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Check out these great new KISS items being released in Australia by KISS licensee - Essentials.

Pictured are:

KISS Solo Faces Twin bell alarm clock

KISS Solo Faces Flask/beanie pack

KISS Army travel mug

KISS Solo Faces can cooler & mug set

KISS logo flip flops

KISS Solo Faces pool cue / case set

Today in KISStory - 1976

Today in KISStory - 1976

The single 'Flaming Youth', with B-side 'God of Thunder' is released in the US.

Dick Wagner played the guitar solo on 'Flaming Youth".



Paul Stanley will be on WYSP-FM / The Danny Bonaduce Show Philadelphia this Friday, May 1 at 7:30 am EST.
You can to listen the interview online by CLICKING here Friday morning.

Visit to listen to the interview online Friday morning.

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KISS will rock Qu├ębec City's 2009 Summer Festival on Thursday, July 16.

Ticket on-sale information will be announced soon.

For more info on the Festival visit

Hartman lands Simmons, Stanley for ‘OddParents’

Hartman lands Simmons, Stanley for ‘OddParents’
By Chris M. Junior
Source: KOL

While working on a three-part, prime-time Fairly OddParents special, creator/executive producer Butch Hartman and head writer Scott Fellows had a big decision to make concerning a plot point involving main character Timmy Turner.

“Timmy was going to find this wand, and we needed a guardian for the wand,” Hartman said earlier this week. “And we were thinking, ‘Who could guard this wand — a metal dude? What if it was a rock band, like [the wand] was guitar? That would be kind of cool.’

Hartman and Fellows, both longtime Kiss fans, considered creating a Kiss-like band for this key moment in The Fairly OddParents: Wishology because they initially thought they’d never land the real thing.

“The name of the band we were going to use was called Smooch, and they were going to have heart makeup on their faces,” Hartman said.

Nevertheless, they decided to “put the feelers” out to the Kiss camp, just to see if there was any interest in being part of Wishology.

“Not only did they say yes,” Hartman said, “but we got to use ‘Rock and Roll All Nite,’ and Gene Simmons gave us the rights to the makeup designs.”

Simmons and fellow Kiss mate Paul Stanley lend their voices and appear as their animated selves in the first and third episodes of Wishology. In the trilogy, Turner is anointed The Chosen One, and he goes on a whirlwind search for a magic wand that will help save the universe. He crosses paths with Simmons and Stanley – the Galactic Guardians of the White Wand – at the Middle-Aged Rock Festival in Las Vegas.

“We did our best to honor them and to make them look good,” Hartman said of Simmons and Stanley. “If you look at the designs, they look really super-awesome and muscular. When you think about Kiss, they’re kind of like cartoon characters or superheroes in the first place. Even though they’re people, they always wear the outfits.”

Wishology contains a brief tribute to one of Simmons’ most famous attributes.

“We have one bit where Timmy’s playing guitar and he uses his tongue to lick the guitar, and Gene says, ‘Dude, that’s a long tongue.’”

The Fairly OddParents: Wishology will air at 8 p.m. Friday through Sunday on Nickelodeon.

City of Ottawa Caps the Volume on KISS

Kiss to perform at the 2009 Bluesfest.  Left to right Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley in concert at  at the former Corel Centre.

Can KISS really play that quietly?
By Lynn Saxberg, The Ottawa Citizen
Photograph by: John Major, The Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA - Forget about lawnchairs. Volume could be the biggest point of contention at Bluesfest this year, potentially polarizing those who like it loud — Kiss fans, for example — and nearby residents.

A full slate of big-name artists, including Kiss, one of the loudest bands in the world, are headed to Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest between July 8 and 19, but the commotion of the last two years of the festival, held on the spacious grounds of the Canadian War Museum at LeBreton Flats, is still fresh in the minds of nearby residents.

Retired public servant Michel Gauvin used to live on nearby Albert Street.

“Although I was a kilometre away I could hear the noise in my kitchen,” Gauvin said this week. “I never filed a complaint, but I thought they were going overboard. It’s excessive. You don’t need that much noise to listen to music.”

Now he’s even closer to the festival, one of more than 100 owners living in the new condo building overlooking the festival site. Because Gauvin’s unit is on the far side of the building, he’s hoping it will be bearable.

In fact, thanks to a new stipulation in the site-rental agreement with the National Capital Commission, he should be able to hear himself think this summer. The NCC, which manages the LeBreton Flats site, has made it a requirement for Bluesfest to implement a decibel limit in their contracts with artists. The new clause requires artists to adhere to a limit of 90 dB.

