you Jim. My love and sympathy go out to the Chapin Family."

Watch YouTube footage of James Forbes Chapin below:

Ace Frehley to appear at 'Ride For Dime" Bash

Ace Frehley to appear at 'Ride For Dime" Bash

Ride For Dime is pleased to announce it’s next installment, Ride For Dime 5 BBQ & Bash All Star Jam. The All Star line-up will include Ace Frehley, Corey Taylor of STONE SOUR and SLIPKNOT, Aaron Lewis of STAIND as well as members of SHINEDOWN, MACHINE HEAD, TESTAMENT, BUCKCHERRY, SNOT and many more!

Meet and Starting Point:
Longhorn Harley-Davidson / Buell, located at 2830 W Interstate 20 Grand Prairie, TX
12:30pm -- bike staging
2:30pm -- ride begins under police escort, total ride 38 Miles
3:30pm -- arrive at the Palladium for parking lot party

BBQ & Bash All Star Jam:
6:00pm -- doors

Hosted by Jose Mangin with appearances from Ace Frehley, Corey Taylor of Stone Sour and Slipknot, Aaron Lewis of Staind as well as members of Shinedown, Machine Head, Testament, Buckcherry, Snot and many more! The show will also feature performances by SOULESS INTENT, BOUND and TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION.

Tickets and VIP packages on sale at TicketMaster.

Ride For Dime is a 501c3 non-profit and this event proudly gives back to the charities that were of interest to Dime during his life and charities he would have been proud to be a part of, including Covenant House, Little Kids Rock and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. Brought to you by Dimebag Hardware and ENVY.

For more information contact

Fans Meet Tommy and Eric

Fans Meet Tommy and Eric
From: Mike S. Fowler & Marije Boks

I'd like to share an amazing opportunity that took place after the KISS concert at Casino Rama this past Monday July 20th. Firstly, from our seats in the 6th row from the stage (Gene's side) it was spectacular! From start to finish, they played and they owned the stage. Like many fans, I've seen quite a few concerts over the years, but nothing could match the intimacy of playing at the Casino Rama venue. Or so I thought.

As soon as the concert ended we were at the stage to find any and all guitar picks thrown out in to the crowd. Sorting through the mounds of snow like paper confetti and begging the roadies for just one item, we walked away with an Eric Singer drumstick and several guitar picks from Gene and Paul, (wish we found a Tommy pick). Now that topped the evening off - or so we thought.

The cool night turn to early morning and my fiancé went back to the hotel room for a sweater. She happened to peer in to the closed restaurant window and there was Tommy Thayer, his wife Amber, Eric Singer and Doc McGhee sitting at a table. Doc waved her in to join them. She called me and there we were. Of course there was the OMG fan meets rock legends moment, but the atmosphere quickly became relaxed and enjoyable thanks to the Tommy and Eric. I truly appreciated the fact they allowed us to join them, but also how nice they treated us while we were with them.

Here I was, an opportunity of a lifetime and we were rewarded with conversation about KISS related topics, Tommy's production role on past KISS items but also other less serious matters including guessing which Jean Claude Van Damme movie one of the security guards looked like he was from. Time flew by then Tommy asked, did you want to take a picture? Sure I did, but was so consumed in the moment, I forgot to ask!

Tommy's wife Amber said she would take the picture. We lined up and it became comical how she asked everyone to smile and for Eric to get back for another photo. Glad she did - as you can see, it was worth it. Doc McGhee also posed for a picture before we were all off to the casino. Doc led the way as security flanked around the group. I was still talking to Tommy as my fiancé, Marije was walking arm in arm with Eric laughing away. After one extra autograph from Tommy, we said our thank you's and good byes to Eric, Tommy and Doc as they went on a private tour and we were left in awe. This was indeed the BEST, and I hope not the last, KISS experience I ever had! Thank you Amber for taking these pictures!


Photos by Spiro Papadatos

Here is a photo of Gene and KISS fan, Leonard Arp backstage at the KISS show in Orillia, Ontario on July 21. Gene visited Leonard at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto two weeks ago and was told Leonard would be too sick to attend a KISS concert. We were all pleasantly surprised to see Leonard doing well and at the KISS show that night!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ace Frehley to headline "School Of Rock" Benefit

Ace Frehley to headline "School Of Rock" Benefit

Ace Frehley is headlining 'Special Charity Event' to benefit Paul Green's 'School of Rock'.

The concert is at 8 PM on Saturday night at THE MUSIC BOX at the Henry Fonda Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

Admission is 100% free to all who attend.

