Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eddie Trunk hears Ace's 'Anomaly'

Eddie Trunk hears Ace's 'Anomaly'

Eddie Trunk, long time friend of Ace Frehley, has posted this news on his website:

"Met up with Ace Frehley last night in NJ to hear his final version of his new CD Anomaly. I had been talking to Ace often over the last few months helping him where I could navigate the music business in 2009 and some thoughts on his upcoming release.

As he stated on my radio show this past Monday I talked him out of releasing a cover of Sweet's "Fox On The Run" as a first single, my thinking being that after twenty years he should no way lead with a cover as the first new music people will hear from him! After talking it over with his new management they decided I was right so the first song will be an original titled "Outer Space" which sums up Ace perfect!

Was fun to put my A&R hat on again as Ace was the first artist I ever worked with in that capacity back in my Megaforce label days. Ace wanted me to hear the final product and told me he was going to a venue not far from me in NJ (PNC) to jam a song with Nickelback who were playing. Ace's new management also handles them, so that was the connection. I arrived at PNC to late to see Ace play Highway To Hell with Nickelback but it was super last minute with him literally getting out of his car backstage and walking out, but by all acounts fun for all.

After the jam Ace and I sat in my car in the backstage lot and listened to the whole CD together. I had heard this album in various forms and mixes through the years but this was the first time mastered and done and with the final mix.

I'll say what I have said all along; Kiss and Ace fans will love this. It is exactly the type of album you would want and expect from Ace. Straight up in your face hard rock. Probably the most striking thing about the album is Ace's voice. He is past three years sober (there is a song about his battle with the bottle on the CD) and singing like the '78 album. A friend of mine who was in the car said the exact same thing. His voice sounds great due to the fact he is clean for sure.

Guitar tones sound great as does the playing. Ace sings the entire CD and there are two instrumentals; another in the Fractured series ends the CD and then there is a Zep like heavy jam called "Space Bear". I know hard core Kiss fans will smile at that title! Other stand out tracks for me were "Change The World" (again great vocal), "A Little Below The Angels," "Too Many Faces" and the super kick ass "Sister," a track that has been around for a bit but sounds great here.

The album has a great deal of edgy tracks but it's also dynamic with some Beatles touches in some songs and a real nod to some early 70's stuff. The guitar work is classic Ace as well. Anton Fig handles most of the drums and is a monster as always.

Ace is giving his fans exactly what they would want with this album, and who knows, in this age of Guitar Hero and Rock Band he will no doubt grab some new ones as well. After all guitar hero = ACE FREHLEY! Can't wait for everyone to hear it and of course we will do much with Ace and the album on the radio shows when we get closer to release.

I thank Ace for the early listen and as a long time close friend I am extremely proud of him not only for making the album he wanted to, but for being a changed man the last few years".