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Today in KISSTORY - 1977

Today in KISSTORY - 1977

Love Gun is an album by the American hard rock band KISS. It was certified Platinum on June 30, 1977 when it sold 1,000,000 copies. Love Gun was the second Kiss album to ship platinum, and would eventually achieve triple platinum status.

Love Gun is notable for being the first Kiss album to feature a lead vocal performance from lead guitarist Ace Frehley. This makes Love Gun the first Kiss album to feature lead vocal performances from all four band members. It was also the last album to feature the entire original lineup of Kiss on every track, as drummer Peter Criss was replaced by session drummer Anton Fig for much of 1979's Dynasty.

A cardboard "Love Gun" (assembly required) was included inside the album, along with a Kiss merchandise order form.


"Christine Sixteen"

"Christine Sixteen" has also been a permanent staple on the band's shows. Then unknown guitarist Eddie and drummer Alex Van Halen played on the demo of this song.

"Shock Me"

The song was inspired by an event that took place during Kiss's Rock and Roll Over tour, when Frehley was nearly electrocuted. On December 12, 1976, Kiss performed a concert at the Lakeland Civic Center in Lakeland, Florida. During the opening number, Frehley touched a metal staircase railing, which was ungrounded. Frehley was knocked to the ground, and the concert was delayed for 30 minutes. The show was eventually completed, and Frehley claimed to have lost feeling in his hand for the remainder of the concert. On March 16, 2008, current guitarist Tommy Thayer made his vocal debut with the song during the band's performance at the Melbourne F1 Circuit.

"Tomorrow And Tonight"

This song was written to try and recapture the feeling of "Rock And Roll All Night," but never quite reached the success of the original.

"Love Gun"

The title song, "Love Gun", has been played on every Kiss tour since its release. Singer, songwriter (and for this one song only bassist) Paul Stanley has cited it as one of his favorite Kiss songs.

"Plaster Caster"

Even though none of the band members attended a cast session, the song "Plaster Caster" was inspired by Cynthia Plaster Caster, a former groupie who is infamous for casting penises of famous rock musicians like Jimi Hendrix, as well as breasts of female music artists.

"Then She Kissed Me"

The album includes "Then She Kissed Me", a gender-reversed cover of The Crystals' 1960's pop classic "Then He Kissed Me".

Cover art

The album cover was painted by fantasy artist Ken Kelly who previously did the cover for 1976's Destroyer.

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