Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Classic Game Of Bingo Meets KISS

KISS Bingo
The Classic game of Bingo meets KISS

New KISS merchandise coming this fall includes KISS Bingo!

Players choose a Bingo Card to begin the game. There are 24 numbers per card plus a free space in the center of the card. The numbers run from 1 to 75. Once the game begins, the caller selects numbers at a random and calls them. As soon as the caller calls out a number, all the players place a Bingo Chip on that number (if the number is on their card). The winner is determined when a player completes a winning bingo pattern (a line - either vertical, horizontal or diagonal, a full card (when all the numbers are to be covered or any pattern that the caller determines to be the winning combination prior to the game beginning).

The numbers in the columns of a Bingo Card are selected at random and printed according to the range - Column B: 1 to 15, Column I: 16 to 30, Column N (this column contains four numbers and the free space): 31 to 45, Column G: 46 to 60 and in Column O: 61 to 75.

Components - Tally Board, Bingo Markers, KISS Bingo Cards (20), Bingo Chips, Drawstring Bag with KISS logo embroidered on it.
Playing time - 2-20 players (15-20 minutes)
Features - Ages 8+, 2-20 Players

Note: Orders will ship on or around the 2nd week of September

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