Thursday, July 23, 2009



Last year with a couple of friends, we started a KISS FAN Expo in our hometown of Jonesboro, Arkansas. This Aug. 15th we are having a second one. The purpose of our conventions are to raise money for needing charities.

This year we are helping a seven year old boy, Knute Tate, who realized that there were homeless people in the town. By stepping up and being a hero with a great heart, he started raising money to build a new, bigger homeless shelter. Since October, Knute and his classmates have raised almost $10,000.

Fitting enough, our convention this year is focusing on "The Elder." I have written a play with two other guys and we are premiering the show in downtown Jonesboro, along with a small concert and memorabilia from around our area.

If a seven year old boy can raise $10,000, with a lot left to go, we as adults and KISS Fans should be able to at least do the same or more. Our goal is to raise at least $5000. We are calling out to ALL KISS fans for help us as we unite as one.

Support can be from ordering tickets for our event or by email contact at You can also help by sending a donation in care of the Salvation Army or Knute's Piggy Bank / PO Box 397,Jonesboro, Arkansas 72403.

Gaylon Tyner