Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fans Meet Tommy and Eric

Fans Meet Tommy and Eric
From: Mike S. Fowler & Marije Boks

I'd like to share an amazing opportunity that took place after the KISS concert at Casino Rama this past Monday July 20th. Firstly, from our seats in the 6th row from the stage (Gene's side) it was spectacular! From start to finish, they played and they owned the stage. Like many fans, I've seen quite a few concerts over the years, but nothing could match the intimacy of playing at the Casino Rama venue. Or so I thought.

As soon as the concert ended we were at the stage to find any and all guitar picks thrown out in to the crowd. Sorting through the mounds of snow like paper confetti and begging the roadies for just one item, we walked away with an Eric Singer drumstick and several guitar picks from Gene and Paul, (wish we found a Tommy pick). Now that topped the evening off - or so we thought.

The cool night turn to early morning and my fiancé went back to the hotel room for a sweater. She happened to peer in to the closed restaurant window and there was Tommy Thayer, his wife Amber, Eric Singer and Doc McGhee sitting at a table. Doc waved her in to join them. She called me and there we were. Of course there was the OMG fan meets rock legends moment, but the atmosphere quickly became relaxed and enjoyable thanks to the Tommy and Eric. I truly appreciated the fact they allowed us to join them, but also how nice they treated us while we were with them.

Here I was, an opportunity of a lifetime and we were rewarded with conversation about KISS related topics, Tommy's production role on past KISS items but also other less serious matters including guessing which Jean Claude Van Damme movie one of the security guards looked like he was from. Time flew by then Tommy asked, did you want to take a picture? Sure I did, but was so consumed in the moment, I forgot to ask!

Tommy's wife Amber said she would take the picture. We lined up and it became comical how she asked everyone to smile and for Eric to get back for another photo. Glad she did - as you can see, it was worth it. Doc McGhee also posed for a picture before we were all off to the casino. Doc led the way as security flanked around the group. I was still talking to Tommy as my fiancé, Marije was walking arm in arm with Eric laughing away. After one extra autograph from Tommy, we said our thank you's and good byes to Eric, Tommy and Doc as they went on a private tour and we were left in awe. This was indeed the BEST, and I hope not the last, KISS experience I ever had! Thank you Amber for taking these pictures!