Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gene Simmons Update

Gene Simmons Update
Source: Gene Simmons.com

Gene Simmons has issued the following statement on his website:

This week's been hectic. I say that often enough, but it's been hectic nonetheless.

KISS finished this leg of the CANADIAN shows on July 21st. These have been the biggest shows we've ever played in Canada. Quebec City was 90,000 fans, for example. KISS is bigger than it's ever been!!!

Check out KISSONLINE.COM for more.

The band went home. I stayed in Toronto on July 22nd to go see some new bands for my SIMMONS RECORDS label, with Universal Music Canada and Belinda Stronach. We have yet to announce our first signing, though we are developing material with a few bands we like, and are planning to sign...soon. We like Hey Ocean.... we like THE ENVY... we love CYZON, but she's difficult. On the other hand, she's got the goods, the talent, and the charisma.

CYZON came with me to see some of the new bands we are interested in, including THE ENVY. Go to SIMMONSRECORDS.COM for fotos and more story.

The night's doings finished at about 2 AM, and I went back to hotel to catch a few... and got up at 6 am to catch a flight from Toronto to Denver. Then changed jets, and flew directly to San Diego and COMICON.

NICK, my good lookin', talented offspring, was debuting his self written/drawn graphic novel = INCARNATE for Radical Publishing. Our GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS crew was there to catch the madness. Three days at Comicon, surrounded by a quarter of a million (!!!) comic book fans.... columinating at the Radical Hard Rock Party to promote Nick's INCARNATE book.

FLASH!!!! The first printing of the debut graphic novel (1 of 3) is completely sold out!!! In advance!!!

Nick is already done with issue two, but issue 1 is yet to hit the stands (Aug).

The Radical Hard Rock Party featured Nick and some of his "Friends" (myself, Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer and Teddy Zig Zag on keys) playing 4 toons together. Two of 'em were written by Nick. We also did a blues cover and Hound Dog by Leiber and Stoller (Elvis).

Then Tommy, Eric and myself played a few toons as a trio. Carrot Top got up and told some jokes to the drunken, rowdy crowd. And then Nick and the band got up and jammed on a blues song made up on the spot.

The next day, I had some more shooting for our tv show, and finally made it back to LA about 1 am.

Got up this morning, went to the studio for a KISS Media Day of playing the toons to various print and tv media... Webmistress Kristy showed up to pick up some material I had to FedEx to people, who will be promoting my next project -- a Speaking Engagement Tour....probably happening in the Spring.

Then tonight, right afterwards (7 pm) went to shoot a movie for DAN (Wyatt Earp) GORDON... Dan couldn't have been nicer, and he helped me get through it, without passing out.

I just got back from the shoot. It's the middle of the night... sun's coming up shortly, and my eyes are shutting down.

Oh yeah, tomorrow KISS plays Paso Robles...

No rest for the wicked.

Meantime, Soph and Miss Tweed are running around in Canada, and enjoying some hard earned vacation time. Soph is working at an animal shelter, and Shannon Tweed is buying Canada.

Soph has been offered a movie and TV roles these last few weeks. She has said no.

And me? I just work here.