Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eric Singer Hails Coffeehouse

Eric Singer Hails Coffeehouse
By Kristi Singer - For The Sun News

The KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach celebrated its third anniversary Saturday. The "all day and night rock 'n' roll party" featured an appearance by KISS drummer the Catman Eric Singer in honor of the coffeehouse's continued success.

"You would've thought the band designed [the KISS Coffeehouse] - that's how good he did it," Singer said during a phone interview in talking about creator and owner Brian Galvin. "Some people understand the KISS mentality and how the band wants to be presented, and this guy was the original one who came up with the concept and had it built. And he did a super job."

As for the coffee, the drummer attests that it's tried and true.

"I am a big coffee drinker, and I will say that the KISS coffee is very good," Singer said. "I've had it before and I'm looking forward to restocking up on my KISS coffee supply."

This is an exciting time for KISS and KISS fans as the band recently finished recording a new album, which will be its first new record of all-new material since 1998. The yet-to-be-titled album will feature 11 tracks and is scheduled to release Oct. 6.

"It's been 11 years since a full new KISS album of original material came out," Singer said. "This was totally a band effort. I'm excited because I'm pleasantly surprised that the whole process of making this record really was really easy and enjoyable and fun and the way you hope to make a record. Everyone was very low-pressure and low-key, and we took our time to make sure we got the performances that we wanted. Because we did it really organically. We didn't do it where we put it in a computer - we played in a room as a band, and when you do it that way you have to take your time and be well-rehearsed and take your time."

In addition to a new album, fans can anticipate an upcoming U.S. tour, new costume and new stage show.

But no matter how busy the band is, Singer is always happy to meet his fans.

"The KISS fans are unlike any other fans in the world," he said. "I've played around with bands in my career, and there are no fans like KISS fans."