The concert is a special charity event to benefit PAUL GREEN'S SCHOOL OF ROCK. Paul Green and his school are flying in with around 12 of their best kid rockers, who will be the house band for the entire event.

The artists participating in the event are: ACE FREHLEY original guitarist of KISS, Mike Starr of ALICE IN CHAINS, STEVEN ADLER original drummer of GUNS 'N ROSES, KYLE GASS of TENACIOUS D, SHIFTY from CRAZY TOWN, BOB FORREST from THELONIOUS MONSTER, DR. DREW, and the kids from the SCHOOL OF ROCK.

Address: The Music Box @ Fonda, 6126 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028

The Music Box Google Map:

KISS Interviewed On Ontario's 'Out There'

KISS Interviewed On Ontario's 'Out There'

"Out There's" Melissa DiMarco interviews KISS backstage just before they go onstage at Casino Rama in Ontario , Canada.

Ace Frehley to guest on ROCKLINE

Ace Frehley to guest on ROCKLINE

Ace Frehley will be guests on the US nationally syndicated radio show Rockline, with host Bob Coburn, on September 16th at 8:30 PM (PT) - 11:30 PM (ET).

Fans are encouraged to speak with Ace by calling 1-800-344-ROCK (7625).

For information on the broadcast go to



Hey Paul, Eric, Tommy and Gene,

Just wanted to say that I caught the first two shows of the Canadian tour and it was great seeing the Hottest Band in the World in two completely different settings! Both shows were amazing and I cannot wait for the new album and tour!

I also wanted to share with you this funny photo my friend, Russell Dannecker took in Orillia. Check out Gene's Boot on the security guard's head!

Thanks for ALWAYS kicking ass!

Doug Cataldo


Photo by Al Soluri

As a lifelong, card carrying member of the KISS Army, I just had to share…

This Tuesday past I had my rock rolled off seeing the band that, for me, has become mythical – KISS – live at Casino Rama in Orillia, Ontario. The two night stop was part of an appendage of their ALIVE 35 tour, celebrating the 35th anniversary of the double disc live album that put them on the map, ALIVE. The tour boasted a whack of off-kilter Canadian stops including Sarnia and Windsor, in addition to Ottawa, Halifax and Montreal and I was lucky enough to get floor seats verrrry near front of stage and managed to get close enough in the photo pit that I could see up Paul Stanley’s nose, close enough to get Gene Simmons’ drool in my eye…

If you scroll over my Blood Spattered Blog, you can read up on how important KISS is to my horror heritage, to my outrageous, exploitation culture leanings. They have been my heroes since I was old enough to talk in full sentences and, even when it was terribly un-cool to dig the Simmons/Stanley machine, I was there, waving the flag. When they got rid of the makeup and became full on metal, I still stayed, mainly because I believed then as I believe now that Stanley is an incredible songwriter and has the 2nd best howl in rock and roll (Robert Plant having the first). I even saw them during that naked phase, on the ASYLUM tour when I was 11.

But mark my words, no matter how old and infirm I evolve, I shall NEVER, EVER forget the balls out, blow-em-up magnificence and glory of KISS as they were at the Casino on Tuesday.

Trotting out almost exclusively old tracks pre-1975, KISS owned that stage, belching fire, dripping blood, swaggering stomping and marauding while proving that ill informed rock critics who have often labeled the band empty shtick were only half right – Simmons is a killer bassist and Stanley is perhaps the greatest living front man in music history. At the ripe age of 57, the man can still shimmy, kick and command an audience with the best of them. Incredible stuff.

And even though drummer Peter Criss and legendary lead axeman Ace Frehely have left the fold again because of reasons ranging from greed, rustiness or substance abuse, the band sounds stronger than it has since the early 80’s (when Eric Carr brought his Bonzo style skins to the fold) due to drummer Eric Singer and, more importantly Tommy Thayer on guitar. Both Singer and Thayer have been controversial due to the fact they don Criss and Frehely’s stage characters but the ultimate effect is classic KISS….but sonically, even grander.

The show blew my mind. From the minute the sheet dropped and the smoke drenched stage revealed the hydraulic risers lowering with the band members on board to the strains of “Deuce” (off their first, self-titled platter), to the fireworks and bomb blasted finale of Detroit Rock City, I was hooked…for 2.5 hours of bloody, larger than life, pyro laced rock and roll bombast brilliance.

