Friday, May 29, 2009

Current Top 10 "Demand" KISS Cities all Canadian

Current Top 10 "Demand" KISS Cities all Canadian

Here is the tally so far for "Demand" KISS in your city. It seems that Canada is dominating the Top 10 City positions.

1. Oshawa, ON

2. Winnipeg, MB

3. Sault Sainte Marie, ON

4. Kingston, ON

5. Calgary, AB

6. Peterborough, ON

7. Saskatoon, SK

8. Toronto, ON

9. Edmonton, AB

10. Sudbury, ON

KISS made headlines last month when it announced its U.S. and Canadian tour will be the world's first to put fans in charge of where a tour is routed. This is destined to be the most explosive show of the year; and by partnering with web site Eventful, fans will "Demand" exactly where KISS and will perform in (top-voted) North American markets beginning this September.

An official video announcement by the band's Paul Stanley, Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer and Gene Simmons (see video at, shot in front of a capacity crowd in Santiago, kicked off this first-ever tour promotion. With tens of thousands of their Chilean counterparts cheering in the background, North American fans were astonished to learn that they were being put in charge of routing their favorite band's upcoming tour.