Alain Nantel, the NCC official who negotiates site rentals, said the number was determined after analysing decibel readings taken by municipal bylaw officers during last year’s festival. After complaints from nearby residents, the city sent bylaw officers armed with decibel meters out to gather data. They were dispatched to neighbourhoods in Ottawa and Gatineau and measured levels at the festival’s five outdoor stages.

Bluesfest boss Mark Monahan said they were able to tell what the level was at the stage when the noise exceeded the allowable limit of 65 dB in nearby neighbourhoods.

“We took different days we had complaints,” Monahan said, “and were able to pinpoint fairly conclusively who was playing at that time and what was the dB level, and what was interesting was we were able to measure the dB level in the park at the same time as what it was in the neighbourhood.”

Along with other special events, Bluesfest is granted an exemption from the city’s usual noise bylaw of 55 dB, but must keep it within 65 dB outside festival grounds. According to the NCC’s Marc Corriveau, the highest level measured last year was 67.5 dB in a complainant’s home at Booth and Albert streets, while the level at the mainstage sound board was generally in the upper 90s. The festival was not fined, but city councillor Diane Holmes, who represents Somerset Ward, was reported to be reconsidering her approval of the festival’s exemption. To help her understand the attraction of Bluesfest, this Citizen reporter zipped around the various stages with Holmes one night last summer.

Holmes is delighted that a decibel limit is being written into most of the contracts.

“That may well solve the problem of so much noise in some of the neighbouring communities, depending on the direction of the noise and the wind,” she said. “I think it’s a good idea. It still allows an exciting, good quality concert with certainly sufficient volume to be heard, and yet may well decrease the spillover between the stages and into the neighbourhood.”

A cap on decibels might be just what the festival needs to curb the soundbleed between stages. Last year, several quieter acts, including Richard Thompson and Joan Armatrading, were drowned out by louder bands on other stages. In a related effort to avoid that problem, Monahan said the programming team has been paying close attention to potential conflicts as they slot the acts.

Still, will 90 dB be enough to convey the power of a band like KISS, the hard-rock monsters known for songs such as I Love it Loud and Shout it Out Loud? Veteran sound engineer Ken Friesen doubts it.

“When I’m mixing a rock show, I usually come in just about 100, with peaks at about 105. That’s like a full-on, hitting-you impact level,” said the Almonte-based producer.

“At 90, the crowd would be yelling things like, ‘Turn it on.’ A show like KISS is about the rock onslaught and the overload of everything — pyro, lights, sound. At 90 dB, you’re not going to overwhelm anybody.”

Beyond audience expectations, many rock musicians like to play loud, especially when they’re on a big outdoor stage.

“It’s fun as a musician to play loud, just the feeling of something physically going through your body,” notes Peter MacKenzie Hammond of the Ottawa-area band Loudlove, which will make its Bluesfest debut on July 16. “And there’s lots of things you can do tonally with a pumped-up amp that you can’t do with a quiet amp.”

Partly because of his band’s name, the rock-reggae outfit has become accustomed to being told to turn it down. They’re not going to have a problem with the festival’s limit.

“When you’ve tried to get into Bluesfest for seven years, the last thing you want to do is go up there and say I’m bringing in three Marshall stacks and go for it,” says Hammond, laughing. He doesn’t think Gene Simmons, KISS’s maverick bassist, will be so easy to get along with.

“I think Gene Simmons does what Gene Simmons wants to do and not very many people are going to tell that man what to do.”

"Paul Was Larger Than Life"

Pat Sommers: "Paul Was Larger Than Life"

We continue our KISS special feature with the 26th interview of a KISS-related figure. This week, Pat Sommers, a collaborator of Ace Frehley during the recordings of Trouble Walkin' and a regular "figure" at the Aucoin offices in the 70s, tells us what he remembers from that Rocket Ride!

Here's an excerpt: Describe to us the whole atmosphere in Aucoin offices in the 70s...