KISS have never sounded better. Never been more in control of their circus, of their sound. These aren’t just rock stars, not just entertainers…these are fucking craftsmen of the highest order. I can hardly wait until the new Stanley produced album is unleashed this fall…

Honestly, even if you’re a casual KISS fan, you NEED to see these guys live. Someone I know said – quite accurately – that KISS are like the Grand Canyon. You have to see them both in front of your face at least once before you die.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

KISS His Axe: An Exculsive Interview With Bruce Kulick

KISS His Axe: An Exculsive Interview With Bruce Kulick
by Jeb Wright

Bruce Kulick first came to prominence in the band KISS, where he played lead guitar from 1984 to 1996. Nowadays, Bruce plays lead guitar for Grand Funk Railroad and, occasionally, releases solo CDs. Coming soon is Bruce's third solo effort titled BK3. Unlike his first two efforts, Audio Dog and Transformers, BK3 will feature a heavier sound and many contributions from some of Kulick's famous friends, including Gene and Nick Simmons.

We caught up with Kulick fresh off the stage at The Moondance Jam in Walker, Minnesota. Bruce gave us a sneak peak behind the making of BK3 as well as talking about his role in Grand Funk and his place in the history of KISS. Bruce is open and honest about his career, including if he would have put on Ace Frehley's makeup if asked. Read on to learn more about the upcoming album and Bruce Kulick as both a musician and a man.

Jeb: Grand Funk Railroad has a bit more guitar in it with you in the band.

Bruce: In some ways, I even get featured more than KISS with this band. Every song has a solo, other than "Some Kind of Wonderful," which would not be appropriate. When I was getting into bands from the late 60's and 70's, I loved power trios. I remember seeing them on television and thinking, "That's great. The drums are pounding, the bass is thumping and the guitar is soloing." To be able to be in the band now is amazing. I play with more gain than Mark [Farner] but I respect his signature riffs.

Jeb: Tell me about BK3. Is this going to be out on your website?

Bruce: The product you are holding was put out just for Australia. I have not put out a solo record for three years. I mastered it on Thursday, so all eleven songs are ready. I had more than half the record done before the beginning of the year. I had some gigs booked in Australia for guitar clinics. They love KISS and they love me. I had not had any product for a while so I did a limited edition of 1000 of these Eps. I have a song on the album with Gene [Simmons] and one with his son Nick [Simmons]. I didn't want to give them away yet. They are great songs; there is no filler on this record. The three songs on the EP are great songs. The first one I did with John Corabi singing. The next track is one that I sing on and the last one is the only instrumental that is on the album. Steve Lukather is on the instrumental along with Kenny Aronoff. Eric Singer plays on a track on the album. Doug Fieger from the Knack played on a track too.

Jeb: He is sick, isn't he?

Bruce: He is dealing with cancer. I met him at one of the Rock n' Roll Fantasy Camp gigs that I do. I knew I could not sing the song so I asked him to do it. He came in and knocked it out. It is a perfect fit for him. I have several featured guests, which is different for me. This time out, I wanted to really make it the best I possibly could. Once I got Gene on board, and he offered up his son Nick, I knew I was on my way. I got gutsy and thought, "I am using a studio that Lukather used to be involved with. I am going to ask him to be on the album." Neal Zlozower did the artwork and the photographs. He was really digging the heavier songs.

Jeb: When will the final product be ready for release?

Bruce: It will probably come out about the same time as the new KISS album, not by design, it will just be ready then. I have talked with some people about putting this out with a label but, as you know, the business has become more and more crazy over the last few years. I can't tell you what is going to happen at this point. I want to get it out in the fall, one way or the other.

Jeb: Did you make a wish list of guests you wanted on the CD?

Bruce: No, it was very organic the way it all happened. Eric pushed me to get in touch with Gene. Gene mentioned Nick to me and Doug was a person I thought of because I knew the song would fit him. I played him the song and he loved it and banged it out. There was no grand design to it. It is the best of my solo albums. Sonically, it is terrific.

Jeb: Everyone says the new one is the best. Is this REALLY the best?

Bruce: I know, everyone says that. The first one was my first time jumping in the water. I loved the music but it was started off with songs that were left over in the closet. The second one, I saw growth in and it was a good album. This time around, I had some management people telling me I should have some guests on my record. I wasn't really open to that. Corabi sang a song on my second record but that was no big deal as we had done the band Union together. Once I realized that Gene would do it then the floodgates opened up. It really set the tone for the album and the heaviness. There are also enough pop songs to keep those people happy too. It is like with KISS . . . We could play "Forever" or we could play "War Machine."

Jeb: I am looking forward to hearing you and Lukather jamming on that song.

