Friday, June 19, 2009

Interview with "The Elder" Photographer

Interview with "The Elder" Photographer
- David Spindel How did you get the job for doing the artwork for "The Elder? Was it someone from the KISS management that conducted you?

David Spindel: I worked for an advertising agency named Howard Marks. Dennis Woloch was the art director. He asked me to create numerous items for Kiss. I wish I had saved the notes from Kiss from the album Alive. I gave them to a kid in my neighborhood after I finished the photos. Have you worked with any other band before your job with KISS? How different it was the “Elder” cover in comparison with your previous or (why not) future artworks?

David Spindel: I did do a few photos for a group called STARZ. Other than those I didn’t do any other bands. I did photograph The Village People when they were attempting to make a comeback. I still have the photos. In the early 60’s I worked as an assistant in a studio that did many record albums. It was a time consuming event to find the table for the cover. Other than that fact, creating the photographs were a piece of cake. The door was built by a model maker. The cover captures perfectly the whole concept and the mystique behind the music from The Elder. Whose idea it was to have the medieval door with Paul Stanley’s hand and the big table with the candles?

David Spindel: I assume it was a combination of Dennis (Woloch) the art director and the members of Kiss. I had no input as for the concept. You had told me that you’ve met Paul Stanley. Tell us something about that meeting of yours…

David Spindel: I really don’t remember anything from my meeting Paul. Too many years have passed. He was only in the studio a short time. Do you still have the original artwork of “The Elder”? If yes, when it was the last time that you took a look at it?

David Spindel: I still have the transparencies of the photographs I took. I last check them out a few months ago. A friend wanted to see them He was a Kiss fan back in the old days. Have you listened to the album (“The Elder”)? What do you think about it?

David Spindel: I never listened to the album. However, my son Jeff is a drummer for over 35 years and loved Kiss. He even took me to a concert many years ago. I recently sold the ticket stubs on EBAY. When was the last time that you spoke about “The Elder”?

David Spindel: I only talk about “The Elder” if someone like you asks about the album when I am being interviewed. Just last week I was asked about the album. Last words…

David Spindel: I’m semi retired and living in Arizona. I now create photographs of cowboys and other celebrities that are in Arizona. I recently met Hugh O’Brian, Ty Hardin, Robert Fuller and Peter Brown to mention just a few. Check out my website to see more of my art.