Saturday, June 27, 2009

Paul Stanley's 'Mirrored Iceman' Inspires Country Music Star

Paul Stanley's 'Mirrored Iceman' Inspires Country Music Star

Country star Keith Urban has taken a page out of Paul Stanley's guitar book with the creation of his new Fender Telecaster.

Apparently, Urban was a fan of the Starchild growing up in Australia and Paul's broken-mirrored Ibanez Iceman -- as seen during the Dynasty and Unmasked era -- was the genesis for the idea for his own reflective guitar. “I was always mesmerized by his guitar," said Urban. "So we reached out to the guy who’d made one for Paul, so we could do a Telecaster with that same look. Like broken pieces of mirror all over it.”

Asked about the weight and tone of his guitar, Urban said, “I’ve had a ‘56 Les Paul and a Strat that were real back breakers, so I should be fine. You’ll be blinded into thinking it sounds good.”

While Urban didn’t get to see KISS in concert until about five years ago, he had seen the band on TV in his youth. “I saw that guitar, and it just stayed with me. I always want to add something to the show. Although I may only play it on one or two songs, because it’s