Pat Sommers: It was very much like a family back then. I was allowed into the office countless times almost like a little It was actually Gene Simmons who took me back to the conference room to watch the beta/video of KIDS ARE PEOPLE TOO back in 1980. The Secretary told the story to Gene about my missing the show due to being in the Hospital, so he set me up in front of a video player and I watched the whole thing while he was talking with Bill Aucoin. I could not believe I was sitting there staring at those awesome marionettes that Bill had made for the band that only two years ago I had been looking at them in CREEM magazine. Gene was super nice to have done that for me...I'll never forget it. Everyone was always happy and a lot of joking around. They would give me white label copies of the upcoming Kiss albums with the promise I told nobody that I had one...starting with Double Platinum on. I also remember being invited to see them at Madison Square garden by one of the girls from the press office and I had the best time. The other thing I remember was the chaos that was going on in the office when KISS was replacing Peter Criss there were people everywhere, all the time. Running around doing all kinds of things, phones ringing off the hook and one day... Eric Carr was picked as the new KISS drummer. It was real hush hush , and I was invited to Eric's first show at The Palladium in NYC. It was one of the best KISS shows I ever saw.

Read the full interview:

Creatures Era Footage Released

Elite Works has once again released never seen before footage in order to promote their Ebay auctions. This time it's among other things this cool footage from the Creatures era.

Check the auctions out here:

Today in KISStory - 1975

Today in KISStory - 1975
'Rock and Roll All Nite' is released as a single.

"Rock and Roll All Nite" is a song by Kiss, often seen as a classic rock anthem, originally released on their 1975 album Dressed to Kill. It was released as the A-side of their fifth single, with the album track "Getaway." The studio version of the song peaked at #57 on the Billboard singles chart, besting the band's previous charting single, "Kissin' Time" (#79). A subsequent live version released as a single in October 1975, eventually reached #12, the first of six Top 20 songs for Kiss in the 1970s. Since then, it has become Kiss's most identifiable song, and has served as one of the group's closing concert numbers in almost every concert since 1976.

In 2009 it was named the 16th greatest hard rock song of all time by VH1.

Stand Up If You Want A Little KISS

Stand Up If You Want A Little "KISS"
From: The Sudbury Star

Richard P. Migneault has seen KISS perform nine times, but nothing would be sweeter than seeing them again, this time in Sudbury.

"As a KISS fan, that's a big deal," he said. "For the last 32 years, every time you wanted to go see KISS, you had to travel abroad."

KISS is touring North America this fall and they are choosing the venues based on fan voting.

"You want us to play, you want us to come to your city, you let us know," Paul Stanley, of KISS, said in a video sent out from a South American tour stop. "You stand up and you be counted."

The top 40 cities are shown, but it is unclear how many venues the band will play.

Migneault has been a fan since 1977 and he says KISS regularly performs more than 40 shows per tour.

"If you look up previous tours by the group, they've always performed more than 40 dates on every tour," he said.

As of Monday, Sudbury ranked 14th on the list.

"I'm surprised we're at number 14 right now, considering there are like 6,000 cities in the running," Migneault said.

To keep its spot, the city needs people to vote, he said.

"Even non-fans, if they could even vote, that would make a big difference, too. I'm sure it's going to be a sellout."

Migneault said KISS appeals mostly to people 40-plus, but younger audiences who grew up listening to them are also showing interest in the band.

"It's kind of being passed on from generation to generation," he said.

The appeal of KISS is their stage presence, says the fan of 32 years.

"The thing is, it's not so much the music, the music is OK -- it's the spectacle," Migneault said. "It's the performance that really catches my attention. There's just too many bands out there that just stand on stage and strum. If they're just going to play music and not do anything, I might as well just buy their CD."

He attributes the band's staying power to their dynamic stage presence.

"They have a magical formula there that they use, and they've been using it for 35 years," Migneault said. "You know what you're going to get when you pay that ticket price. There's a lot of stage antics, a lot of showmanship, a lot of entertainment. It's everything, it's just fun to watch."

KISS is Everywhere


This photo of Dallas Mavericks fans dressed up as KISS fans was featured on the basketball team's official homepage yesterday.

KISS Fan Expo Sweden


KISS Army Sweden presents the 2009 KISS Fan Expo Sweden this Saturday, May 2nd in Vasteras (outside Stockholm)! Special Guest will be Lydia Criss. KISSonline is also attending!

KISS dealers, giveaways, door prices, a huge KISS museum (with stage cloths etc.), video screen, 2 KISS cover bands (KISSner & Alive III), the authors of the POSTER book and much more...

Tickets and more info: .

New KISS Items from Trunk - JACKET


KISS SHOP now has limited quantities of these two great KISS items from Trunk Ltd.

KISS Denim Trunk Jacket by Trunk Ltd:
An exclusive KISS Denim Jacket from the Trunk reserve collection. This timeless classic was selected from Trunk and carefully handmade to capture a moment in time. The limited edition status of this product is your guarantee that it will remain rare and collectible for many years to come. Fully authorized, original serigraph, Indigo 100% cotton. Made In The U.S.A.

