Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Paul Was Larger Than Life"

Pat Sommers: "Paul Was Larger Than Life"

We continue our KISS special feature with the 26th interview of a KISS-related figure. This week, Pat Sommers, a collaborator of Ace Frehley during the recordings of Trouble Walkin' and a regular "figure" at the Aucoin offices in the 70s, tells us what he remembers from that Rocket Ride!

Here's an excerpt: Describe to us the whole atmosphere in Aucoin offices in the 70s...

Pat Sommers: It was very much like a family back then. I was allowed into the office countless times almost like a little It was actually Gene Simmons who took me back to the conference room to watch the beta/video of KIDS ARE PEOPLE TOO back in 1980. The Secretary told the story to Gene about my missing the show due to being in the Hospital, so he set me up in front of a video player and I watched the whole thing while he was talking with Bill Aucoin. I could not believe I was sitting there staring at those awesome marionettes that Bill had made for the band that only two years ago I had been looking at them in CREEM magazine. Gene was super nice to have done that for me...I'll never forget it. Everyone was always happy and a lot of joking around. They would give me white label copies of the upcoming Kiss albums with the promise I told nobody that I had one...starting with Double Platinum on. I also remember being invited to see them at Madison Square garden by one of the girls from the press office and I had the best time. The other thing I remember was the chaos that was going on in the office when KISS was replacing Peter Criss there were people everywhere, all the time. Running around doing all kinds of things, phones ringing off the hook and one day... Eric Carr was picked as the new KISS drummer. It was real hush hush , and I was invited to Eric's first show at The Palladium in NYC. It was one of the best KISS shows I ever saw.

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