Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Get The New KISS Search Toolbar & Win Big!

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The best way to keep updated on everything KISS is to get the brand new official search toolbar for IE, Safari and Firefox. This amazing new FREE tool allows you to surf the web and win exclusive KISS prizes right from your browser (courtesy: ). The toolbar keeps you updated with KISS news, quick links to every single official band page. This is the ULTIMATE browser add-on that no fan should be without.

Wherever the web takes you, bring KISS along for the ride with the official search toolbar. Download yours today at and start winning even faster!

Search with KISS is a search engine powered by Google and, except here every web search is a chance to win 'Swag Bucks' which can be redeemed for KISS prizes and high end electronics. Simply make your homepage and use it everyday just like you use Google and any other search engine. Each day many random winning times will be selected, if you search after one of these times and your search is a winner - you'll win a Swag Buck. You then simply redeem your Swag Buck at the official KISS Swag Store for the prize you want and it'll be shipped right to your door!

KISS's amazing search toolbar makes it easy for you to search the web and win prizes from the band.