Saturday, May 23, 2009

First Look - Gene Costumes out of the Box

First Look - Gene Costumes out of the box

So many people have been requesting additional images of the new KISS Costumes, we decided to make a special page describing exactly what you get as you open the package. We here at have handled and sold many authintic KISS costumes in the past and we must tell you, these replica costumes have a similar look and feel to the real thing. An absolutely amazing collection!

Gene Simmons Costume - out of the box

This is the big one - the Gene Simmons costume is a behemoth of KISS apparel. We start off with it's packaging - The small suitcase-sized zippered garment bag opens up to reveal the intricate maze of fabric, "leather", ties, buckles, clasps, hooks and straps; all made with one purpose in mind - to transform you into a likeness of the Demon himself! The body suit is made of heavy-duty spandex with imitation leather and metal stud accents.

Next comes the wings, chest and cod piece. The get-up is so elaborate it even comes with a detailed, illustrated instruction sheet. This is a surprisingly heavy set of pieces. Made of heavy, thick yet supple imitation leather with hundreds of large metal studs. And to top it all off, the cod piece is stuffed to the max!

Finishing things off, there is a pair of spandex gloves with soft silver spikes protruding from the knuckles. And when you place the metal-studded collar around your neck, you know you're cool. Even comes with a packet of replacement metal studs of different sizes. More images and info on the Gene Simmons Costume can be found here .