CLICK HERE to order.

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Music From The Elder/Creatures Video Clip

Two additional Music From The Elder period KISS clips have surfaced on YouTube as well as some Creatures Of The Night Tour footage from KISS’s 1983 Keil Auditorium concert in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Auction for the Right Turn Benefit Show

Auction for the Right Turn Benefit

Ace Frehley, Alice Cooper and other celebrities have donatd memorabilia to an auction for raising money to the Right Turn benefit. Ace has donated a signed Kiss Alive! sheet music book. Check the auctions out here (go to "Browse Auction" and you will find The Right Turn under Massachusetts):
Right Turn Benefit

No KISS! At any price! - Councillor Myers

By David Helwig

The following really, really, really, really important resolution about KISS was passed at tonight's meeting of Sault Ste. Marie City Council.

From what we could see, the vote was unanimous.

Even Ward Four Councillor Lou Turco, known for questionable taste in music and neckties, voted for it.

"What do they sing?" Turco was heard asking afterward.

Mover: Councillor T. Sheehan

Seconder: Councillor O. Grandinetti

Whereas the Essar Centre in Sault Ste. Marie has been a venue for some awesome bands; and

Whereas these concerts have provided fantastic emtertainment for the citizens of Sault Ste. Marie and provided a boon to the local economy as people have travelled long distances to our City for them; and

Whereas "the hottest band in the world, KISS," will tour this fall in the first-ever fan-routed tour which will take votes straight from people via the Internet on which cities they will play;

Now therefore be it resolved that people be encouraged to vote for Sault Ste. Marie, Canada on

Ace Review From Supergroup Boston Concert

Ace Review From Supergroup Boston Concert

Ace Frehley was second on the bill last night in Boston, MA for the benefit concert held each year for the RIGHT TURN drug and alcohol treatment organization. Although the event was headlined by Alice Cooper (27 years sober), it was just as clearly an Ace crowd.

On Saturday, in a second location in Cambridge (right near Harvard University) Ace, Alice, and the other members of the SUPERGROUP backing band rehearsed for three hours. Lucky radio station winners watched an hour of it, and received autographs from everyone.

Frehley brought the Berkelee Performing Arts Center audience to their feet yesterday as he played through a hot set of his KISS classics -- opening with NEW YORK GROOVE, then explaining his near death experience which inspired SHOCK ME, then saying, "I know this (concert) is for recovery, but everyone always wants to hear this song." Ace then brought loud cheers when he remarked that "I don't drink anymore." Of course the next song was COLD GIN, complete with the guitar hero poses Ace first made famous on the cover of KISS ALIVE! in 1975.

Ace was in Boston to help raise money for RIGHT TURN, a drug and acohol recovery program founded by Del Fuegos drummer Woody Giessmann. RIGHT TURN is oriented towards performers of all kinds -- musicians, comics, etc. Next year RIGHT TURN plans on going nationwide, opening treatment facilities in Nashville, New York City, and Los Angeles, to complement their Boston office.

Ace looked great, with metalic nail polish which perfectly matched his blue guitar, dark sunglasses, black T-shirt, and leather pants. The Biker look works very well for Ace (much better than for Gene during the Revenge era). Taped to his mike stand were glow-in-the-dark 'city picks' left over from the 2000 Farewell Tour (My brother caught one from Ace with LONG ISLAND printed on it, then later got one from guitarist Ricky Bird with EVANSVILLE, IN printed on back).

After Ace's songs, Alice Cooper came out, sounding great, even though his voice was mixed a bit low. It's quite a treat to hear Cooper sing BROWN SUGAR as well as all his own classics. For the encore, all the musicians who played that evening came out on stage to sing ROCK N' ROLL ALL NIGHT; but first Alice emceed everyone singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ace, complete with candles on a cake, to a smiling and slightly embarrased Frehley. It was a great evening, ending with Ace shaking hands with everyone in the front of the stage, which swelled considerably after he returned for the encore.

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Kiss in Lima Peru - Photos

Kiss in Lima Peru - Photos
Click on photo to view gallery.

Kiss Facepainting with Artist James Kuhn

Ace Frehley's 70s Suitcase Being Auctioned

Ace Frehley's 70s Suitcase Being Auctioned

A suitcase that was once owned by original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley and then given to John Harte, KISS' bodyguard and head of security in the 1970s and 1980s, is being auctioned via eBay. The same suitcase is sitting behind Ace in the Waring Abbott photo from April 24, 1974. It is signed by all four original KISS members in 1976 and even has the KISS logo hand-drawn by Paul Stanley and the words "This Belongs To" above Ace Frehley's signature.

