Thursday, October 29, 2009

KISS Phenomenon Lives On

Tiger Weekly/By Chris Shearman

Some listeners may think of the band KISS as a '70s and '80s band, but KISS is perhaps more alive today more than ever. With a new album Sonic Boom and a hungry group of new young fans, KISS pushes on as one of the biggest names in rock 'n' roll and in pop culture in general.

KISS will headline Voodoo Fest on Halloween Day with makeup on and guitar amps cranked. And it seems there is no more fitting time to see KISS, either for the first time or the fiftieth. The crowd should be filled with everything from young fresh KISS fans to the old school loyal devotees.

With the new album Sonic Boom already selling very well and the KISS "Alive 35 Tour" selling successfully, it seems as if KISS is just getting started.

In a phone interview with KISS member Tommy Thayer, the guitarist talked about this sentiment.

"We are excited about coming down to Voodoo Fest; New Orleans is quite the party time," said Thayer. "We know that Halloween is gonna be a crazy night. It's the perfect night for KISS. It can be more explosive when we have a more limited time scheduled for our set, but we still pack in all the heavy artillery, and this will be no exception and we'll blow the place up."

"The main thing we want people to know is that the record hit the stores and its an amazing record," he added. "It's rock 'n' roll at the core, and it's doing real well so far. It's hitting sales records...Kids see KISS and are immediately captured by the appeal, the sound, and the new look, its kind of a perpetual thing. There has been a resurgence of KISS fans. We noticed it in Europe last summer; we looked out into the crowd and it was all young kids."

At KISS's official Web site, listeners can click on a link that enables them to become a member of the KISS Army. Once a member, fans can sign in, post and upload videos, update their blogs, and find whatever KISS memorabilia they are looking for.

On the new album, Thayer said, "It's a rock 'n' roll album in its purest form. We call it 'no filler all killer.' It's gutter rock 'n' roll. There's no ballads and it's all in your face, and that's something that appeals to everyone and that's why Zeppelin and the Beatles live on because it's a timeless sound. All four members are very integral [in the recording process]. We rehearse the songs and record them all together, which is rare these days. Everyone has contributed to this record."

Three day passes to see KISS and all the other acts at Voodoo Fest are available at For more information on KISS and their upcoming dates, visit KISS will play the Voodoo Stage at Voodoo Fest on Saturday, Oct. 31 at 9 p.m.