Bruce: You're going to love it. It is a terrific track. We didn't really know where to put Steve. I played the themes and then he played a lot of the other stuff. I went and filled in the gaps of what he did that didn't work. Sometimes he starts a phrase and I finish it. He played my guitar but he still sounds like Luke. He is a monster. I am glad it is the only instrumental because it makes it stand out more.

Jeb: Max Carl plays one of his songs in Grand Funk. Is there any thought of playing one of yours in the set?

Bruce: At one point, I asked Max if he would want to sing a ballad that I had been working on. It turned out that song didn't fit on this record, so we didn't put it on the album. Grand Funk has so much history. I bring a certain thing on my resume but that does not mean I should be imposing bringing in a song. Max wrote a hit single that really fits into the set. I have had my fans say, "Play 'Rock n Roll All Nite.'" No way. It doesn't work like that. Max had a huge hit with "Second Chance" with 38 Special and it fits into the set nicely. The drum circle thing is another song Max had on a record. We do it are own way. How many bands set down all of their instruments and play drums? The rock guitarist plays tambourine on it. We have a great show and I don't need to put my influence, other than my guitar talent, on it.

Jeb: You said Eric Singer had to push you in order for you to ask Gene. Why the hesitation?

Bruce: It was in case he said "no." Once we had the date booked, Gene came in and we didn't even have all the lyrics ready. Gene asked if we could do something for Family Jewels and we said, "Sure." So, that ended up being on one of the episodes. They show a snippet of Nick in the studio with us. It didn't end up being the song that Nick sang on the record but it is very cool.

Jeb: That had to be a trip for you. You knew Nick when he was a baby.

Bruce: I found these pictures of him as a goofy two year old. He loved it. I am in a lot of the little clips in the show from when the kids were really little. They were born in my era of the band.

Jeb: Do you still stay in touch?

Bruce: My relationship with all of those guys is terrific. I can't complain about any of it. I was not asked to play Ace. It makes perfect sense for Tommy [Thayer] to do that. I have got a lot of support from everybody. Gene has not made it out to see Grand Funk yet but Nick made it out. I don't think he knew what to expect. Gene told me that he couldn't stop raving about the band. We did a show not far from his college and I got him VIP and backstage. It was fun.

Jeb: Would you have considered playing Ace if you had been asked?

Bruce: I always have this theory in life where you never say no. But I wasn't asked so I can't give you the answer to that. I do miss being in the band. If that is what it took to be in the band then I guess I would have considered it. I would not have done one of those yo-yo gigs like Eric had to deal with. Peter [Criss] was out then Peter was back in. That wasn't too comfortable for Eric. At least he had Alice Cooper to fall back on. Everything Eric tells me about the new record makes me excited for them. They actually banged it out together without running to famous producers or co-writers. There is no reason the band can't do it themselves. I am really looking forward to hearing it.

Jeb: You're okay with your place in KISStory.

Bruce: Absolutely. The fans know I have never said or done anything to poop on it. It was a blessing for me. I always treat it like an amazing thing to cherish. I knew my role in KISS. You can want the spotlight and all but you are not going to get it. They are huge performers and they are songwriters. I was happy to be the guitar player. I got some songwriting and a bunch of exposure. It is a wonderful feeling to have a kid recognize me because he saw me on MTV Unplugged with KISS. I can always say, "I played with KISS." KISS is one of those ten or twenty bands in the world that everybody knows.

Jeb: With time behind you, do you ever look back and say, "I can't believe that happened to me."

Bruce: People send me pictures and I look at the scene and think, "Wow, I was there." It is not like I went through it in some drunken stupor. I was totally aware of what was going on and I cherished my years in KISS. There are not that many things from the past that really shock me. I enjoy seeing old concerts with me playing with the band. I don't enjoy watching me because I am very critical but I do realize that there is a lot of great history . . . or KISStory as you say.

Video - Casino Rama Night Two Clips



Last year with a couple of friends, we started a KISS FAN Expo in our hometown of Jonesboro, Arkansas. This Aug. 15th we are having a second one. The purpose of our conventions are to raise money for needing charities.

This year we are helping a seven year old boy, Knute Tate, who realized that there were homeless people in the town. By stepping up and being a hero with a great heart, he started raising money to build a new, bigger homeless shelter. Since October, Knute and his classmates have raised almost $10,000.

Fitting enough, our convention this year is focusing on "The Elder." I have written a play with two other guys and we are premiering the show in downtown Jonesboro, along with a small concert and memorabilia from around our area.

If a seven year old boy can raise $10,000, with a lot left to go, we as adults and KISS Fans should be able to at least do the same or more. Our goal is to raise at least $5000. We are calling out to ALL KISS fans for help us as we unite as one.

