Wednesday, May 6, 2009

KISS Virtual Concert Lighter - iPhone App.

KISS Virtual Concert Lighter - iPhone App.

"Shout It Out Loud" and make things "Hotter than Hell" with this one-of-a-kind virtual concert lighter™ officially licensed by KISS!

Whether you’re in Detroit Rock City or on a date with Beth and Christine Sixteen, you’ll be a real Strutter when you pull out this concert lighter to show your KISS pride or flash a message on the virtual marquee. You were made for lovin’ it!


* Fully customizable with your choice of 24 full-color official KISS lighter cases
* Express yourself with unique scrolling text marquee
* Realistic flame sways and moves as you move your hand
* Flip-top lighter opens with a swipe or a flick of your wrist
* Realistic spinning spark wheel
* Dynamic sound effects, power chords and musical riffs



Each module – both the Lighter and Marquee – has hotspots in the bottom left and right corners. Tap the bottom left to return to the main menu; tap the bottom right to go to the current module’s settings. Both modules have options to customize the experience. To help you Shout It Out Loud, the Marquee is set to display text in capital letters only. This also helps your message to be seen across a room or in a crowd.

Normal Lighter Operation

Open / close the lid by either tapping the top of the lighter (the lid if closed, the grill area if open) or snap your wrist left / right to flick the lid open and closed, respectively. Stroke your finger on the spark wheel to light the flame. For realism, it doesn’t always light on the first try!

Concert Mode

We’ve added a special Concert Mode that’s perfect for a crazy concert atmosphere! From the main menu, snap your wrist to launch immediately into the lighter with flame blazing and a power chord! The lighter can only be closed by tapping the grill area – we’ve disabled shaking the lid closed in Concert Mode so the lighter won’t close when you’re waving it or being jostled by fans. You may want to change your device’s Auto-Lock time to at least five minutes or even set it to “Never” to run the flame longer – just don’t drain your battery!

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