Paul Stanley - The Greatest Singers in Rock

In the May issue of Classic Rock on sale now…The Greatest Singers In Rock

We’re talking about singers – no screamers, no screechers, no foghorn-voiced frontmen. Over 20 pages we look at the best rock singers ever to have drawn breath and then let it out to such stunning effect.


"KISS' show was amazing, but I think the fact that their show was so spectacular often caused you to overlook how good Paul's voice was." - Billy Squier

A consummate hard-rock vocalist, over four glorious decades Paul Stanley has carved out his rightful place among rock's Mount Rushmore of singers. Combining primal power and passion with the brimstone fury of an evangelical preacher, Stanley's multi-octave voice electrified such KISS classics as "Love Gun", "Detroit Rock City", and "Strutter".

His remarkable vocal virtuosity is a hallmark of the KISS canon and his stylistic range is impressive: ballsy rock ("Got to Choose"), rock anthems ("Flaming Youth"), Zeppelin-style metal ("Makin' Love"), disco ("I Was Made for Lovin' You"), power pop ("Tomorrow"), R&B ("Easy As It Seems"), grunge ("It Never Goes Away"), operatic pop ("Just A Boy") and acoustic balladry ("Everytime I Look At You").

Greatest Vocal: "Anything For My Baby" from KISS' 'Dressed To Kill' (1975). A muscular song that illustrates Stanley's bruising vocal chops.

Happy Birthday Spaceman

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Peter Criss Update on Chiller Theater Appearance

Peter Criss Update on Chiller Theater Appearance
Click on photo for more details.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Paul Stanley Donates First Bottles Of Signature Wine To Red Cross Australia

Click on photo for more details.

Ace Frehley and Alice Cooper Rehearsing

Rehearsing for Sunday night's benefit show in Boston.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Click on photo for more details.

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Gene does Vegas - Update

Gene does Vegas - Update

Click on photo for full details.

Ace Frehley at Gibson USA - Photo

Ace Frehley at Gibson USA - Photo

New KISS fan Tattoo's

New Ace Frehley Signature Gibson Guitar in the Making

New Ace Frehley Signature Gibson Guitar in the Making
Click on photo to view full details.

"Hotter Than Hell" Photos for Sale

Hotter Than Hell - Norman Seeff
Norman Seeff is selling some photos from the Hotter Than Hell photo sessions.

Lydia Criss at Swedish Kiss Expo

Click on photo for more details.

News Report: KISS in Caracas

News Report: KISS in Caracas
News on the KISS show in Caracas Venezuelan appeared in the Journal "El Universal".

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Gene Simmons attends Criss Angel's "Believe"

Gene Simmons attends Criss Angel's "Believe"

KISS at Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest - Tickets

KISS at Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest - Tickets
Tickets on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday morning.
Click photo for more details.


Click on photo for details.

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"Elder" & "Unmasked" Footage


Professionally shot footage from KISS’s 1980 Unmasked stadium tour of Australia. Click photo for more.


Tickets To Kiss In New Orleans Released

Tickets for Kiss In New Orleans On Sale
KISS will perform at this year's New Orleans Voodoo Experience Festival. Tickets are now available at Ticketmaster. Click photo for more.


KISS with the Sao Paulo, Brazil Police Department.


Click on photo for details.

KISS in LIMA -T.V. Report - Canal 2

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News Video: Canadians want Kiss

Anti-KISS? - "No love for KISS"

Anti-KISS? - "No love for KISS"
Click on photo for the full story.

KISS in Caracas - Fan Photos

KISS in Caracas - Fan Photos
Click on the photo to view more.


Pre-order your 2010 KISS calendar today.
Click on photo for more details.

New "Best of KISS" Compilation [IMPORT]

New "Best of KISS" Compilation [IMPORT]
Click on photo for more details and ordering

Gene Simmons participating in rally for kids with cancer

Gene Simmons participating in rally for kids with cancer
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Click on photo to read review.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gene at the Toyota Grand Prix Of Long Beach

Gene at the Toyota Grand Prix Of Long Beach
Gene attended the Toyota Grand Prix on April 19, 2009 in Long Beach, California.

Ace Frehley Update - Photos

Click on photo to view entire gallery.

Ace Frehley at Amoebe Music


KISS is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Nick Magazine.

"Anomaly" to be released in July

Ace is set to release his solo album in July.
Click on photo for details.