Monday, April 27, 2009

Paul Stanley - The Greatest Singers in Rock

In the May issue of Classic Rock on sale now…The Greatest Singers In Rock

We’re talking about singers – no screamers, no screechers, no foghorn-voiced frontmen. Over 20 pages we look at the best rock singers ever to have drawn breath and then let it out to such stunning effect.


"KISS' show was amazing, but I think the fact that their show was so spectacular often caused you to overlook how good Paul's voice was." - Billy Squier

A consummate hard-rock vocalist, over four glorious decades Paul Stanley has carved out his rightful place among rock's Mount Rushmore of singers. Combining primal power and passion with the brimstone fury of an evangelical preacher, Stanley's multi-octave voice electrified such KISS classics as "Love Gun", "Detroit Rock City", and "Strutter".

His remarkable vocal virtuosity is a hallmark of the KISS canon and his stylistic range is impressive: ballsy rock ("Got to Choose"), rock anthems ("Flaming Youth"), Zeppelin-style metal ("Makin' Love"), disco ("I Was Made for Lovin' You"), power pop ("Tomorrow"), R&B ("Easy As It Seems"), grunge ("It Never Goes Away"), operatic pop ("Just A Boy") and acoustic balladry ("Everytime I Look At You").

Greatest Vocal: "Anything For My Baby" from KISS' 'Dressed To Kill' (1975). A muscular song that illustrates Stanley's bruising vocal chops.