Support can be from ordering tickets for our event or by email contact at You can also help by sending a donation in care of the Salvation Army or Knute's Piggy Bank / PO Box 397,Jonesboro, Arkansas 72403.

Gaylon Tyner



10 years of KISStory in Belgium is being celebrated in style. The 5 man tribute band from Belgium is pulling out all the stops on Sunday November 1st. At the Hippodrome in Kuurne, Belgium they plan a KISS Fan Expo with special guest LYDIA CRISS, the usual worldwide KISS dealers accompanied by a rock and metal market.

CLICK HERE for more info.

Lydia will be bringing along her fantastic coffee table book 'SEALED WITH A KISS'. Your chance if you don't have it already to purchase it at the expo. There will of course be a meet and greet moment and a Q and A round with LYDIA. Tickets can be purchased online and from halfway July at several ticket agencies in Belgium. Prices for the expo are 20 €.

KISStory will be performing a special 'Dressed to kill/unplugged' set during the expo and will close the event with a MEGA BIG show. Anyone who's ever seen the band perform live know what to expect. An all over the top live show with all the kiss trimmings we all love. Fans who just want to see the evening show can get in from 19h30 for 10 Euro and when you dress up Halloween style you get in FOR FREE!!!

After the show, there will be a DJ-set and a Halloween party......More extra surprises concerning this expo will be revealed on this site in the near future.

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Eddie Trunk hears Ace's 'Anomaly'

Eddie Trunk hears Ace's 'Anomaly'

Eddie Trunk, long time friend of Ace Frehley, has posted this news on his website:

"Met up with Ace Frehley last night in NJ to hear his final version of his new CD Anomaly. I had been talking to Ace often over the last few months helping him where I could navigate the music business in 2009 and some thoughts on his upcoming release.

As he stated on my radio show this past Monday I talked him out of releasing a cover of Sweet's "Fox On The Run" as a first single, my thinking being that after twenty years he should no way lead with a cover as the first new music people will hear from him! After talking it over with his new management they decided I was right so the first song will be an original titled "Outer Space" which sums up Ace perfect!

Was fun to put my A&R hat on again as Ace was the first artist I ever worked with in that capacity back in my Megaforce label days. Ace wanted me to hear the final product and told me he was going to a venue not far from me in NJ (PNC) to jam a song with Nickelback who were playing. Ace's new management also handles them, so that was the connection. I arrived at PNC to late to see Ace play Highway To Hell with Nickelback but it was super last minute with him literally getting out of his car backstage and walking out, but by all acounts fun for all.

After the jam Ace and I sat in my car in the backstage lot and listened to the whole CD together. I had heard this album in various forms and mixes through the years but this was the first time mastered and done and with the final mix.

I'll say what I have said all along; Kiss and Ace fans will love this. It is exactly the type of album you would want and expect from Ace. Straight up in your face hard rock. Probably the most striking thing about the album is Ace's voice. He is past three years sober (there is a song about his battle with the bottle on the CD) and singing like the '78 album. A friend of mine who was in the car said the exact same thing. His voice sounds great due to the fact he is clean for sure.

Guitar tones sound great as does the playing. Ace sings the entire CD and there are two instrumentals; another in the Fractured series ends the CD and then there is a Zep like heavy jam called "Space Bear". I know hard core Kiss fans will smile at that title! Other stand out tracks for me were "Change The World" (again great vocal), "A Little Below The Angels," "Too Many Faces" and the super kick ass "Sister," a track that has been around for a bit but sounds great here.

The album has a great deal of edgy tracks but it's also dynamic with some Beatles touches in some songs and a real nod to some early 70's stuff. The guitar work is classic Ace as well. Anton Fig handles most of the drums and is a monster as always.

Ace is giving his fans exactly what they would want with this album, and who knows, in this age of Guitar Hero and Rock Band he will no doubt grab some new ones as well. After all guitar hero = ACE FREHLEY! Can't wait for everyone to hear it and of course we will do much with Ace and the album on the radio shows when we get closer to release.

I thank Ace for the early listen and as a long time close friend I am extremely proud of him not only for making the album he wanted to, but for being a changed man the last few years".

Photo: Ace Frehley jammin' with Nickelback

Photo: Ace Frehley jammin' with Nickelback

As we posted earlier, Ace Frehley joined Nickelback on stage last night in New jersey for a version of an AC/DC classic.

Ace Frehley just tweeted the following on Twitter: @ace_frehley: - Jammin' w/ Nickelback last night.

Follow Ace Frehley on Twitter: