Monday, December 28, 2009

KISS Alive 35 Two-CD Best Of Available


Concert Online exclusively recorded the concerts of the KISS ALIVE 35: North American Tour 2009.

Now that the tour is over we've remixed and mastered only the very best live performances of all KISS ALIVE 35 klassic hits.

The result:
The 2-CD Best Of KISS ALIVE 35 set - filled to the brim with 27 smashing live audio tracks recorded in 21 locations!

Ranging from genuine KISS Alive! klassics such as "Deuce", "Strutter", and "Rock n Roll All Nite" covering the all-time rock hymns "Detroit Rock City" or "Shout It Out Loud" up to their latest single "Modern Day Delilah" and anthems such as "Lick It Up" this KISS ALIVE 35 2-CD Set has it all.


Best Of KISS Alive 35 track listing:

'Deuce' - Live in Greenville (10-17-09)
'Strutter' - Live in Philadelphia (10-12-09)
'Got To Chose' - Live in Hampton (10-16-09)
'Hotter Than Hell' - Live in Little Rock (10-29-09)
'Fire House' - Live in Winnipeg (11-09-09)
'Nothin' To Lose' - Live in Cleveland (09-28-09)
'C'mon And Love Me' - Live in Oshawa (10-07-09)
'Parasite' - Live in Boston (10-05-09)
'She' incl. Guitar Solo- Live in Cleveland (09-28-09)
'Watchin' You' - Live in Uncasville (10-03-09)
'100,000 Years' incl. Drum Solo - Live in Minneapolis (11-07-09)
'Black Diamond' - Live in Oakland (11-22-09)
'Cold Gin' - Live in Detroit (09-25-09)
'Rock And Roll All Nite' - Live in Greenville (10-17-09)
'Let Me Go Rock 'N' Roll' - Live in Anaheim (11-24-09)
'Detroit Rock City' - Live in Detroit (09-25-09)
'King Of The Night Time World' - Live in Uncasville (10-03-09)
'Love Gun' - Live in Atlanta (10-26-09)
'Calling Dr. Love' - Live in Birmingham (10-24-09)
'Shock Me' - Live in Fresno (11-21-09)
'I Stole Your Love' - Live in Montreal (10-01-09)
'Shout It Out Loud' - Live in Portland (11-17-09)
'Modern Day Delilah' - Live in Los Angeles (11-25-09)
'I Love It Loud' - Live in Hampton (10-16-09)
'Lick It Up' - Live in Pensacola (10-19-09)
'Do You Love Me' - Live in Seattle (11-15-09)
'Say Yeah' - Live in Atlanta (10-26-09)

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