Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Source: New York times

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed. Mr. Tongue and his Excess Bride. Boy, have they been taking Canada by storm! Here, there and every-lair. I mean, has there been a royal tour quite like this since that one channelled by Chuck and Di back in 1983?

So, when Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed weren’t ringing in the Toronto Stock Exchange last week (the TSX made record gains, spectator-wise) or taking a personal tour of Parliament Hill in Ottawa (they oohed and aaahed about the library) or flying rock star-style to Halifax from Toronto (“Life on the road. Getting fat,” tweeted Shannon some time later), the guy who used to date Cher (remember that?) and the chick who used to play with Hugh Hefner (who could forget?) made an announcement to the country about their kids.

Nick and Sophie, they said, are going to become Canadians! The Family Jewels couple, in other words, filed citizenship papers for their son and daughter, 20 and 17, respectively.